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Teen, 16 years old Written byLuciel June 3, 2018

To the parents/Clearing stuff up:

First of all, let me explain the raw basics of discord to you, dear reader.
You get to chose a user name upon sign up, and discord automatically add a 4 digit number, a so called "tag" to it. (Example: MinecraftGamer#1234).
Strangers cannot message you randomly, and you can only chat woth others privately after accepting a friend request. To send a friend request, one needs to know both the name and tag of a person.
In essence, your kid can't chat with anyone, unless they allow so. Also, reporting and blocking a user is very easy and fast.
So, all your child needs to do is be mindful about whom it gives their tag.

About servers:
Servers are easily set up, and the admins and owner have a lot of control about who joins/stays on the server. To join a server, one needs to be invited via a special link. Admins and the owner can determine for how long this link will work.
So, your kid is once again safe, they don't invite every random idiot on planet earth.

About the NSFW Groups/swearing:

With that off my chest: Whoever lets kids younger than 11 chat with strangers (even with monitoring) needs that kid taken away from them anyway. But let's face it, your twelve year old very much knows cursewords. Just because they act innocent around you doesn't mean they are.
Should your child feel uncomfortable with anyone at any given time, it can easily block, report, leave the group and so on.
If your kid joins an nswf server, it's probably because you made youporn impossible to access for them.
Your child doesn't get cyber abducted and put in a group with perverts who prey on them.
Rather then blocking them from discord, I recommend you have an honest conversation about sex, sexual content, pornography and so on. It's your job to raise it, not that of discord or the online community.

Diacord also hads the most amazing staff. They're always helpful and quick to fix things. DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT disrespect these people because they don't read through millions of messages a day and instead trust users to report things they feel uncomfortable about.

Last but not least: If you make it that way, discord very private. Your profile gives little to no information. Everything another person knows is your profile pic, tag and nickname, and common friends/servers. What else they know about you is in your/your child's hands.

With that being said, much love to the amazing discord staff, and I hope overprotective parents will finally stop bashing this awesome app.

DID I MENTION ITS COMPLETELY ADD FREE?For that alone it deserves an award.

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Ease of Play
Teen, 15 years old Written byRaynamenta January 21, 2019

Discord and How it's PERFECTLY Safe for 13+ as intended (guide for parents like my own):

I've been using Discord for almost three years and here's what I've understood about Discord. I was an early Hypesquad member (back before it was made available to everyone and it had all that weird faction stuff) and I am an Early Supporter of Discord.
Discord is an application that you can access by downloading it through the App Store/Google Play Store on your phone, downloading the application for your PC/Mac through Discord's website (, or simply accessing it on the web browser edition, through the miracle it calls a website. (I use the web browser edition myself because I use a Chromebook to access my social medias. I do not enjoy using mobile Discord at all on my Chromebook or even on a phone (it sends too many notifications for me to handle). I do have a computer that I could potentially use for Discord, but its use is only for my art, because of it's slowness and small keys that are unfit for fast typing.

Discord is a chat for gamers, it proclaims! I agree it is, depending on who you are and what you prefer using it for. Discord, in reality (from my perspective), is more than just a chat for gamers. It has the key features of being a gaming chat application, but many use it for more than just that. Some use it to get together with people with similar interests (TV shows, Movies, Music...anything you could think of), uniting communities together (MANY, MANY Youtubers use Discord to get closer and more in touch with their fans through Discord "servers") or friends just making "servers" for the pure fun of just talking their close friends.

It's just like any other chatroom, really. It's nothing special other than being amazingly modern compared to other platforms like Skype, Chatzy or name a few.

For any parents likeminded to my own, you are still wanting to throw down the ban hammer on Discord's head and keep your children as far away from it as possible, because it's labeled as a chatroom. I understand, there are many dangers on the internet that worry many parents. Pedophiles, Cannabalists, Kidnappers, Murders and anything you can poke a stick at. You fear that your child could possibly be the next victim to this horrible reality, so what is your simple solution? Burn every bridge that could make this even remotely possible. With that simply, your child is safe as you'd like to tell yourself.

But, from my perspective, Discord is safe and here are 6 reasons why:

1. Your child's account can only be found if you insert a specific set of characters.
With Discord, you automatically have very high security on your account. Your account comes with something called a "discord tag", which is a number sign with a set of four numbers at the end of your username (Example: FortniteFan!#8930). No one can find your account unless you give out your username and discord tag personally. Then again, if someone finds your account (out of luck or from a Discord "server") you have the choice to accept them as a friend or ignore- just like Facebook!

2. People cannot talk to you unless you accept them as a friend.
This is a default setting in your Discord options, but you can change them. There are many things you can do in the options of Discord- like block sexually explicit content!

3. Discord servers are not as easily accessible as normal chatrooms.
Servers are the communities of Discord, it's what Discord's all about. This is where the chatroom portion contributes into Discord...and where the many worries about Discord come up. But, as I said before...Discord servers are what Discord is all about, embrace it! There are not many people who talk to you strangely in Discord severs unless they want to get banned. Then, if someone's randomly trying to be your friend from that server and you've literally never talked to them before...don't accept the request.
To begin, you can create a server or join one, whichever you fancy---but there's a catch. If you are joining a server, you MUST be invited to the server by someone who is already in the server with a link that has NOT expired (they can last 1 day to just never expiring ever-- unless the owner deletes the invite from the server settings) and/or used already (you can set limits on this---but the owner can still delete your invite either way). Without a server link, you cannot join the server (and that's if the owner didn't turn off the "create invite" button). You cannot automatically join a Discord server without your knowledge, because with the invite link you are taken to another tab that confirms you are joining this server--- so basically, you consent to whatever you're getting yourself into.

4. Discord servers with +5,000 people in it could be dangerous...but they're not.
If you join a server created by a Youtuber and they decide to post an invite link onto their channel, many people from around the world...including (maybe) yourself join! The join numbers rack up fast after that. This is more of the large scale type of chatroom that seems risky for anyone who glimpses over it. There are millions of different kinds of channels on Discord which means anything could be hiding in those channels...which brings me to my next topic in this section. (Channels are categories separated by number signs specialized for a specific my server I have a channel called #videos where you post videos and conversate about them. I have another called #art where you post your art for everyone to see.) At the beginning of Discord's days, they didn't have this feature I'm about to mention...but now they do! It's the NSFW Channel feature! When making a channel, you insert the name of your channel and then there's another option listed below that says: "NSFW Channel". With this, you answer yes or no...without the yes or no- just white which signifies no or blue which signifies yes. If your channel is called #NSFW, your channel is automatically marked as NSFW. Before anyone can enter these channels (and I mean ANYONE from 13 to 1,007 years of age) they're asked if they're over 18. They tell you that there's adult content ahead. If you consent to it by pushing the "Proceed." button then that's your own fault for possibly getting caught looking at...odd Fortnite...and Yuck, that's a sticky situation, good luck explaining that to Mom! If you avoid the channel and mute it like a good kid (which you can do with all channels and whole entire servers), then you're all good!

5. Private group chats and how to deal with those.
With private group chats, anyone in your friends' list can add you into one of these. The maximum users of a group chat are 10 users. If you do not want to be in a group chat, you could simply leave and explain to your friend why you left. If you're the owner and you don't like how someone is acting, you can kick them from the group chat. (You can also do that in your owned servers! You can also ban there too, but not in group chats.)

6. What to do if you run into a sketchy person.
First of all, if they are Direct Messaging you on Discord...that's your own fault for letting them into your friends' list. Maybe you deserve it. If this happens directly in a big server, they'll be banned if you inform a Moderator or the owner about it then, (most of the time) they will make an announcement about the person and to avoid them at all costs (I have seen this in a server because they @everyone'd the server about it). If the sketchy person doesn't leave you alone, block them (hides every message they've sent and they can't contact you anymore) or contact Discord themselves via. email or Twitter. They always respond on Twitter- even to stupid and silly stuff. (I've said, "I love you." to their Twitter account and they replied, "I love you too!" about an hour later.) Discord is one of the most understanding organizations out there and they are always there to help! They would especially help in a situation like this.

Those are the top 6 things that came to my head in an instance when I thought about what makes Discord safe. Hopefully, I have painted a wonderful picture of how well done Discord has done with its application to make it safe for everyone to use.

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Ease of Play
Teen, 14 years old Written bygamergrl13 June 14, 2018

A great app!

So here's the review I was planning to write 9 months ago. I used to use Skype more but then 3 months ago I found Discord to be a bit more useful for me. It's well-made, and even though there are a lot of features to learn, it's really easy to navigate. I personally like the idea of the servers, because you can't go in servers with different chat channels on Skype. Discord's more organized, and big plus, it doesn't have ads. Currently, I use Discord to talk in this one gradually inactive but awesome server that someone made...but other times I use it to text or talk with other friends. I do agree with the other people who reviewed; whenever you join a server with let's say more than 10 people then there might be a lot of profanity, NSFW content, bullying, and etc. Other than that, I recommend Discord to people. Oh, and I forgot to mention, Discord is also secure.

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Ease of Play
Kid, 12 years old April 23, 2017

A Lot Of Cussing But Great App

This is the game that is like you gotta try it but be careful. I use it with Roblox and love it. People cuss a lot though and some people will send you inappropriate stuff.

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Ease of Play
Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Privacy & Safety
Teen, 16 years old Written byArchi0001 May 24, 2020

Best Chat app ever

Well discord is not only the best chat app you also learn to be mature and develop communication skills. Recommended.

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Ease of Play
Teen, 15 years old Written byleafsong March 17, 2020

The best app i have

I downloaded discord a while ago, and joined some servers that were ok, but then found great servers, so your experience depends on your servers. On disboard you can find good ones.

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Ease of Play
Teen, 17 years old Written bydiscordisgood September 13, 2020

People say all sorts of crap about discord. All of that crap is wrong

"There are so many predators online" - This is true but out of context is bullshit. For every 1000 people online roughly 1 of this is a sex predator, and that's only if you go looking for them.

"My kids attitude has changed" - actually this happens as a result of social etiquette. Would you just leave a conversation mid flow? I don't think so.

"My kid spends too much time on discord" - And your proof is? - NOTE: If you use apple screen time it is HEAVILY BUGGED. the timer never stops and it is not a reliable source of actual time spent on apps.

"DiScOrD IsN'T sAfE" - complete bullshit. Discord spends so much money on safety that it is just as safe as apple. IP grabbers are not a thing on discord - and even if they where they only show your country. Everything that is illegal is automatically deleted AND you can only get in to a server with an invite. the most unsafe thing about discord is the parents.

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Ease of Play
Teen, 14 years old Written byinkyarachne November 27, 2019

A safe and fun app

Are there predators on Discord? Yes, there are. Millions of people use Discord, you can’t expect there not to be some sketchy people. Will they be able to contact you without you giving out your username and id? No. If they do, then can you block them with one click? Yes, you can.

Additionally, you can go to your settings and enable an explicit content filter so you don’t accidentally stumble upon some gross images, which are pretty hard to find unless you purposefully join a dating/18+ server or go to a channel marked “nfsw” and click your way through the verification. If you get exposed to nsfw content, then it would be, most of the time, your own fault.

Are there sketchy people and content on large public servers? Yeah, you’ll come across a few shady things here and there. Will you be affected by them? I highly doubt it, because the server moderators will intervene. If the moderators don’t do anything? Then it’s probably not a safe server and you can, with a click, leave the server. Does the server you’re in seem sketchy? Nobody forced you to join, you clicked the “join server” button by yourself.

You can also go to your settings and there’ll be some options for who is allowed to direct message you. Don’t want random people from your servers messaging you? Set it to friends only.

See, I don’t get why people dislike Discord. There are tons of privacy settings that will keep you safe from pedophiles and creeps. I’ve been using the app for years now and never had any problem with it. Discord is fun, and most of all, extremely safe to use.

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Ease of Play
Teen, 17 years old Written bylevianna September 15, 2019

Yeah uhm. 16+.

I've been on discord for 3-4 years now (2016) and it's filled with adult content. People sell nudes on discord, even there's an NSFW server (DADDY 18+)which is truly disgusting. If your child is under the age of 15, monitor them. There's also something called: e-dating (online dating) which is pretty dangerous in some terms. So if you or your child has discord, please check their privates messages (dm's ) and the servers they are in. Please and thank you

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Privacy & Safety
Kid, 10 years old October 12, 2017

great for kids if..

great for kids if they do it to see other peoples and not give any privacy

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Ease of Play
Kid, 12 years old May 16, 2017

Good Quality

Discord is a free online chat room for gamers. You can have an account that is only possible to access from the computer you made it on, or you can enter an email to have "claimed" your account. On the site, users can direct message each other or chat in servers with multiple people. Since this does count as a social site, there will be some downs to it. You can choose to either talk in texting or talk using your voice, no webcam. Neither chatting options are moderated. However, on some servers there are Discord users who are "mods" who can make sure there is no bad behavior. I personally use Discord for the online game MiceForce which is a server of the game Transformice. In my experience, I have never come across foul behavior, but I don't doubt for a second that it's possible. Overall, I think Discord is a great site.

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Ease of Play
Teen, 13 years old Written byamgoosehjonk March 15, 2020

Appropriate With Moderation

I would say, first off, that Discord is very easy to use and has an intuitive and fun interface. It does what it wants to do well.

That said, a lot of parents are complaining about how inappropriate it is. DISCORD IS NOT INAPPROPRIATE. It is the servers that your child chooses to be in. While there is relatively little policing by Discord itself, the “good” servers have admins and pre-set rules in place to prevent inappropriate content. Furthermore, it is generally required by most public servers that NSFW content go in a special NSFW server that requires you agree to so much as look at the channel.

I recommend that you have a good discussion with your kid about what is and isn’t appropriate and set up their settings to be a bit more private until you feel they’re ready for it. Most public servers are run responsibly and by official teams, and therefore will be safe. If your kids are in inappropriate servers, remember that is no fault of Discord.

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Ease of Play
Privacy & Safety
Teen, 13 years old Written byKritzikreg'd_Crispy August 22, 2018

All i gotta say is.....

This is just better then skype, Teamspeak, or any other social media app. You can make servers and stuff, You can chat with friends, play games and stay in touch, and use emojis and just plain connect......

also only discord users can get this joke....... @everyone

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Ease of Play
Kid, 11 years old April 10, 2018

Alright app

I like this app as I am able to communicate with my friends which I see at school. I don't really use it for anything else so it's not that dangerous. Also, you can block people on it and more to keep safe.

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Ease of Play
Kid, 12 years old April 10, 2018

Very Well-Done App - But Be Careful For Younger Users

Discord is a great app. You can design an entire server from the ground up, voice chat, friend request people, and so much more. There's definitely a lot of inappropriate content on certain servers, but in all honesty that's just the internet. If you're a parent who's afraid of inappropriate content then the best thing to do is probably only allow your kids into private servers with close friends. That or public servers with strictly family-friendly content. Overall very good app, but can lead to some inappropriate content if handled incorrectly.

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Ease of Play
Privacy & Safety
Teen, 13 years old Written byImUnlord April 9, 2018

The best app

I love Discord!

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Ease of Play
Privacy & Safety
Teen, 14 years old Written byXavJar April 6, 2018

An **EASY** Way Around

Discord is fantastic it is safe as it does not show private information much like skype and other social medias. It is easy to use and well made so you and your children can navigate the app well. If you set your privacy settings well or even the default is only people you have personally friended can talk to you. You can create discord servers with multiple chats for your friends to join. As well as joining other peoples chats, before you become worried I suggest you know that there are moderators and administrators therefore if something does go wrong they can issue a warning, mute, kick or even ban from the chat. I think discord is fine and can be used by almost everyone

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Ease of Play
Kid, 12 years old June 26, 2017

A good app.

Good for gamers of all kind. While in some cases, there can be language and other bad things, most of the time if you use it with friends it usually there won't be any of it if it isn't wanted. A great app to use.

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Ease of Play
Teen, 15 years old Written byburrito geek June 20, 2020

fun and productive

Discord is an amazing app which makes it easy to communicate with people that have the same interests as the child some parents are scared they're children are gonna get raped by using this app which is not true at all to message people you need to send them a friend request and the other person has to accept it so if your kid doesn't accept absolutely everyone they should be safe besides you can block or/and report people for violating the this app is super fun and safe for kids

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Ease of Play
Teen, 14 years old Written byfoxxin May 11, 2020

An updated guide to Discord for parents/educators

Hi there! I've been using Discord for about 3 years. I'll try to cover most of the questions/concerns that I've seen so far, as well as share a couple of personal experiences I've had on Discord throughout my years using the platform.


From what I've experienced, most parents are worried about predators and/or their children being exposed to inappropriate content. While it is completely understandable, I think it is worth acknowledging that if your child is exposed to anything NSFW, it is because they voluntarily viewed it--and by voluntarily I mean they explicitly confirmed they were above 18 and willing to see NSFW content through the website's permissions.

Obviously, that's not always the case. Maybe someone sent NSFW in the main chat that your child was hanging out in. In that case, the moderators and administrators would most likely delete the media and make sure it doesn't happen again. Most servers (chat rooms) have very professional and hard-working staff teams that make sure the chat is a safe and friendly environment for all users. However, if that is not the case, you can easily leave a server with 2 clicks and be done with it.


I've met a lot of strangers on Discord. The majority of them have been very friendly, kind, and willing to make friends with me. That being said, I have met my fair share of would-be creeps and weirdos. The extremely simple solution to deal with them is to block them. This will prevent them from messaging you until the block is lifted, if it's lifted at all. If you share any servers with them, you will not be able to see their messages. Although not always necessary, you can easily take more action against them by alerting Discord directly and/or an admin of a server you share with the person.


Discord is by far the best website I've ever used for gaming purposes. It allows you to join massive servers and groups of people who share the same gaming interests as you. You can call, text, and game with them through the app/website. It's a wonderful tool for those looking to have a more social gaming experience. In this aspect, I've got absolutely nothing negative to say about Discord--the gaming communities I have joined through Discord are nothing but up-lifting, inclusive, and fun.


Though this section is rather broad, I'd still like to cover it. Servers are groups you can join as a Discord user where you can interact with other people. Each (public) server has different rules and regulations set up, as to make them as safe as possible. High probability they also have a dedicated staff team made up of moderators and administrators to make sure the rules get followed.

Therefore, if you see your child on a server that has swearing, NSFW content, or anything else of the sort, please understand that it was your child's choice to become a part of that community. They willingly clicked the join button and read the rules, knowing what kinds of things were allowed there and what kinds of things weren't. I know of several servers that don't allow swearing and are entirely child-friendly. But if your kid chooses to join a server that isn't child-friendly, that's no one's fault but their own.

On the other hand, Discord can be an amazing platform if you're planning on using it solely to chat with your friends. You can add as many people as you want to a server and set up designated 'channels' for discussing certain topics and chatting about whatever you want. It has most certainly brought my friends and I closer, and during the coronavirus it's more important than ever.

Remember, your child *chooses* to join the servers they join. No, they can't control the actions of other people; but they're far more likely to be "exposed" to NSFW if they join a server that allows NSFW over a server that doesn't.


Discord is an extremely secure website. That's it. There has not been a single instance where I've questioned the security of my personal information or the certification of the website.


In the end, I'd say a child should be 12 or older before they join Discord. While my experience on the site has been overwhelmingly positive, there are still some things that kids should be old enough to look out for and avoid.

Note: It's actually against the Discord ToS to join if you're younger than 13, so I don't recommend allowing your 11 year old to make an account that's immediately going to get banned. Also, if your child is too naïve or young to recognize when something that could be potentially endangering is happening, then you shouldn't allow them to have Discord.

That's all from me! I hope this helped you out!

{TL;DR - Discord is secure as well as a great tool for gamers. It is entirely safe unless your child chooses to join a server that could expose them to NSFW content, swearing, etc. It's an amazing option for chatting in groups of friends, especially during COVID-19. Although Discord is safe, I advise you're careful until your child is old and trustworthy enough to make good choices.}

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Ease of Play