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Parent reviews for Like - Magic Music Video Editor

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Video tool has cool effects, allows creativity for teens.
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Adult Written byThe Netherlands April 27, 2019

Don't Let your kids use this app!!

Is a danger to the kids! There are grown up People trying to take advantage of our kids!I am disgusted!I can not delete the account of my daughter! I hope that this app will be destroyed Because it is full of Child molesters, kidnappers etc. Is on the top of the worst and unsafe apps ever been made!!!!

This title contains:

Ease of Play
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Adult Written byLfjdgghjh April 17, 2019

This title contains:

Ease of Play
Adult Written byEricFEast January 18, 2019

DANGER WILL ROBINSON DANGER pedophiles are a lurkin!

I appreciate the higher age of 16 by the writer of this article, but anyone, and I mean ANYONE can download anyone else's videos and reupload them to their own profile or a 2nd or 3rd profile they also operate.

I started tracking these profiles leaving comments on my stepdaughter's videos. They leave copy and pasted messages. "I wish I could do that!" ????? WTF? You wish you could do what? Because I am looking at your profile and all you do is watch and Like videos of little girls. Then you find the worst of the worst ones who upload nothing but videos of little girls.

I have seen child porn on there folks.
Straight up child porn. Usually hidden with effects, but they have the unedited versions and they can share these videos with people that direct message them and according to the comments, they do.

Should I be graphic and describe the sort of things I saw?
The developers know this is going on too.
In fact, I question whether or not the developers had this in mind.
Plausible deniability has shielded many a suspect individual.

This app is a product of Asia’s biggest live streaming APP company, i.e., BIGO LIVE, which has already crossed 200 million downloads since its launch.

I have reported the videos and profiles, as have others, but they stay up and the profiles are not suspended or banned. That is until I got some online friends to help me put more pressure on getting these videos pulled. Anonymous type friends. They are calling us "Sharks."
They will post a video with a screen shot of our profile and say "Watch out, this profile is a Shark". I think they call us this is because, for one thing, sharks are something to be wary of, but two... it also rhymes with narc.

We are spoiling their little party.
I myself don't know anything about hacking but I know a few Anon types and they each know quite a few.

The funding behind Bigo Live!
Look at the funding vs revenue between it and its competitors.
The competitors have margins that you expect to see.
But Bigo Live has had $272 million in total funding thus far with only $5.8 million a year in revenue. It's going to take them almost 45 years to make that money back.

There are only 29 employees! And I think that is combined for both Like and Bigo Live! It is like they have no intention to monitor any of this and I know they know it is a problem. But they don't seem to see it as a problem at all. They leave these videos up and don't ban or suspend the profiles. A video needs to be reported x amount of times before it gets taken down. Any suspension they do is to cover their own bums, it would seem. I have to be careful with my wording and make it not an outright accusation. I'm just saying it seems that way.

I just find it hard to believe that only 29 employees can monitor 300 million users and all their videos. The platform they created is a pedophile collectors dream video sharing platform. You would have to go Deep Web to find these sorts of things.

I warn people on Facebook and it's crickets.
They say their daughters know better and wouldn't watch such videos, or they wouldn't upload a video of themselves doing anything, and they definitely wouldn't talk to no 30-60 yr old man.

But do you think these 30-60 men are using their own pictures in their profiles?
They use profiles of tween boys that look like they do modeling.
THEN they get these girls to send them videos they think will be private.
THEN the predator uploads them to other secret profiles that these girls don't even know about.

So they can think "not my daughter" all they want, but some of those mothers are going to be wrong.
9 ot 10 might be right, but that 1... she is going to blame herself for the rest of her life because I said something and she didn't think it was possible to happen to her own daughter.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written byKrissyxx December 14, 2018

No complaints

I'm so grateful for this app
5 stars because its easy to use plus its beter than most apps i use .. I just have few concerns , this app is amazing tho i should say it's bad so that i could "keep it to myself" but i cant cause "the magic" isnt only for me its for you and everyone , does that make sense?
Adult Written byBUGBOY11 October 2, 2018


I caught my 10 year old using this app without me knowing. When looking it over there is no regard to personal privacy at all. It is way too easy for minor kids to create an account with no agreement to user terms or conditions or privacy. All they need is a phone # to create an account and begin using. When you read the T&C you will see what I mean. You wave all your rights to you personal data and they own and control everything posted and there is nothing you can do about this. You can delete videos posted but not sure if this is kept on their servers or not. All your information is open to the general public and anyone can friend you and you cannot approve any request but only block people you don't like. I have over 5 years of mobile app and IT security audit and privacy experience for a major fortune 500 company and if using this app your taking many risks with minor children. This app can setup your child for cyber bullying issues in a heartbeat. I could find no way to request the company to delete my childs account once established. I had to delete as much as I could under my daughters account manually and I posted a video about how bad this app is and how the company does noting to control access and inforce any privacy laws. This app tricks users so you cannot review or agree to any end user privacy policy before your account is established. The video I posted has asked that this account be deleted ASAP. I will monitor and see how long it takes for this company to delete this account if they ever do. If your letting your kids use this app you better get your own account and monitor everything along with your kids or you could be in store for many surprises. You may be shocked at what you can find out there. Your kids have a right to privacy and they have no fear and are not experienced enough to know how to protect themselves but you should protect them at all costs. The cyber world of today is complicated and tricky to navigate but if you spend time looking over this app it won't take long to figure out how bad this is for our kids. I hope this review has helped some parents out there as I have many years of IT and security/privacy experience to offer in this area so take my advice and steer clear of this app with minors. There are not enough bad reviews here for this app so I was rather compelled to do my part and post a more recent review i have done to help guide parents that don't have time or expertise to know what all to look for.

This title contains:

Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byTamkwldr1 August 21, 2019

LIKEE app is for predators!!

My child created an account without my knowledge. After viewing 100’s of profiles on there; I’ve come to find out it’s older men disguised as kids watching other kids videos and posting them to their personal profile. Also messaging kids asking for nudes. Please beware!

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written bySheikhjee August 15, 2019

Like my videos and follw me


This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written bySurender kumar July 27, 2019

Please open my id

Sir please open my id
Adult Written byKristaMB June 26, 2019


The Like (now 'Likee') app has a major, MAJOR problem. Using the 'nearby' feature, anyone can pinpoint your EXACT location. The app states the current distance between you and other 'Likers', so it wouldn't take much for any predator to find their next victim.

Parents, take note! There are small children, some as young as 5 or 6, all over this app. Their adorable faces are only a few kilometers away from ending up on a Missing poster.

There is a way to delete your child's account now - go to settings, scroll down, and follow the instructions. Please TELL THEM why you're deleting the account.

Also, this app and others like it (TikTok, for example) are frequently filled with adult language and references. If you're letting your children use them, be prepared for them to see R-rated content.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byMominurkhan45 m May 19, 2019
Adult Written bywanguiA May 9, 2019

Put's young children at risk!

I found my 8yr old had created an account and was sharing videos of herself. It lures them with the prospect of having music videos of themselves being liked by others. She had her full date of birth and photo, so much for security. This needs to be highlighted to all parents and in schools.

This title contains:

Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byamitkotwal April 21, 2019
Adult Written bySatyajit April 8, 2019

King No 1


This title contains:

Adult Written byJillyniamh April 5, 2019

Perverts Paradise

Avoid at all costs!! Profiles set up purposely to perv on young children. My 10 year old daughter was sent a very indecent image of a mans genitalia and various other users asking her to send nudes. Luckily she knew better as we’d previously discussed online grooming. It’s disgracful!!

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byEdwin dubon lemus March 23, 2019
Adult Written bymamta bhati March 4, 2019
Adult Written byAnil rathore February 8, 2019
Adult Written byKathylu January 25, 2019

Grown men asking 12 year olds for pictures

This is a kiddie porn app. I caught a grown man posing as a 15 year old boy. He was asking about pictures in certain outfits. Asked her about boys and what she does in bed. Telling her he loved her almost immediately. Then calling her his girlfriend. I called the scumbag and he sounded like a fat, old disgusting man. Nothing but scum on this app. I am taking my kids off this app. Too many apps out there intended to destroy and exploit innocent children. You want your kids to be tech Savy but anymore I feel like the cost is too high.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byElisaMaino December 14, 2018

I love this app

This app are so so amazing actually it’s the best video editor i’ve Ever work in and it’s really easy to use

This title contains:

Ease of Play
Adult Written bySuman khetrapal December 8, 2018