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Should I upgrade my kid's iPod Touch, even though it works fine?

High-end gadgets have become status symbols among kids. But even if they feel like every other kid has the latest and greatest, it's simply not true. Plenty of kids get by on older technology.

Peer pressure can be stressful, though, and, although it may seem silly to you, it's real to kids. They need help learning how to delay immediate gratification, resist peer pressure, and even understand the value of new devices.

Consider creating a timeline or identifying a single significant goal to achieve before your kids can upgrade. You also can pass along your old device when you upgrade (it'll be new to them) or simply set up a strategy for them to save money for what they want. They may give you a hard time, but they'll appreciate the device a lot more if they work for it or have to wait for it! And if it's something that's not in the budget, you always have the right to say no.

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Kid, 11 years old

Do you feel like they are responsible? Like they deserve it? If yes,then go for it. Start small,like an iPhone SE,5,or 6. If you say no to those questions,wait a little bit before giving in to the temptation and keep checking if it’s the right time to give your child an iPhone.
Kid, 11 years old

This very strongly depends. Imagine apple makes the iPhone XX, for 2000$. If you have a device from over 10 years ago, it's best to upgrade. But there is no need to get an iPhone XX, you could get just get a regular iPhone X, or maybe even something cheaper like the iPhone 7 Plus. If you have the money, buy something good. If you don't, buy something good enough.
Kid, 11 years old

It’s up to you. If it’s really old and missing a few features, maybe upgrade it. But if it’s two or so generations old, there’s no point.
Teen, 16 years old written by NobieFit

It really depends since older devices don't feel nearly as premium as the newer devices. Not like you have to get them a new device each generation, but maybe upgrade as a little treat or something I guess. For example, I upgraded from my Galaxy S2 (2012) to an iPhone 5s (released in 2013 and I got it 2014). After my 5s broke due to negligence, upgraded to a Galaxy S7 Edge, which I'll probably stay with for a few more years until it either breaks or doesn't support future software updates. If the child for example, has an iPod Touch in 2017 and doesn't have a phone, you should probably get them a late 2014-recent iPhone, but for android phones however, you'll probably want to get an early 2015-recent phone.