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Clarifications from the developer

Hi, I'm the developer of this game and I'd like to add a few clarifications to this excellent review. I don't have kids myself, but I strive to make all my games family friendly with my niece and nephews in mind. While it's true that players can enter any valid word in the dictionary, including inappropriate words, an inappropriate word will never be required to complete a game, or displayed as a bingo word or as a hint on a card. I also do my best to block ads that aren't family friendly and have a moderation system in the game so anyone can report players with inappropriate names on the leaderboards in case my lovely team of moderators doesn't catch them first. The game also limits player interactions to positive feedback via high-fiving. We really want to make this a safe space for everyone. Regarding the challenge, the game does start out easy but steadily increases in difficulty until it becomes quite challenging with up to 8-letter words, more than 30 clue cards per game, and tricky combos that require an excellent vocabulary. The biggest bumps in difficulty occur after levels 40, 250, and 500. There is also a daily Coffee Break game that gives players a bonus score for playing as quickly as possible which provides an extra challenge, along with a Coffee Break leaderboard for some healthy competition. There are currently more than 4,500 unique levels (far more than most games in the category which start to repeat after a few hundred levels) and a practically infinite combination of clue cards, as well as a corporate ladder for competitive players to climb. All of these features are designed to keep the game satisfying and mentally stimulating for hundreds or even thousands of levels, and I hope you'll enjoy it anytime you're in the mood for some challenging wordplay.

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