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YouTube Content That Supports Tweens' and Teens' Mental Health and Wellness

These videos from thoughtful, insightful creators offer empathy, information, and insight.

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Tweens and teens need empathy and support as they navigate the complicated emotions of growing up and learning to prioritize their mental health and wellness. When you're struggling with something like anxiety, depression, or intense feelings, it can help to know that someone else has been through it, too. This curated selection of playlists and videos features creators who know how to talk to kids about these sometimes tricky topics. If possible, we recommend that parents and caregivers watch alongside their tweens and teens to gauge their readiness and prepare for conversations afterward.

These creator channels, playlists, and videos—available in the separate YouTube Supervised Experience—were reviewed by Common Sense Media's affiliated partner Sensical and chosen for their ability to offer helpful, insightful advice about mental health and wellness for tweens and teens.



Child Mind Institute

Mental Health Skills | Child Mind Institute (age 11+)

The Child Mind Institute's playlists feature real middle and high school students talking candidly about their experiences with anxiety, overthinking, and intense feelings. With good reminders about where to turn for help and a healthy amount of humor, these relatable videos serve up a balanced perspective for tweens and teens.


Practice Tips with Tamara Levitt | Calm (age 15+)

Tamara Levitt, the head of meditation at Calm, answers frequently asked questions about meditation, busting some myths in the process. (Did you know that even edgy punk rockers meditate?) One look at these informative and relaxing videos is likely to inspire viewers to try out some of these meditation tips themselves.


"Mental Health: What It Is and Why It Matters" | CBC Kids News (age 11+)

CBC Kids News contributor Ainara Alleyne gives viewers a crash course in all things mental health. From defining the terms and conditions to explaining the stigma around mental health and ways to combat it, viewers will learn more about the role that mental health plays in individuals' lives and communities.

anna frued

"We All Have Mental Health" | Anna Freud (age 11+)

There's a lot of talk about the term "mental health," but what does it mean, anyway? This video breaks it down through Sasha and André's stories using easy-to-understand language, relatable scenarios and fun animation– with an aim to remind viewers that their mental health is just as important as their physical health.

life noggin

"How Can You Start Feeling Less Sad?" | Life Noggin (age 13+)

Join Life Noggin's Blocko and licensed therapist Kati Morton in this animated video as they discuss tools and facts to better understand and overcome feelings of sadness. Viewers will walk away with tips ranging from self care to framing achievable goals with positive thinking.

self care

"How to Self-Care: The Ultimate Checklist" | How to ADHD (age 13+)

The ultimate self-care checklist? Count us in! This video shares simple tips and strategies to deal with everyday challenges and reminds viewers to make an effort to say something nice to someone. Jessica's reenactments and checklist are sure to come in handy.


"How We Cope with Anxiety & Stress" | MTV Access (age 13+)

MTV Access reminds viewers that stress and anxiety affect everyone. This video features some of YouTube's biggest personalities talking openly about their mental health challenges, from fear of failure to overthinking and even halitophobia (the fear of having bad breath). Hearing their relatable stories may help viewers normalize these kinds of thoughts—and learn celebs' coping strategies.

negative thinking

"How Your Brain Tricks You into Negative Thinking" | Above the Noise (age 13+)

Negative thinking is—yes—the worst. Myles Bess and clinical psychologist Ruth Smith cover five of the most common cognitive distortions (aka "thinking traps") that lead to spirals of overthinking and stressful negative thoughts. Teens are likely to relate to these familiar scenarios and will hopefully walk away with strategies to combat these kinds of thoughts and get their mind back on track.


"How to Overcome Fear of Failure by Identifying Emotional Needs" | Headspace (age 15+)

Everyone worries about failing sometimes, but what if fear starts to take over? In this video from Headspace, meditation teacher Sam offers insights into worries about failure, along with tips to manage them. These reminders will help anyone who's dealt with this challenge to make sense of their emotions and apply simple tools to navigate them.

my life is worth living

Vince's Story | My Life Is Worth Living (age 15+)

Teens today face more mental health challenges than ever before, and this video focuses on exactly that message through an animated story of a teen character who experiences and overcomes serious challenges. Viewers will gain insight into Vince's journey with body image, as well as the power of community when it comes to coping with strong feelings. We recommend that parents and caregivers preview this and other powerful stories to determine whether they're OK for their teens.

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