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Farm sim has sneaky advertising and ways to make you spend.
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Teen, 13 years old Written byYakkoMustChange June 25, 2017

Not for Farm Story, but for Pet Hotel Story

Well, there's no link to directly review Pet Hotel Story on the CSM site, so I just took a link to review Farm Story to review the pet hotel game, because they're both from the same company (Storm8).
I can honestly say that Pet Hotel Story is a little nicer than Pet Shop Story (the most morbid game ever). Your bred pets do not die in this app, which is a plus. Aside from that, you manage and design a virtual pet hotel, and that is a lot better than a pet shop.
The animations are also way cuter than Pet Shop Story's graphics were. It's pretty cute to watch the pet guests (which look like Littlest Pet Shop or Precious Moments animals) do tricks and walk about in your hotel. The animals in Pet Shop Story, however, simply sit in their pens and do nothing. You can also name the Pet Hotel pets whatever you want.
The room themes are more wholesome than another pet hotel game, Tap Pet Hotel (that app had a graveyard, a volcano, and a wine lounge). All these reasons add one more star to the rating. However, the reasons why the rating is so low is because....
First of all, there are endless ads for other apps by the same company. Every now and then, when I try to do something in my hotel like tap on a pet or collect coins, an ad for a game called "Hungry Babies" pops up right in my face. I can't tell you how many times I tried to get that pop-up out of my pet hotel screen, but instead wound up in the app store and fumbled around for the link back to my hotel. There's even a mission on my virtual clipboard asking me to download that hungry babies thing. That is interfering with the actual game I'm doing and there are app makers who have a ton of apps yet don't place ads for them right in people's faces. Teamlava/Storm8 should really follow the latter example.
Secondly, Pet Hotel Story does blackmail if you don't follow its schedule upon getting a baby/soulmate. Unlike Pet Shop Story, the soulmate/baby does not die if the player has to work/do chores/do anything other than play the app, but rather it runs away. You have two options: shrug it off or pay $$$ (real money if you don't have the premium in-game money) to get it back. Since most people who play this app don't have the (unrealistic) amount of "gems" needed, they have no choice but to let the baby/soulmate escape and say "oh well".
One little thing I noticed when playing is that when I click on something and the game says I can't do it, its error message says "oh darn". It happens for every app by this company. "oh darn" is really marginal cursing for "oh damn".
Finally, there is no comfirmation before you buy stuff for ANY of this company's apps. There is no "are you sure you want to buy (insert pet room/fun room/decoration here)? yes/no". Literally, the only "yes/no" question is when you are going to sell something.
There is a little willy with the social networking thing. There are certain tasks and "constructible" rooms that require virtual "materials" such as "petition signatures", "iron beams", "insulation", etc. all of these you have to ask "friends" to send to your hotel. You can't get these items yourself. So, TeamLava really just wants to force you to do social networking AND spam people to join in on their "apps". And these "friends" who play this game could be anybody. They could be innocent kids or dangerous creepies.
In short, my chance of keeping pet hotel is shaky. I may keep it, or I may not. The end. Thanks for reading my reviews.

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Kid, 12 years old June 22, 2012

Fun, but have to agree.

Pretty Fun. I agree with Common Sense, though. They have a lot of Consumerism, but it would still be a great game for 9 and up. You learn how to balance a job with normal life, which aces this a somewhat educational game. Better "Story" games are Restaurant Story and Bakery Story in my opinion.

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Teen, 15 years old Written byOfficial Critic June 5, 2012

Good Game - with security issues

A good game for kids and teens that will make you addicted to it. It's fine to play, as long as you don't get tricked to paying real money for cash (well, of course, you can if you want to).

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