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Adult Written byI'm here people January 28, 2019

Recommended for all 13+ gamers.

This app is reportedly easy to use. It is 13+ due to the Discord TOS requiring all users to be 13+, just like almost any other account. NSFW is monitored by the Discord staff, and the server owners are required to put an 18+ warning. It is almost impossible for anyone to find you, as all friend requests need your special ID number along with your username. You can block, leave and set specific privacy settings to control what you see and hear. If you do not wish to take apart in some activities, it is easy to get out of it. Swearing can be monitored by the group's "administrators" or "bots" which detect swearing. They are added by the "Server owners". Discord is safer than Skype by server standards, and it is also harder to find someone on Discord than Skype, there fore making it one of the best chat programs.

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Ease of Play
Parent Written byMax A. June 23, 2018

Discord isn't all that bad

First of all, and for those of you who are worried about your child getting 'added' to groups, that is not possible without their consent as discord uses 'invite links' sent through direct messages. That means that all you have to do isn't make sure they don't reply to or click on links from strangers and you can even chose to scan messages received for bad language/inappropriate content and control who can add them as a friend. The gist is that your child cannot be exposed to inappropriate content against their will and that, as long as you check up on them every once in a while, which I'm sure you do with most social media platforms, they will be absolutely fine.

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Ease of Play
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byunitedkingdomdad June 24, 2019

Seriously poor protection for children

Firstly lets dispel the myth that your child on here is safe as they can block people and only be found by people they choose to link with. They meet these 'people' on games who befriend them there and from there send them to discord groups and invites therefore bypassing the invite system. My child has gotten involved with a group who are far beyond the realms of any decency and the conversations people were having with my 14 year old have made me sick. I am just glad I have found out in time to try and prevent any further psychological problems. He has been slowly groomed and I guess it could have been only a matter of time before something dangerous happened. I would seriously not recommend this to any child or parent until it gets some sort of filters and security in place to stop people creating and running these sort of perverted and deviant groups.

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Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byYeetus boi May 22, 2020

As long as you don't share personal info, you're safe on discord

Despite these other reviews, I think discord is a reliable, safe way to communicate. Whether it's appropriate or not depends on the person you talk to, not the service itself. I saw a review saying it tracked your computer usage, but that's not involuntary. Since, as the title suggests, this app is widely used by gamers, there is a system to see if someone is playing a game or not.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byPatsmith July 22, 2018

Greater Gaming Lounge "GGL"

My kid was on this Discord and the stuff these young adults talk about was horrible. These people would make the worst remarks and talk down to more casual players that just want to play. I once heard one guy talk to a 14 year old girl in there and wanting to see her nude! There was other people using racist slurs! So what out for this place, not a place for anyone to go and hangout. Discord would be a lot better if the people that made these servers actually cared about the people that want to join.

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written bykameronspenserd February 14, 2019

Discord with a Side of Salt

So when I was looking through this website, I wanted to make sure that I gave a solid review about how I feel about Discord.

Discord is really good. No joke, it is probably the best thing to ever come out. Does it have it's downsides? Yes, not every program is perfect, but before I get into that, I wanted to talk about the good things.

1. Discord is something everyone can use.
Discord promotes gaming activity, which is completely understandable considering that a lot of online discord groups are comprised of gaming content; however, you can use the app like if it was just Skype. Discord not only allows you to chat through text and voice-chat, but it also allows you to share your computer's screen and computer's camera (if you have one). I'm also able to stream an app so it also plays the audio from the application I'm streaming into my discord call (you have to be in a call in order to stream/share screen).

2. Discord is better than Skype.
Skype is a more kid-friendly platform, but there is a reason I pick Discord over Skype. 1) it allows you to stay in calls when someone leaves. Skype has a very big issue where if you get off it by pressing the red button, everyone in the call leaves. That's a very irritating issue, but Discord allows you to join and leave a call with ease and not disrupt anyone else in the chat. 2) You can join communities. Skype is mainly used to chatting with close ones and friends. That's good, but Discord allows you to chat with full communities that have interests in things you like (in the case that you found a Discord server with things in common). You want to join a group for a game you like? There's probably a Discord group already made for fans and you can join it, chat with others, and share your interests.
There are things that I do like Skype having that I wish Discord did, one of which is keeping track of how long you've been in a call (on mobile, it does show the time length of the call, but not on PC).

3) Discord has more variety of things you can do.
Discord Nitro, not a big fan of it myself, but is a perfect upgrade to your account. It allows you to have a .GIF image as your profile picture, allows you to use custom animated emojis, allows you to make your own custom emoji, increases the maximum capacity of dropping an item on your PC into discord that's bigger than 8MB (It can go up to 50MB with Nitro), and much more.

Now are you personally scared of your child being witnessed bad things on Discord? Not a problem
4) Discord has direct messaging blocking.
You have the choice of "Keep me safe" which scans direct messages from everyone and filters any kind of bad pictures sent to you. Next is "My friends are nice" which scans direct messages from anyone that isn't your friend. Your friend can send bad pictures, but outsiders can't. Now there is the "I live on the edge" which the name does have a understanding child. Once on, it does not scan for anything that is sent by any user, either it be friend, or some random person that's just sending you a meme.

5) Discord is for laid back people.
The Discord team is very laid back with how they manage Discord. The updates on the phones always have nods of what is considered "teenager talk," the "I live on the edge" is a big giveaway of how less they could give a damn about running the platform. They can be serious, but not CEO Business serious.

Okay so now that I've gotten all that out of the way, let's dive into the things that makes Discord not a great app.

1. Discord takes up a lot of CPU.
If you are on your laptop right now and talking to a friend while sharing your screen, go to your control panel and see how much CPU is being used, I guarantee that Discord is taking all of it away. Why? Both talking to your friend and your screen share takes up memory on your PC, you can't do anything about it. Is there a way to minimize this? You can decrease the amount of apps that are open on your PC, and decrease the amount of screens that are being shared at once. This CPU usage doesn't destroy the computer, it only makes it run a little slower, and increase the sound of the fan on your PC.

2. Discord doesn't minimize cursing.
Now yes, cursing is allowed in general because of one of the first amendment's laws: freedom of speech. It does not matter if you are a Christian, people can speak against it. It's called "living." Now with Discord, the fact that you can't censor some words is pretty ridiculous, but is there an easy solution? Yes. Stop talking to whoever the hell is sending the messages in the first place. If it's a community Discord, leave it, or mute it so you don't get messages from them.

3. Censoring bot is not always good.
Believe me, you don't know how annoying it can be when you get bombarded with messages that can be explained with a simple gesture with your hands, and sometimes, the censor bot doesn't detect it. It even sometimes blocks images that aren't even inappropriate. I don't know why this is, but it's apart of the system.
(Parent talk) Now if you're proceeding with caution about installing this app because of this because you don't want your kid to be seeing salad tossing, there is something on Discord servers that says "Not Safe For Work (NSFW)" before opening it. It'll ask if you're over 18, if you're not, then don't click "continue" or whatever it says. If you are, then continue with caution. I've been on servers with some really messed up stuff that could be considered bannable by the Discord admins.

So here begs the question: should you use Discord?
Discord might have things that can be bad, but they are very avoidable at best and should be taken precautions when using it. Reminder: Discord is a platform that allows you to talk online, if you don't like how people talk on Discord, you don't like the internet. If you're that scared of being exposed too much, use Skype. It's as simple as that.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byAceBright July 3, 2019

It does not make any easy to report

The last time a girl that is still at school was receiving inappropiate messages from an obvious pedophile and there was not easy way to report the user.

Also is difficult to read compared to other chat apps, you can't easily tell which are your messages , also groups are not supervised at all, Again, not easy way to report inapropiate content of any type,

This title contains:

Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byclare.harris February 12, 2021

my 12 year old daughter has it

It's honestly not that bad. As long as you don't join any 18+ servers, I think you'll be okay. also, do not add anyone without profile pictures. The fact that they don't have a profile picture makes it sketchy. Discord can be friendly but they are predators on there. (like every other online service) My advice for that is to make the settings so only friends can contact you. If you find anyone who is trying to do anything you can block them easily.
Adult Written byMaria564 September 10, 2020

Be aware

Discord has a lot of bad reviews due to the lack of awareness parents have with their child using discord. Discord has a lot of little "worlds". There are some servers that are 18+ and are 18+ for reasons you can imagine as to why. My son is in a few servers that are game related or fan-based servers like this Harry Potter server he's in. The environment is very friendly and and they have roles to tell who is a minor and who is 18+ for safety reasons. We also put a no dm in his settings to disable other ppl friend requesting him or doing him if they aren't in his friends list. This disabled pedos or predators from getting to him. I see a lot of parents not monitoring their child's activity in discord and not putting in the safety measures in their settings. Certain servers will be filled with predators and you can not allow your child to join any 18+ servers or servers that claim to be "nsfw". However, a lot of these servers have a verification system to ensure that the members joining are actually 18+. They will automatically ban anyone who joins and is 18- which is part Discord ToS. People who do not follow ToS will have their account deleted by Discord themselves. To ensure the safety of your child, know what environment they are in and take the extra measures for your child to not have any DMs or friend requests from other people. Discord is a safe environment as long as you know how to deal with it. If you feel your child is not mature enough to block users, to not speak about "nsfw" and to stay in the correct environments for their age region, then I would not reccomend you allowing your child to use discord. My son is 16 and does not speak about personal information nor does he involve himself in inappropriate conversations that could attracts pedophiles. This app is for gamers as well as those who just want to interact with people. A lot of the time people on discord don't really care about personal info, they just like talking to others. I feel the enviornment he is in is very child friendly and safe for him to continue using the app. I highly recommend this if you are able to keep everything I have mentioned in mind.

Thank you for taking your time to read this!

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byDsal2020 August 22, 2020

Discord has MANY porn groups kids join

A website that disguises as just safe fun for gamers it is VERY dangerous for kids. My son and his friends had joined multiple porn groups even one for the disgusting page pornhub and like that there are hundreds. All they have to do is say they are 18+ sighs. They can see porn videos, live videos, pictures and sex chat with horny people. Many predators have been found on this website.

Even teenagers are at risk. In Florida 2 teen boys ages 14 and 17 were lured by people in Discord via a public game chat by 3 people promising them a better life away from their controlling parents. The teens fell for it and were kept in a trailer for months tied down in a bathroom or in a room with a nasty dirty mattress. They were raped beaten and abused every day! Look it up it's real. Also my son's classmate a girl was groomed by a pedophile on that site. She wanted to be placed on foster care as suggested by a man she met online. The guy brainwashed the 13 year old girl so much he convinced her that her mom was a bad person for monitoring her online activities and that she should leave her home. The mom was able to catch the issue and block the site and other dangerous websites via parental apps but her daughter barely talks to her now. It's sad. I'd stay away from this evil site and please install a REAL monitoring app one that can block porn sites on cell phones too. The PC parental controls are USELESS. I learned it the heard way. Good apps aren't that expensive and worth it given the dare risks. I tried Famisave useless. I am using Qustodio on my son's cell and laptop it is good despite some glitches. I heard Coventry has a good one. Please stay on top of your kids activities, log into their accounts, read their chats on Hangouts, Text etc and see what and who they are talking to. Sexting, etc is a problem. Girls as young as 9-10 are sending nudes already it's sad. We need to protect our kids.

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Sexy stuff
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byKjw1980 June 14, 2020

Way to easy to see stuff kids just should not see

Horrified after demanding to see my child’s phone after her being withdrawn all of a sudden for some weeks in lockdown. Didn’t even know she had this. And the content on the chats she was in were graphic. She’s in to art and they were art but seriously the talking and the confusion and the stuff these kids say and the art was just so graphic. She had gone to it through her love of art and now we have a confused angry young girl as I’ve had to restrict her internet usage completely. Why the hell are these things allowed. Something should be done about it.

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Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byPZMom March 6, 2021

Way more leeway than you think

My son has used discord for a while now. I thought it was safe. He is in crisis so I went through his server. I found porn vids and pics. So much I wish he’d never seen. So if you allow your child to use this, be a better parent than I am and check more carefully.

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Sexy stuff
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byfairyalex February 5, 2021

Good App

Oh my god. All of you are so overprotective. Discord is not a bad app at all. It really depends on what your kids are looking at. For example, my kids play roblox. They use it to play with their friends and listen to music. It is not bad at all.
Adult Written byGxgginc October 12, 2020

all ages good Y E S

any age can use there is nsfw marked channels but just dont click ok so its pretty safe just to talk to family

This title contains:

Ease of Play
Adult Written byluth3199 May 19, 2021

not for kids

Just discover my 11 year old son was on this site, it is not a site for kids to do home work, gaming or talk to their friend. Most of the people i saw on the site was adults. The information on this site is not for kids, come on "porn hub" and other sex acts, and other things. The FCC are who ever control the internet need to look into Discord because what i saw, it is not a site for kids.
Adult Written byBiting_Cat October 14, 2020

Litteraly GOOD!

Literally EVERY SINGLE PUBLIC SERVER has a #NSFW channel. There are Pedophiles and stalkers but if you play around, you can block them from getting to you. Otherwise, this is the best app and I gave it 13+ because I know that teens can play around with their privacy settings and also it is EXTREMELY easy to use and is very good for gaming.

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Ease of Play
Sexy stuff
Adult Written byJames C. October 12, 2020

Parent of a 14 Year old & 13 Year Old who are both avid discord users.

First off, I would like to say that you need to talk with your children about internet safety before allowing them to download discord. Also change your child(s) discord settings to disallow friend requests from people inside servers that your child(s) are in, this will stop people who know your discord tag and username from friending you and/or messaging you.

Now on to the review,
This application is definitely a step up from Skype and other chat apps, this app has built in NSFW imagery detection which will block inappropriate images/videos from being sent to your child by friends, You need an invite link to join a server which prevents your child from joining 18+ servers, also make sure your child does NOT lie about their age when creating the account as by putting an age above 18 will allow NSFW imagery/videos to be sent to you.

Discord is a 13+ application, if server owners are aware that a user is under 13 and does not ban the user from the server, the server owner and server run the risk of being deleted from discord.

I would 100% recommend this app to any parent, but only if they follow some tips on how to keep your child safe, I would also recommend that you find out how to block & report users on discord.

This title contains:

Ease of Play
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byTurbine March 1, 2020

What I think...

I think that this app in general is 12+, but certain servers have channels for 18+. General notes, very easy to use and create a server. This is a place I recommend for any person who is mature enough, you can find your best friend or worst enemy here.

This title contains:

Ease of Play
Adult Written byPepper M. January 27, 2021


My daughter got me to let her download it and seems to work great and be a prefect way for her to talk to her friends! I think as along as your child is educated on online safety then they will be fine, as my daughter after using it for a couple months hasn't had anything happen!

This title contains:

Ease of Play
Adult Written byDoggo3000 December 21, 2020

Useful, fun and really organised

It is a pretty good app for kids to talk to their friends, classmates or family members.

People seem to worry about children talking to strangers or dangerous people but that won't happen if you talk to them beforehand and explain why you shouldn't trust anyone.

When it come to privacy, I would say it is pretty good, as it is not easy to find accounts unless the person owning it has given you both the username and the number.

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Ease of Play