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Kids learn concepts of algebra in stellar game app.


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Educator and Parent of a 6 and 10 year old Written byclcfh November 13, 2012

A painless way for children and adults to learn to solve algebraic equations

DragonBox provides a painless way to learn to isolate x in algebraic equations. The leveled puzzles start simple and with graphics only, then gradually replace some of the images with numbers, letters, and math operators and add complexity until children -- and adults -- are solving intermediate algebra equations without need for the graphics. My nine year old was quick to work through the puzzles in the larger $6 pack available for this app, but my five year old wasn't interested. The first puzzles aren't too hard for a little guy, but he didn't find them engaging. The kids did both like the dragons that you earn as you progress through the levels. I find this a far more intuitive and less painful way to learn than the standard state algebra curriculum. An adult friend going back to college tried the app and purchased for her own use. A note on the expansion pack: You get twice as many puzzles to solve, but at the same levels as the $3 pack. The extra practice is useful, but progressing in difficulty would have been nice too. Positive message: Math is fun, and not too hard.
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Adult Written bymrs.faro November 15, 2012

Dragon Box is worth the money!

As a teacher, I love this app because it is a different way to teach children the basics of algebra. I think this works well for young children who like to solve puzzles. When they actually encounter these ideas in class, they will have a connection and connections are everything in math! The one thing that would make this app better in my opinion is the addition of a brief lesson at the end of each chapter that would relate the game to the vocabulary used in math. A student who struggles in math may not be able to make that connection intuitively if he or she is lacking math sense.
Educator Written byMathGameLover October 9, 2012

DragonBox - A Revolutionary Learning Game

By turning the rules of math into the rules of the game, DragonBox incentivizes kids to learn math simply by playing. They want to solve the problems so they can watch their dragons grow. It is a true marriage of games and education. I look forward to more learning apps from this company
Parent Written byBobH May 22, 2013

Very disappointing

I've read the reviews for the app as well as above and got the app for my daughters. It's unique - and unfortunately not constructive for long term learning - it teaches the mechanics of doing the math - great if you just want your child to go through the motions of doing math, but it doesn't teach the concepts behind the math so the child actually understands what they're doing and why they're doing it. Apparently nice graphics and a unique approach is good enough for people to think something is revolutionary, unfortunately the "new math" approach where the child doesn't know why they're doing something isn't teaching them the skills they can then apply to math and other concepts. Really disappointing that the reviewer and parents who give it positive reviews don't get this - a true waste of $10.
Parent Written byembeau March 28, 2013

Great for age 6 and up -brilliant concept

I am no good at math..I want my kids to be better than me. I played this game first and started to get the concept about 5 games in and recognize that even though I cannot get algebra , I could see how this game would strike a chord in kids when they actually began to do algebra. The balancing between two sides of the equation becomes obvious (even to ME!). I think this would be a valuable math lesson, (even in the abstract way it is presented early in the game)for any kid.
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Parent of a 6 and 8 year old Written byNice Mommy September 5, 2014

Kids "get" the rules quickly and are engaged

Both my 6 and 8 year old were quickly solving for "x" within a few minutes and with minimal guidance from me. I have always maintained that Common Core standards saying that kids should do algebra very young are inappropriate. However, when presented like this, the kids understand the basics. When presented with the real stuff later, playing this game will make it seem less like a foreign language. I think we paid $6 for this and it is worth the money! Try the geometry one too...very addictive!
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Parent Written byBooktiger93 November 17, 2012

BEST. Math. App. Ever. Brilliant, fun, and so so so CLEAR!

I bought this today and my 4yo daughter ripped through all of chapter 1 (20 games) and half of chapter 2 (another 10) in about an hour — and the only reason she stopped is that we insisted on breaking for naptime! The app brilliantly conveys the rules of algebraic solving without confusion and without kids even needing to understand the concepts of multiplication and division very well; in fact, I'd argue that the mental block that some kids have at the very mention of the word "fraction" means that kids with NO math experience are the ones ideally suited for this app. I couldn't help it -- I solved all 300 "games" myself, as soon as she went to sleep (and I could get custody of my iPad back)...and it was WAY fun! I cannot recommend this highly enough. What GREAT conceptual thinking by the designers! I can only hope they create more apps for kids with the same kind of clear, easy, fun approach. It's nothing short of revolutionary.
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