Best for Learning: Our Recommendations for Families

Discover the best in learning apps, games, and websites for your kids. "Best of" lists offer handpicked, carefully reviewed titles grouped by category. Topics range from skills essential to life and work in the 21st century, to traditional academic subjects, to recommendations for particular settings or types of kids. And these titles are FUN! After all, excited, engaged kids are primed for learning.
JumpStart 3D Virtual World Game Poster Image
These digital tools are great for homework help.
Alien Assignment App Poster Image
Work through tricky problems with these digital tools.
The Very Hungry Caterpillar & Friends - First Words App Poster Image
Brush up on your smarty-pants words with these apps.
Solar Family Planets Stars Games Solar System Kids App Poster Image
Out-of-this-world astronomy apps.
Count TV App Poster Image
Cute counting fun for little learners.
Build With Grandpa App Poster Image
Hands-on hits for crafty kids.
Eli Explorer App Poster Image
Great digital tools for kids just starting to speak.
Arty Mouse Numbers App Poster Image
Digital math marvels for active young minds.
Puzzle Shapes: Toddler's App App Poster Image
Shape up geometry knowledge with these show-stoppers.
JumpStart 3D Virtual World Game Poster Image
Immerse kids in history, and the lessons follow.
Tico Timer - your fun timer for children! App Poster Image
Make getting out the door a pain no more with these helpful apps.
Go for Dash & Dot Robots App Poster Image
Control your Wonder Workshop robots with these fun apps.
Khan Academy Website Poster Image
Apps, games, and sites for number crunchers and science whizzes.
Easy Spelling Aid + Translator & Dyslexia Support App Poster Image
Interactive references at your fingertips.
Eli Explorer App Poster Image
Exploring other languages in an app = bueno!
MamaLingua Lite App Poster Image
These terrific tools can make kids fluent in no time.
iStopMotion for iPad App Poster Image
Aaand, ACTION! Kids can become movie creators with these great tools.
Notability App Poster Image
Great digital tools to keep kids and teens on track.
Sago Mini Hat Maker App Poster Image
Channel creative energy with these artistic apps.
StoryBuilder App Poster Image
Brainstorming becomes fun and freeing with these fabulous sites and apps.