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Are there any digital-literacy tools I can bring to my kid's school?

Just by posing the question, you yourself can be a powerful voice for digital literacy in your school community. The idea goes way beyond basic computer skills. It's about using online tools responsibly and respectfully; choosing age-appropriate, quality products; and viewing media critically.

The growth in kids' mobile-device use, increased screen time, and income gaps in access to quality media underscore the importance of school communities promoting digital literacy and raising good digital citizens.

There are a few ways to go about spreading awareness of digital literacy at your school. You can use Common Sense's turnkey program for parents to host family-engagement sessions, share advice videos, distribute family media tip sheets, and more. You also can ask your school to sign up for Common Sense's Digital Citizenship K–12 curriculum, which includes lessons on a wide range of issues, from cyberbullying to copyright law.