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Only One Violent Scene

Like the Halo series, XCOM Enemy Unknown is over-critiqued by the ESRB because it contained one scene that pushed the envelope. I can assure you that 99% of the game would have without a doubt earned a T for Teen rating. Half of the game will be spent managing a military base. You will be directing research projects for equipment and managing resources. There is no adult content to be found here. The second half will involve you commanding a troop that must fight a group of aliens. You only view these soldiers from a birds eye view and can never control them. When a squad mate or alien is shot, a small amount of blood can be seen (yellow from aliens, red from humans), however there is no gore. Blood is also obscured in the dark environments. Some projectiles such as lazer beams and grenades emit light upon impact, making the blood even harder to see. The ios addition had to downgrade it's visuals from the original console version, so the firefights looks less realistic. You will find blood stains on occasion from previous attacks, but it was never excessive. There is language (read the CS review for words used), but these obscene words were used infrequently. The game even teaches great lessons on death. If one of your squad members dies, he or she will no longer be usable throughout the entire course of the game. You can not restart the mission; your squad mate will be gone forever. This shows the consequences of death and how serious we must be about the well being of others. The only scene that may disturb some was the introduction. It shows the aftermath of an alien attack in a small town. You will find a disfigured corpse on the ground with it's arms removed and eyes gauged out. A few seconds later there is a brief "jump scare" when you discover the remnants of another human body, but this is the last relatively violent scene throughout the game. Each body is only seen for about 10 seconds before the camera turns away. These scenes felt more like an attention grabber to make the game feel tense, but it is not representative of the game play later on. XCOM EU is a well made strategy game with small depictions of violence and mild language.

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Too much violence
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a less grapical xcom both in violence and visual

This title has:

Too much violence
Too much swearing