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Live-broadcasting tool lets teens share too much.
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Adult Written byKumar995995 August 28, 2019
Parent of a 17-year-old Written bybasantpandit201... January 13, 2019
Adult Written by[email protected] January 3, 2019

I think that is the best
Adult Written byCiara_Dance13 December 28, 2018
Adult Written bysampanda0108 August 25, 2018



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Ease of Play
Adult Written by[email protected] July 27, 2018



This title contains:

Ease of Play
Adult Written byRobin W. February 7, 2018
Adult Written byTigerMother December 28, 2017


My stepdaughter (age 11) was at her mom's neighbor's house playing with her 9 year old friend, whose parents don't monitor or watch over her. This young girl is allowed to download anything she wants, even age-restricted apps. The girls were watching when a man logged on, showed his privates (face covered) and began masturbating. My stepdaughter took a screenshot of the screen name and the exposed privates (but it was blurry) and told her friend to log off immediately. For several minutes afterwards, this man called her friend repeatedly.

Sadly, the friend begged my stepdaughter not to tell anyone. Luckily, my stepdaughter told her mom and her dad right away. My stepdaughter's mom told her friend's mom right away but the mom was not only not concerned but got mad at my stepdaughter for tattling.

My husband called, and the local police to report the incident but none are concerned about the victimizing of young girls! I told my stepdaughter she may need to sever her friendship with her friend if the parents aren't concerned about protecting her.

I understand there are age restrictions, but nothing is enforced and children can easily get access. If something traumatic is seen by young children, does not care.

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Sexy stuff
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byHolly N. December 13, 2017


It is a awesome experience to get new friends from and
Adult Written byAmadeus M. June 18, 2017

This app is a pedophiles dream come true

I was on Periscope and one of the so-called stars there arecommended this app so I went there to see what was the big deal . It seems they hire Actors for the featured streams because everyone's way to good-looking as I'm scrolling I start to see children who don't have parents in the room using the app. Then I see one guy inviting this girl who looks like she's about nine or 10 for private chat! I'm stumbling over myself looking for the report the pedophile button but there is no such button there's a choice if there's a child bowling or if it's pornography etc. but there is nothing about pedophiles !! The little girl didn't know what he was doing but then the other little girl said you can instant message me on my phone meanwhile there's nobody in the room! Then as I'm scanning this app I see that there are other little girls and suggestive positions on their main photo and I go into one of the rooms and she says she hasn't slept since Friday night and it's now Sunday afternoon so she's addicted to this app . It's impossible to believe that there is not an age restriction on this app what are these people thinking are they out of their dambed minds????! It's a pedophile paradise and it should have an age restriction set ASAP

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Privacy & Safety
Parent Written byErica K. April 10, 2017

Inappropriate for children

I was doing my usual phone check on our kids phone and kept getting notifications for When I clicked on it, two different times a group video chat came on with a man ejaculating in one of the cameras. There were kids no older than 10 watching and when they realized there was a grown up watching they clicked off. This is not an app for children! This is as far as I'm concerned just another way for pedophiles to get to kids.

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Sexy stuff
Privacy & Safety
Parent Written byJeremy W. March 26, 2017

Great app

A great way to get social but if you don't want your child showing their face to possibly another stranger this might not be the best choice
Adult Written byHamed A. December 23, 2016
Adult Written byDebbie A. November 17, 2016

Perdofile hunting ground!!!

Do not let your children on here!!! A child close to me had been aproched by a man asking incorporate questions. It should not be allowed to happen it's sick!!!

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Sexy stuff
Parent of a 11-year-old Written byAtlas October 19, 2016


This app is not and should never be used by children. There should be laws against children on any social media, especially live. My child's tablet was going off with notifications of her friends using, secretly, all day, in school. It's the downfall of society, point blank. Your children at school acting like Hollywood stars posting, tweeting,, live broadcasting?! Lowering I.Q., daily.

This title contains:

Ease of Play
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written bydeanna h. September 5, 2016


its great for telling. ur fans what u think