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Most Popular Beauty Vloggers on YouTube

With more than 400 channels devoted to beauty and fashion, YouTube is essential viewing for any tween or teen eager to learn the secrets of makeup, hair, and personal style.

Take a look at any tween or teen girl's Instagram or Snapchat and you might be surprised by the perfectly polished faces staring back at you. Their cheekbones are contoured, their brows are sleek, and … is that a perfectly executed smoky eye? Welcome to the selfie generation, where mastering the kinds of makeup tricks previously only known to professional makeup artists is essential. And -- digital natives to the core -- they're learning everything (from the perfect school-day look to all-out prom drama) from beauty vloggers on YouTube.

With more than 400 channels, beauty is one of the biggest categories on YouTube. The most popular hosts have over 10 million subscribers (that's a lot!). Many cultivate audiences not only on YouTube but everywhere kids are -- Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. And, if they're lucky, they spin off their YouTube success into other areas including product lines, endorsements, and books. As with any trend your kid gets into -- especially one that's centered on the internet -- there are pros and cons to the beauty-vlogger obsession. (If your kids aren't beauty junkies or you want to steer them toward other good stuff on YouTube, check out these channels that are completely makeup- and fashion-free.)

On the Plus Side

  • Most beauty vloggers are universally positive and wholesome, emphasizing the fun, creativity, and personal expression makeup offers.
  • By showing their "before and after" faces, they reveal the effort it takes to transform (unlike Photoshopped magazine images, which only show the perfect, unattainable-seeming results).
  • Beauty vloggers tend not to swear.
  • They're not only for girls -- plenty of guys watch, too. And boyfriends, dads, and other male YouTubers make frequent appearances.

On the Down Side

Here are some of the most highly-subscribed vloggers on YouTube geared for tweens and teens:

Meredith Foster
Fresh-faced 20-something Meredith Foster brings a youthful energy to her many vlogs. She films whatever strikes her fancy, which includes anything from hair-curling tips, to her morning getting-ready routine, to a trip to get her teeth whitened, to a rap video.
Quick take: She's one of the most "millennial" of the beauty vloggers, willing to take the camera everywhere, post her mistakes, and drinks tons of Starbucks.
Best for: Tweens

Host Eva Gutowski takes a tongue-in-cheek perspective on everything from gender expectations (she's bisexual) to getting ready for a date. Her grab bag of DIY, beauty, and fashion tips are delivered with plenty of good humor.
Quick take: Personality-driven storytelling is a huge part of Eva's routine, so you might be tempted to skip ahead, but if you do, you'll miss the funny stuff.
Best for: Tweens

Cute Girls Hairstyles
Mom of six Mindy McKnight offers brief, step-by-step hair tutorials for a huge range of styles, from ponytail bows to waterfall braids. It doesn't hurt that her twin daughters, Brooklyn and Bailey (who are up-and-coming YouTube vloggers in their own right), have long, luscious locks.
Quick take: Great tips for all kinds of hair, including African-American.
Best for: Tweens and teens

dope 2111
While she vlogs about interesting beauty products and techniques, Nepalese makeup artist Promise Phan has a unique specialty: She teaches viewers how to recreate the looks of celebrities such as Beyoncé and Angelina Jolie and characters such as Tinker Bell and Moana.
Quick take: Those who love Halloween, cosplay, and dress-up will love Promise's original ideas.
Best for: Tweens and teens

With her big old chompers, bright blue eyes, and Texas drawl, Bunny Meyer (aka Grav3yardgirl) brings a zany spirit to her channel. A makeup pro -- she partnered with beauty brand Tarte for a cosmetics collection called Swamp Queen -- she features product demos, technique how-tos, and fashion looks. Though her YouTube name seems goth -- and she does have tattoos -- she's nutty and fun, the farthest thing from dark and brooding.
Quick take: By embracing her imperfections, Bunny encourages self-acceptance.
Best for: Tweens and teens

Nicole Guerriero
Florida makeup artist Nicole Guerriero aims to be the "encyclopedia" of beauty. And with her straightforward talk-through tutorials on everything from highlighting and contouring, drug-store vs. high-end product comparisons, and skin care, she really is a trustworthy resource.
Quick take: If you just want the facts on makeup applications (no funny stuff or extraneous details), Nicole's your girl.
Best for: Tweens and teens

Kathleen Lights
Twenty-something Kathleen Fuentes' thrice-weekly video uploads, which are focused on makeup application, products, and looks (for example, "blue-winged eyeliner and hot pink lips"), have attracted some 3 million subscribers. She's another YouTuber with her own product lines. Known for getting tongue-tied, Fuentes' foibles just make her seem more genuine and trustworthy.
Quick take: She specializes in comparing drugstore products to high-end ones, which is helpful for kids who are using their allowances.
Best for: Tweens and teens

Bethany Mota
Bethany is another YouTuber who started as a teenager and rocketed to cross-over success. In addition to her videos on beauty, fashion, DIY, and more, she's appeared on TV, released original songs, and partnered on product lines with major retailers.
Quick take: Bethany uses her platform to spread positive messages, such as self-acceptance, hard work, and anti-bullying.
Best for: Tweens and teens

Michelle Phan
More than other beauty vloggers, this YouTube veteran focuses pretty exclusively on makeup, skin care, and creating unique looks, such as manga characters, with makeup. Her calm, highly polished videos and Zen-like attitude have earned her a huge following of viewers who want to know makeup artists' secrets.
Quick take: Michelle appeals to those who believe beauty isn't only skin-deep.
Best for: Tweens and teens

Pennsylvania college student Rachel Levin began her vlogging career at 15 and has built a huge following with her high school-focused beauty advice, original DIY ideas, and penchant for dressing up her friends in Disney Princess gowns. While beauty tips got her where she is today, she's branched out into "challenges" and funny skits.
Quick take: If you don't take beauty too seriously, Rachel's goofy tips on things like DIY lollipop lipstick and rainbow slime peel-off facial masks are for you.
Best for: Tweens and teens

Tanya Burr
Aspiring British actress Tanya Burr has parlayed her model looks, frank personality, and makeup expertise into a successful must-stop destination for beauty devotees. She includes fashion and lifestyle tips in her weekly beauty vlogs. She also has her own cosmetics line and has authored two books.
Quick take: Tanya's involvement in the world of high fashion lends her vlog a posh veneer.
Best for: Teens

Carli Bybel
With her motivational messages, long flowing hair, and perfectly applied makeup, New Jersey makeup artist Carli Bybel presents an image of luxurious cool. Her videos tend to be chatty, but she shares lots of insider tips on subjects such as makeup mistakes to avoid and how to shave your face (yes, really).
Quick take: Very thorough tutorials for girls looking to master professional techniques.
Best for: Teens

The girlfriend of infamous gamer PewDiePie, Italian beauty Marzia Bisognin has amassed a huge following of viewers she calls "Marzipans." Another cross-over success, "CutiePieMarzia" (as she's known to fans) is also a clothing designer, a voice-over artist, and an author. Her beauty aesthetic tends toward the romantic, with "wine lips," "soft rose-gold makeup," and "cozy autumn" looks.
Quick take: Marzia is a true Renaissance woman. Beauty is only one facet of her charmed life that celebrates food, books, and love.
Best for: Teens

Nikkie Tutorials
Dutch makeup artist Nikkie de Jager transforms herself on camera in twice-weekly vlogs. She focuses mainly on teaching pro techniques, offering inside tips on "dark and vampy" looks, contouring, and lipstick application.
Quick take: Nikkie is a role model to girls who don't fit conventional beauty standards -- but her looks tend toward glam.
Best for: Teens

British host Zoe Sugg started vlogging as a teenager and now, at age 27, is the head of her own empire. With elfin features, lush hair, and a self-mocking style, Zoella has her own beauty line, branded products, and two novels. Her weekly how-tos on makeup, hair, fashion, and other fun stuff remain the gold standard for beauty vlogs.
Quick take: A very upbeat channel with lots of products, many of which were created by the host, so her recommendations can't always be objective.
Best for: Teens

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