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Parent reviews for Snapchat

Common Sense says

Send moments in photos, watch curated content; use wisely.
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Parents say

age 14+
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age 12+
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Adult Written byJamie L. November 3, 2017

The truth about snapchat.

Snapchat. The new and popular social media app. Most every teenager seems to have this app now a days, and many parents are concerned about what has been said about snapchat. I have two children, a 14 year old and a 12 year old. I have recently allowed my younger child to get a snapchat account, but parents need to be completely aware of all snapchat has to offer. The main point of snapchat is to send pictures to friends, mostly selfies, or where they are and what they are doing (as that is what lots of social media is). But what makes snapchat different from other social media apps is that once the photo sent is opened by the sender and then clicked off of, the image will disappear for ever. That was a big concern for me, and talking to other parents, that was also something they didn't like. If this concerns you at all, do not allow your child to get this app because that is the main point of snapchat so that cannot be avoided. Another thing you should know is many news and magazines are accessible from snapchat, which includes cosmopolitan and the daily mail. As it is well know, this can has some sexual content. This is what turned me off of the app the most, but if you can trust your child, than I believe it is fine. Lastly, you should be aware many parents have hear this is an app where many teens send naked pictures to each other. My suggestion is you should be aware of everyone your child is snapchating. Overall, I recommend you completely understand the concept of snapchat and everything accessible with it. It has some concerns, but my advice is do not let your child get it unless you completely trust them and have no reason not to. Make your decision based on how mature your child is.

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byTrisha R. October 20, 2017

All Users

I loved snapchat a lot in the beginning. Have a lot of fun with friends making faces different dialogs, etc. Then I find out it is very political and negative and derogatory comments or videos about the President of United states. This causes controversy and hatred. This app should be for fun and keeping negativity out of this!!!
Adult Written byLara C. October 8, 2017
A nice place to message and posts pictures that all come nicely together as a story. One bad thing about Snapchat though lots of nude sending on it so before your kids join make sure to tell them how dangerous sending nudes is and not to ever send them.
Adult Written bySamantha R. September 21, 2017

a lot of predators use this app

i know a lot of people that have came across predators on this app. to keep your kids safe, keep them off this app and you will be a-okay. :)

This title contains:

Violence & scariness
Sexy stuff
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
Privacy & Safety
Parent Written byKaty F. September 9, 2017


I think you should be able to see when and how many times someone views your story. Y'all should make that happen!

This title contains:

Ease of Play
Parent of a 13-year-old Written byAdulting August 29, 2017

My kid loves it

A great app to share interests, and neat face filters too.

This title contains:

Adult Written byk l August 22, 2017

Hacker - robbverra

Today I was hacked by someone with a username robbverra. The user deleted and blocked a person I snapchat on a daily bases, then added their name back on but with their username, so I was snapchatting some unknown hacker named Robb? Luckily I was able to catch on quickly, but I wanted to make sure others knew this was going on. Beware of robbverra!

This title contains:

Privacy & Safety
Adult Written byBailey K. August 16, 2017

Snapchat Discover

Snapchat Discover needs to either stay away from politics or not make it be known that whom ever is in charge of the topics and articles aren't for one side verses the other.
Parent of a 12-year-old Written by[email protected] July 20, 2017

Daughter's handle hacked and getting x rated shlnap

Parent of a 12-year-old Written by[email protected] July 20, 2017

Daughter's handle hacked and getting x rated shlnap

Parent of a 12-year-old Written by[email protected] July 20, 2017

Daughter's handle hacked and getting x rated shlnap

Parent of a 5 and 15-year-old Written bySamara M. April 29, 2017

Safe, Simple, and Easy

Honestly, this site is like any other social media platform. Misuse makes it bad. If you use it responsibly, then it's a fun and happy experience. Therefore the age at which this can be used is determined by your level of responsibility. My kids use this site and have an amazing time. It also appears to be the "thing" these days for teens. In fact, kid me not, I have seen children feeling extremely left out because they do not have one. It may seem petty to some, but it is the harsh reality. This new generation lives on technology. If a teen falls behind in this, they're left out.

I'd say that parents who trust their children and believe they can use it responsibly then it is a fun app for everyone.

This title contains:

Ease of Play
Adult Written bySyeda H. April 21, 2017

snap chat

the snap chat is best app ever you can take your photos and also add the stories whats going on your life and after 24 hours it will disappear from snap chat but some people can take screen short using their mobiles.
Adult Written byEvan S. April 20, 2017

Junk...Worst company

Mr. CEO... You are shame... I am planning to change my name very soon...
Adult Written bySebastian P. April 20, 2017
Adult Written byAkash Patel April 18, 2017

Worst app ever ..

They haven't download yet and they won't

This title contains:

Sexy stuff
Adult Written byrohith s April 18, 2017
Adult Written byEkta April 17, 2017

Rubbish App

Waste of time
Adult Written byTom P. April 17, 2017
Adult Written byKeen S. April 17, 2017

Grow up Snapchat

Its a waste of time