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Parent reviews for Prodigy Math Game

Common Sense says

Fantasy game helps kids become math wizards.
Based on our expert review

Parents say

age 7+
Based on 272 reviews

Kids say

age 7+
Based on 59 reviews
Adult Written byMinchu K. March 22, 2018

Witch Craft

The game start off seemingly innocent, but its very questionable when the kids are supposed wizards that battle with evil (demonic) enemies that requires to solve math problems in order to cast spells against their enemies. Also they have selection for kids to choose their " weapons" (witchcraft type) to use against their enemies. Also seeing a goat or ram with a human body as the wizards friend, was enough for me to stop her from using the site. I filed complaint with teacher & guidance about this and told them I forbid for my daughter to be on this website.. Just because its a game doesn't mean its innocent. It is witchcraft.
Adult Written byalex m. February 14, 2018

TOO high level

my child who is in first grade was doing this game and they asked him a question like 99x89 that is a 3 grade skill
Adult Written byWhitney M. March 3, 2018

Non stop marketing for toys and membership

This game is constantly begging children to purchase memberships and encouraging them to buy toys to enhance their gaming. It is manipulative marketing to children - plain and simple. Yes, they learn math, but it’s not worth the continual advertising bombardment. Plus, the math is not even what the kids playing the game care about. All my daughter talks about is getting more pets, buying outfits, and beating the kid in her class who is 2 levels ahead of her. She doesn’t care that she is learning math, and she spends more time walking around the Prodigy world, buying things and friending people, than she spends doing actual math problems. This game is horrible and I have no idea how/why Common Sense Media gave this game a 4 star review. This game is blatant, unapologetic marketing to and manipulation of children.

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Parent of a 8 year old Written byAmanda H. April 13, 2018

It's just a game trying to sell your kids junk.

I thought this was cool when it was first suggested to my daughter in 1st grade. A game setting where she can learn things! My mom decided to go all in and purchased the costly subscription. ...maybe at the beginning of 1st grade it was okay but as time passed I realized it was low-effort, low-function 'work'. But, it was good to keep her thinking while playing. The subscription automatically renewed and we had forgotten about it so she popped back on. She has been inundated with pop up ads to pay REAL MONEY in order to do 'special attacks'. The work is barely 1st grade material, the graphics and gameplay has been downgraded, and it's generally a trap for your child at this point. I would advise all parents to steer clear of this and most of the suggested games/apps teachers push. They're all trash.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written byH S. February 9, 2018

Busy work: weak game and lousy math interface.

After watching my child use this game for 6 months, I think it's a waste of time. The user interface, whether you use a mouse or keyboard, is clumsy and causes frustration which blocks problem solving capacity. The game play is mildly violent, but the main problem is it is uniteresting. There are better role playing and problem solving games. As a physicist, I would suggest teachers give students problems to develop math skills for 20 minutes in class and reward by letting them play Zelda, or go run around outside! This game is a waste of time, and, yes, the ad push is annoying.
Adult Written byJudy Z. May 28, 2018

Poor Learning Tool

There is very little maths that occurs within the game. The focus is on playing the game rather than practicing maths skills. The constant push to purchase a membership should make this game banned in schools. A child could spend most of their time just wandering around, guessing at answers and playing war games.

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Parent Written byLee R. January 21, 2018

My child is actually enjoying math for once!

Normally he avoids anything math related but I woke the last few mornings to him playing Prodigy and being excited about solving the problems. He's asking to buy the subscription and I think I will if it means he changes his thoughts on math :) I see the Prodigy theme as a blend of Harry Potter and Pokemon.. both of which I don't know any child who doesn't like.

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Ease of Play
Adult Written bynathan l. April 27, 2018

the best thing

its good for middle schoolers and elementary

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Ease of Play
Parent of a 11 year old Written byAmaria S. April 23, 2018


While this game has motivated my son to do “homework”, I was disappointed to find that the two questions he asked me to explain to him (about the area of rectangles) actually had no correct answer: apparently a rectangle 9x4 has the same area as one 18 x4. No wonder he’d been getting frustrated when he was getting them wrong! I also have issues with the advertising, but at least there is some incentive for a reluctant learner to be practicing maths.
Parent Written byAaron M. April 9, 2018

Fine for review or using with your kids, otherwise just trash

PROS: We found it pretty useful. If you sit with your kid and work through problems together it's a good way to learn about how to approach problems and practice arithmatic. If you're using it for review, it's fine. CONS: Way, WAY too much premium advertising (after every battle, plus trying to use 90% of the available pets, gear, etc). Beyond that, rather than reviewing applicable material for a good quantity of time, it quickly pushes kids up to material past what they've learned at school without teaching them anything new; super-frustrating if you don't have a grown-up (who understands what is going on!) sitting next to you. And having to sit next to somebody while they play this game is beyond obnoxious. There's also a ton of stuff to do that ISN'T anything to do with math (managing outfits, pointless mini-games, etc) which has no reason to be in the game at all other than to keep kids addicted. The UI is atrocious. You can type with the number keys and tab between entries, but when using the calculator tool you have to click every button using the mouse/trackpad. Similar for every other input in the game. I've seen less clicking in the Sierra games of my youth.

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Adult Written byvanderwalm July 14, 2018

Use of occult in child's game

Why would I want my child to have demons with skulls on their chests and sickles in the hands as "team members" and casting spells on ghost figures who are their opponents? Why can't a math game just be a game. I'm so disappointed and concerned that teachers are introducing kids to this type of gaming and parents are thinking it's an innocent game because their child's teacher recommended it.
Adult Written byJosh J. January 23, 2018

Gaming motivates Math

As a teacher I have seen this encourage reluctant students to complete math homework more regularly. The content can be adjusted individually for each student with assignments set to target specific skills. I would not recommend this substituting class teaching but to support skill at home. Teachers and parents do need to be mindful that the game does promote a paid subscription quite forcibly but with some discussion about in-game purchases this can be flipped into a positive. I have communicated to parents that no-one is expected to be using a paid app and request parents to not buy subscriptions. Learning through games is a valuable experience for students.

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Adult Written bysue S. January 10, 2018

better than nothing

Great for being able to determine what your child works on, although they seem to have ways around it. The game is lame, and it's generally not worth the money. If you don't pay for it, there really is no point. Kids won't like it.
Adult Written bycpete_1 September 13, 2018

I Hate the new prodigy update

The new update sucks and they should go back to the old prodigy
Adult Written byJacob brown October 24, 2018


It throws a prize at u that u earn "oh this is a cool prize" But Just kidding ITS A MEMBER ITEM WOOOOOOOOW and it doesn't let u do anything anymore unless u buy member or one of there sucky toys. I would recommend it IF they would let us do stuff like catch more pets And evolve them. Its starting to get ugly with the avatars. and my sister (she is 10 and i am 18) went to get a drink and it hasn't been half a min yet, and it logged her out.It sucks now and I would not play it

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Adult Written byprofessional ra... September 13, 2018

Go back to the old Prodigy!!

This game doo doo. You know, before this trash update, it was dope. I kinda liked it, but now I have a change of heart. Bring back the old Prodigy, or I will go back to Fortnite.

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Violence & scariness
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byfeedpump October 5, 2018

Stay away from this company

They will bill you for membership extension without prior notice even though you didn't agree with it. An cancelling membership process is not easy. Very fishy.
Adult Written byJaydny1232 September 13, 2018

The new update stinks

The new update stinks I have lost all of my spells and all my quests!
Adult Written byConnerss November 5, 2018

A Review of Prodigy: Bad. Dangerously bad.

Since “MobyMax” became an enormous hit and a beloved modern teaching device by giving players an inspired look at skills they missed throughout the years, people have been striving to repeat that seemingly simple formula with a number of games that have offered this. Now comes “Prodigy,” a game that dares to ask “What if we combined MobyMax with simple graphics and a mostly game-driven area?,” a notion that I do not think that anyone has ever pondered for any amount of time outside of those stuck in a focus group. That is only the first of many problems with this game, a work so completely devoid of wit, style, intelligence or basic entertainment value that it makes the Angry Birds app seem like a pure artistic statement by comparison. The extremely dubious conceit of "Prodigy" is that hidden within the coding is basic consumerism marketed to kids. Our plot is that apparently an evil wizard is trying to take over the world and with a couple of calculators near by, you can save it! That’s it. So what wonders lie just beneath our touch screens, anyway? Based on the evidence put forth by “Prodigy,” it is a combination of corporate synergy. I found myself speculating on how many kids got lured by the basic paywalls in this game. 1 million? The failure of imagination in “Prodigy” is not limited to its depiction of the app world. This is a game that has literally nothing to offer viewers—there are no moments of humor, excitement or insight regarding a culture that considers math to be all important and mighty. The characters go through their lines with such a lack of enthusiasm that they make Krusty the Klown seem focused and committed by comparison. “Prodigy” is a demonstration of artistic abdication at its most venal, but will the kids like it? To that question, I offer this observation. This past weekend, I played the game with my 11-year old son. To be fair, it is a bit cheating, as he’s aware of the basic consumerism, but it’s all you got. He said that the game “deleted his items” and “locked it behind a paywall”. Even Electronic Arts doesn’t dare step into deletion territory, and when they do, they would never make you pay for it.

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Adult Written byklbr676 September 13, 2018

I hate this new update.

Prodigy is a great math game but I hate the new update. They give you less spells and it is harder to use. I loved the old game, way more!