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Off-kilter adventure game with fiendish puzzles.

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age 9+
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Teen, 14 years old Written bydr duck February 13, 2011
It makes for some serious thought to get through the tricky puzzles. But the game isn't inappropriate (Even if the story is)
Adult Written bykatamaris4ever February 10, 2011

Keep in mind just because I put 6+...

...Doesn't mean it's for every one. The game encourages lateral thinking, something that most children develop way later in life. If you want your child to get frustrated, by all means get this game. I rated it as such because there is no (explicit) violent or sexual content. It's very reminiscent of the old point-and-click adventure games of the 90s, and it's very addicting. The controls are simple enough,and the graphics are very vibrant. While it only lasts an hour or so (way more if you get constantly stuck), it's a fun experience. The hints should provide at least some guidance, but if you're very stuck Big Fish Games (the publisher of the PC version) has a walkthrough on their website. Keep in mind English majors that besides the title and characters, the game uses nothing from the original Shakespeare play (I mean, Orphelia gets kidnapped by her father. You don't even play as Hamlet, just a scientist that lands in the wrong situation).
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