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Great strategy game with comic but slightly scary violence.
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Parent Written byallamoo July 30, 2010

Nice, safe zombie play

The beauty of PVZ is that the gore is non-existent and the strategy for winning levels revolves around how well you plant your garden.
Parent Written bymom2twogirls1boy July 17, 2016

We Succumbed to Peer Pressure

I was hesitant to allow my 6 y/o son to play this game, after reading on Common Sense it was more geared towards older children. My 6 y/o insisted all the boys at school were playing it and so I asked around to some of the other parents. What I learned, was that it was rather benign, and really fun to play. One of the parents had a really great perspective. He said, regardless of age recommendations on games, if any "violence" is cartoonish and nature and not directed at people, he tends to be more laid back about it. Plants vs. Zombies is definitely cartoonish in the way the zombies are destroyed, they actually fall apart in a rather comical way. As the player advances, the game gets progressively more difficult, which may be why Common Sense rated it for older children. My son will get to a level he feel like is too hard, and quits for a while (which is just fine by me, because he's actually organically limiting his screen time, without me having to breathe down his neck about it)! I sit with him while he plays, because I don;t want him to "accidentally" make a purchase or click on a "watch this video to get this perk" bonuses.
Adult Written byGamer4056 May 22, 2018

Plants Vs. Zombies FREE Parent Guide

This game has mild cartoon violence that may not be suitable for kids under 5 years old. This game is the free version of the big hit, "Plants Vs. Zombies". This game is just the full Plants Vs. Zombies game that is available on Google Play and the APK Pure app and website for free. APK Pure and Google Play are two of the safest places to download apps from. There is a Chinese website that is safe to download apps too. I forgot what it was called. There are many Plants Vs. Zombies games. This game that you are reading about right now is the first game in the Plants Vs. Zombies game series. There are "Plants Vs. Zombies", "Plants Vs. Zombies 2: It's about Time", "Plants Vs. Zombies 3", "Plants Vs. Zombies: Heroes", "Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare", "Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2", "Plants Vs. Zombies: Adventures" and "Plants Vs. Zombies 3 (Fan made)". Plants Vs. Zombies 3 (Fan made) came out before Plants Vs. Zombies 3. A fan created Plants Vs. Zombies 3 (Fan made) and tried to imagine how Plants Vs. Zombies 3 was going to be like. The fan made game was not created by the same creator(s) who created Plants Vs. Zombies 3 and all the other Plants Vs. Zombies games. The fan made game has the same app icon that Plants Vs. Zombies 2: It's about Time has with a white outline. They are all fun. These are all apps. Some of these games are available on other gaming systems. You should download the Chinese Version of Plants Vs. Zombies 3 instead of the English version because it is safer. Keep your privacy and information safe. There MIGHT be a "Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 3" game coming out soon and a "Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 3 (Fan made)" game coming soon too. You could go to YouTube and search "Plants Vs. Zombies 3 Chinese Version download" and click on a video titled "Plants Vs. Zombies 3 Chinese Version Free Download (Link In Description)" and then, scroll down to the description and click the link. It will take you to that safe Chinese website that I was talking about to download the app or copy the link below and paste it in your search bar. It is the same one from the description from the video. Try the APK Pure app and website or Google Play to get these games too.


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Violence & scariness
Adult Written byjohnw5 October 13, 2015

Best of TD games!

I think its one of the best tower defense and zombie games ever!
Also like second part of this game, advice to try it

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Ease of Play
Adult Written bydarth_bunny May 28, 2015

Great Game...maybe

I think this totally depends on your kid. Example: If your kid is scared of zombies, doesn't know that cat tails are not actually cats, and/or has access to your apple wallet then this is not a good game for them. My only concerns are of it's slightly addictive nature and the money needed to pay for some things. Otherwise, it is great for decision making and money management.

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Ease of Play
Parent of a 5 and 8-year-old Written bySWHighlander March 30, 2015

Best gaming app on the iPhone

I love this as an adult, my 8 year old loves it, and my 4 year old loves it. It's nice that it has a relatively brief pitch to battle that lasts about 5-10 minutes to win. Some games just go on and on, until you die and look at your score. The pace is mostly not frenetic. Not too violent or graphic for my 4 yo. who gets minimal screen time. No ads, and very few attempts to sell you additional options (unlike it's annoying sequel).

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Ease of Play
Adult Written bythirdgradeteacher May 31, 2013

A Video Game Review on Plants Vs. Zombies

Do you like video games? Well than P.V.Z. [plants vs. zombies] is the
Game for you! P.V.Z. is the most action packed game of the year!
In this video game you plant plants to stop zombies from entering your house.
The reasons this video game is great are P.V.Z. has a lot of action.
Second, there is a shop where you could buy things, and third the game
Teaches kids strategy. P.V.Z comes on DS, iPad, and iPhone.

P.V.Z. has a lot of action. For example there are plants shooting zombies.
If the zombies enter your house they will eat your brains! After you beat a
Level you get new plants and zombies that are more powerful!

There is a shop where you could buy things. You get game money by killing
Zombies. Parents don't spend their own money buying things in the game.
With game money you buy things like the night garden, the aquarium garden, and extra plants. One time I went into the shop and I bought a bonus plant
Called the Gattling Pea. That plant helped me win twenty levels straight!

The game teaches kids strategy. Kids can learn strategy by planting plants to stop zombies from entering your house. There is a mini game called izombie.
That's where you help zombies go through plants so they eat the brains. There
Is another mini game called vasebreaker. That's where you break vases to stop zombies from entering your house.

What some people have said about P.V.Z. are "Plants vs. zombies is a great game
For kids." Says 3rd grader Gjon. Another quote is "Plants vs. zombies is the
Best game ever," says 3rd grader Sebastian. I would rate P.V.Z. 5 out of
5 stars!

So that's why kids should play P.V.Z. First because P.V.Z. has a lot of action,
Second there is a shop where you could buy things, and third the game helps kids learn strategy.

Samir M., Age 9, New York, New York

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Parent of a 5-year-old Written byDele October 21, 2011

terrific Plants vs Zombies review! hahahaha.

I say this game is good for 5 year olds, but that is MY 5 year old, as well as our neighbor kids, all of whom picked up on this game around the same time. My boy was raised on Nightmare Before Christmas and the like, so naturally he knew the fun side of scary previous to his exposure to PvZ. My son and I have been playing this game for a few years now and we both still find it to be fun, challenging silliness. Educational component: you earn coins throughout the game and can buy other plants with the money in your bank. This has been an awesome tool to teach my son about money, saving money, and the importance of not buying useless little things if you're trying to save up for something better. Also, it's been fun talking to him about zombies, since he knows they're make-believe, and his "what if a zombie were to..." scenarios are hilarious and imaginitive. It's taught him a surprising amount about plants and we now have a garden (in real life) that he tends to daily. We've taken the things from this video game (and trust me, we aren't video game-types--- this is the only video game I have on my computer) but we've taken this silly sweet game and really taken the ball and run with it. His 6th bday party was a PvZ theme, and onee game we played was a fun obstacle course for the kids that we made up, using concepts from the game. Ride a trike, jump on a pogo stick, throw bean bags at a zombie, collect suns, etc. So yeah, we're fans, and I don't see any end in sight. :)

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Adult Written byWarri August 8, 2010

Good for all ages

This game is appropriate for everyone