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YouTube Kids Channels for Kids Who Love Stories

Keep the pages turning with these engaging channels that help foster endless imagination.

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Sensical Select read-alongs

Reading is its own kind of magic, and a good story can make characters and settings come to life. But beyond inspiring kids to get lost in a book, reading can also teach them everything from facts to vocabulary words, and help them see and appreciate others' perspectives. Through imaginative programming, the creators of these channels have started their own virtual book clubs with read-alongs, read-alouds, and much more. Take a seat—story time starts here!

These creator channels, available in the separate YouTube Kids app, were reviewed by Common Sense Media's affiliated partner Sensical and were chosen for their ability to engage kids in reading year-round while supporting consistent language development through positive role model characters.

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Moshi Kids

Moshi Kids (age 2–4)

Even the greatest adventurers need time to rest, and Moshi Kids is here to show viewers the benefits of winding down, often with a good story. From musical meditations to lullabies and bedtime tales, Moshi Kids provides a variety of ways for kids to take a breather.

Ms. Rachel

Ms. Rachel (age 2–4)

Get a head start on early learning with Ms. Rachel. Using devices like nursery rhymes, phonics lessons, and bedtime stories, Ms. Rachel and friends are on a fun-filled mission to support kids' language development. Her positive attitude, comforting voice, and interactive prompts are sure to keep viewers entertained while learning.

Bri Reads

Bri Reads (age 2–7)

Ever read a book so good it inspires you to do something? Bri Reads encourages exactly that! Each colorful and thoughtful story Bri reads is followed by a related activity. Viewers will learn literacy, positive values, problem-solving skills, and more.

Brightly Storytime

Brightly Storytime (age 2–7)

Brightly Storytime believes that everyone's story should be told, so read-alongs in this series feature diverse hosts and topics. Boost literacy skills while viewing beautiful illustrations and listening to calming narration from a new host in every video.

Storytime at Awnie's House

StoryTime at Awnie's House (age 2–7)

There's no time like StoryTime at Awnie's House! Join Awnie as she reads beloved children's stories, sharing the joy of reading aloud. With her infectious enthusiasm, Awnie creates a cozy corner where positive lessons can be learned, adventures can be had, and stories can come to life.


Vooks (age 2–7)

You've heard of books, but these are vooks! This series uses a combination of animated illustrations and read-along text to deliver an educational and entertaining experience. Each Vook is different from the last, which means endless discovery and learning. Take a "vook" for yourself!

Kidtime storytime

KidTimeStoryTime (age 5–7)

From epic adventures to cozy bedtime stories, KidTimeStoryTime invites kids into an amazing world of words. A whole lot of love, puppets, and personality help bring each exciting book to life. This series makes reading aloud a joyous experience.


Ms. Booksy | Cool School (age 5–7)

This isn't any ordinary read-along, it's an animated adventure. Ms. Booksy from Cool School invites kids on action-packed quests where they'll dive straight into their favorite stories, learning life lessons and important social skills along the way. With Ms. Booksy, you're not just reading the story—you're part of it!

buddy son storytime

Buddy Son Storytime (age 2–10)

Buddy Son Storytime brings both new and cherished tales to life. Families will be immersed in the magic of storytelling as they journey through captivating settings, meet fascinating characters, and learn heartwarming lessons. Each read-aloud uses music, sound effects, and visuals to help ignite imaginations and nurture a love of reading.

storyline online

StorylineOnline (age 5–10)

What do you get when you match your kids' favorite stories with your family's favorite celebrities? The endlessly entertaining StorylineOnline! Each video features a famous host using their acting chops to narrate a beloved tale. With writing that promotes friendly interactions and social and emotional learning, these short stories will have an impact on kids and their families.

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These titles were reviewed by Common Sense Media's affiliated partner Sensical, a free service from the for-profit Common Sense Networks.

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