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Entertaining but dense card-trading app with intense images.

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Parent Written byxzero26 August 11, 2012

best trading card game

Its the best trading card game there is its fun and totally friendly to the players with no experience on the topic great graphics and awesome art for the cards. By the end of the tutorial input this code DZP73295 and send me a message and ill send you a nice gift... Happy gaming all
Teen, 17 years old Written byrobbphoenix June 21, 2012

Review and tips

Its a very addictive card game and a good time-killer! The repetitive actions, lack of sound effects and the poor animation may be a turn of though. Also the game is quite confusing for beginners so I hope this helps: Enter referral code kis00329 after the tutorial to get 100000 rupies and a free rare card. I will give you the 100000 rupies I receive so you will get a total of 200000 rupies! - You have only one chance to choose your faction among Human, Gods and Demons. Since the game registers your phone, it makes almost useless to open additional accounts, so choose carefully! Humans often excel at defense, demons at attacking and gods are balanced. -While each faction has cards with really powerful effects, most of them are not good enough to warrant the bonus that you lose when you use cards not of your faction. In other words and as a rule of thumb (with exceptions that you’ll eventually learn) try to only put cards of your own faction in your deck and aim to get cards with effects that benefit your faction. -You can evolve cards by combining them and by enhancing. Because whenever you evolve a card only a 5% of its stats are retained, you are best leaving enhancing only for the last (4th) evolution or even better, max-enhance a 3rd evolution and evolve it with another max-enhanced 3rd evolution, then enhance again. That way, you’ll get a 97% of the stats you’d get if you max-enhanced every single step of the evolution ladder using only a third of the required cards. -Do not forget to enter the referral code at the end of the tutorial; you will NOT have another chance to do it and you’ll have a much worse start than most people. 100k allows you to evolve/enhance at your heart’s content and the rare is one of the few that’s worth to be put in any deck and will be your best card for the first 10-15 levels of the game (unless you get super lucky with friendship packs.) You can click on my page after the game and message me by pressing the "support" button and I will clear any in-game doubts and help you get started! Thanks and happy gaming!
Parent Written bydinkydog0 July 19, 2012

macht laune

gestaltetes Spiel. Umfangreich mit Spieltiefe. Leider nur auf englisch und daher schwer verständlich, zumindest für jemanden, der nicht perfekt englisch kann. Von mir 5 Sterne, weil es mir gefällt und ein sehr gutes Spiel ist und zudem die Spielemacher es mit vielen Events aufwerten. Auf jedenfall ein Spiel von dem man lange etwas hat. Mein Code: qax97304 (einfach nach dem Tutorial eingeben).
Parent Written bymamabeargeorgia September 17, 2012

Inapproprite Ap

Reveling ads on my i-pad for this game. One appears to show character's ni**les in cut out of top.
What other families should know
Too much violence
Too much sex
Teen, 13 years old Written byNekoDesu June 18, 2014

One of my favorite games... With some notes.

Although it has much revealing clothing, it REALLY is not a big deal in the game. The reason? When you play the game, you don't often come across those cards. Cards like that often are considered HR (High Rare) and above, which are only found when participating in events and exchanging items. Overall, this game is really fun and has really nice graphics. Give it a try!
What other families should know
Easy to play/use
Too much consumerism
Safety and privacy concerns
Teen, 17 years old Written byGamer164 September 22, 2012

Don't get this game!

Easy to get addicted to. Many players find them self's playing this game through the night instead of sleeping and spend a lot of money on cards. I think this game is a waste of time and money! Don't get this game!
What other families should know
Too much sex
Too much consumerism