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YouTube Kids Channels for Animal Lovers

Great picks for future vets, paleontologists, entomologists, and more.

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Whether your kid's already a walking encyclopedia on dinosaurs or just loves adorable furry friends, YouTube Kids is a great place to binge animal videos. And while they're watching, they'll be learning about everything from animal behavior, habitat and nutrition to what can get critters sick.

These creator channels, available in the separate YouTube Kids app, were reviewed by Common Sense Media's affiliated partner Sensical and chosen for their expertise in creating fun, well-made videos that capture the wide (and wild!) world of animals for kids age 2 to 10.

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Dr. Poppy's Pet Rescue (age 2 – 4)

Kids who dream of being veterinarians will love Dr. Poppy's Pet Rescue. In each episode, Dr. Poppy meets and diagnoses three different animals. She introduces some facts about the animal, including habitats, food, and common illnesses. Then she incorporates counting, songs, or colors to treat the animal.

Leo the Wildlife Ranger (age 2 – 4)

Calling all kids! Be junior rangers and join Leo for adventures that explore the animal kingdom. In each video, kids learn about animals, animal behavior, habitats, and nutrition. Leo groups animals together in interesting ways, even highlighting similarities like fur or playfulness. If you love thinking about animals, then Leo has the perfect adventure for you.

Dino Kids (age 5 –7)

Do you ever wish you could see a real dinosaur? Whether you're fascinated by fossils, super into Sauropods, or can't get enough of carnivores, Dino Kids is the channel for you. Kids can learn about their favorite dinosaurs and prehistoric reptiles with Dino Dana, Dino Dan, and Trek as they take on new adventures, new challenges, and new species.

Dodo Kids (age 5 –7)

Looking for an inspiring animal story? Dodo Kids has you covered…in fur and feathers, that is! From tales of rescues and unlikely friends to stories about adoptions and talented pets, these feel-good videos will warm your heart, make you laugh, and even teach you a positive lesson or two.

Insectibles (age 5 – 7)

This animated series centers around Zak and his grandfather, who've been shrunken down so they can team up with cyber-enhanced insects to solve everyday insect mysteries. It's a fantastical look at the world of insects and is sure to intrigue future entomologists.

Topi the Corgi (age 5 –7)

Topi is a corgi pup who stars in hilariously adorable videos about his daily life. Kids who love dogs will enjoy his trips to the beach, his birthday, his sweet playdates, and even his naps.

Wild Kratts (age 5 – 7)

Ever wonder how it would feel to run as fast as a cheetah or walk up walls like a gecko? Find out with the Wild Kratts as they activate their "creature powers" and transform into amazing animals. From the falcon who uses gravity to fly super fast, to the frog that uses chemistry to defend itself, each episode features an adventurous and hilarious story that unpacks the science behind an animal's abilities.

ZooMoo (age 5 –7)

This creative series uses a combo of animation and live-action to teach kids all about exotic animals. In each episode of ZooMooPedia, the ZooMers go into the wild to get up close with nature. Both entertaining and educational, the videos let kids learn amazing facts while watching animals in their natural habitat.

Nat Geo Kids (age 5 –10)

Welcome to National Geographic Kids, a place for curious kids to explore their world. Get ready for animal facts that will make you say "no way!", science experiments that will make you go "whoa", and how-things-work demos that will leave you speechless. Nat Geo Kids captures a wonderfully wacky world of exploration, inspiration, and learning.

BBC Earth Kids (age 8 –10)

Meet newborn endangered species in First Chance to See. Learn about real animals from video game creatures in Pixel Zoo. Tinker and experiment in The Test Lab. Put your drawing skills to work with Earth Sketch Pad. And those are just a few of the many topics waiting to be explored on BBC Earth Kids.

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These titles were reviewed by Common Sense Media's affiliated partner Sensical, a free service from the for-profit Common Sense Networks.

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