10 Awesome YouTube Channels for Boys (With No Violence, Explosions, or Macho Posturing)

Rethink entertainment for boys with mild Minecraft tips, scientific exploration, male bonding, and random fun on YouTube. By Caroline Knorr
10 Awesome YouTube Channels for Boys (With No Violence, Explosions, or Macho Posturing)

From the looks of most boy-targeted media, you'd think young men are only about violence, explosions, and hiding their feelings. While plenty of websites serve up the same old tired ideas, your boys can find better content – and many do -- on YouTube. Until YouTube's app for kids catches on, the original video-sharing channel known for the outrageous, crazy, and who-knows-what is also a great place to find educational, enriching, and just plain fun videos that turn the stereotype of male entertainment on its ear.

What makes great viewing for boys? Shows with male role models who demonstrate respectful relationships to men and women, game tutorials that emphasize creativity and exploration over violence, and scientific discovery that says it's OK to not always have the right answer.

Of course, boys don't have to stick to "boy" videos (in fact, they might like some of the channels we found for girls). But if you're looking to expand your son's horizons and offer entertainment that goes beyond the status quo, here are 10 great picks. (Preview or watch videos along with your kid while you're familiarizing yourself with a channel.)

​Stampy. Narrated by a British cartoon cat, this Minecraft channel demonstrates the kinder, gentler side of the popular game with a host of colorful characters, playful worlds, and easy-to-follow tutorials. Best for: younger kids.


Jeremy Shafer Origami. How-tos on a huge variety of cool origami projects – from vampire mouths to boomerangs to ninja stars -- will appeal to anyone who loves to fold paper and watch it fly. Best for: younger kids.


Coma Niddy. From poop to pollution, no topic is off-limits for Coma Niddy (aka Mike Wilson), whose science raps, jokes, skits, and more teach kids about the world in way they'll remember. Best for: older kids and tweens.


​Flippycat. These epic domino set-ups featuring elaborate designs are cool to watch but also demonstrate the importance of grit and determination. There are several "fail" videos showing how much work it takes to get the domino set ups just right. Best for: all ages.

​Vsauce. Is cereal soup? How do guns behave in space? Why do we kiss? The answer to these and other scientific, philosophical, and technological inquiries can be found on this eclectic educational channel hosted by Internet personality Michael Stevens. Best for: all ages.

Live Fast Die Poor. Hosted by a former rock band from Southern California, this channel celebrates the weird, random, and extraordinary ordinariness of the world around us (mostly in Southern California) and the idea that hard work, grit, and determination pay off in the end. Best for: all ages.

Good Mythical Morning. With their friendly banter, silly skits, and amusing challenges, the two male hosts of this show (Rhett and Link) entertain without being edgy. Best for: older kids and tweens.


​Vlogbrothers. With their motto, "Raising nerdy to the power of awesome," author John Green and his brother Hank offer thoughts, analysis, and lessons on a wide variety of topics that boys would enjoy, such as fart facts and how to make a girl like you. Best for: tweens and teens.

Dude Perfect. This wholesome group of five friends promotes the concept of goal-setting and achieving your life dreams. Through skits and athletic scenarios, they exude a contagious positive outlook and help redefine what it means to be a man. Best for: tweens and teens.

​NigaHiga. Host Ryan Higa injects humor, insight, and thought-provoking ideas into his song parodies, creative skits, and social commentary. Best for: tweens and teens.


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Comments (13)

Kid, 12 years old

Channels like VSauce contain content that certain children wouldn't want to watch so look out for that. Vlogbrothers isn't that great either since they talk about adult content but they don't explicitly say those terms. Good Mythical Morning was originally good for children as it was a family oriented show but now it has become slightly mature.
Kid, 12 years old

I'm a girl and i used to love most of these channels when i was little :)
Kid, 11 years old

top 8 best channels for older boys Pyrocynical Filthy Frank IdubbzTV H3H3Productions Vsauce Nerdsync ImAllexx Memeulous
Teen, 13 years old written by LionessLily

While this list does include many Youtube channels I'm a fan of and seems like a good list overall, I must say that I'm VERY disappointed that you felt the need to add "for boys" in the title, especially since you included "nerdy," science-related channels like vSauce. It seems like you are implying that realms of the youtube world such as science, gaming, and nerd humour are for boys only. Implications like that, however small, simply reinforce gender roles that are so prominent in society today and always have been. As a girl and science/philosophy/tech enthusiast (and Minecraft player, and GMM fan, and...), I always cringe when I see parents and writers adhering to gender roles so blatantly, especially when regarding science and knowledge. If you want to advise parents the best you can, I recommend standing away from using gender labels like "for girls." Perhaps instead you could try "for science lovers," "for gamers," etc.? How ironic that you've written an article on stereotypes, yet here we are.
Kid, 12 years old

A lot of these channels either unintentionally or intentionally fit the Male demographic as they are run by men. It also gives the boys inspiration or a role model when they see other men doing this type of thing which both boys and girls need. I don't want to get into an argument about gender roles or anything here but I am trying to say girls and boys need role models of their same gender to grow up properly.
Kid, 12 years old

Calm down. She isn't saying that girls aren't nerdy or interested in science. And if you look at the list for girls, she also included channels that are pandering to the nerdy and scientific demographic, so she isn't stereotyping.
Parent of a 10 and 11 year old written by maddox121

Classic stampy all G content error: HIS EARLY VIDEOS ARE PG-13 then became PG (18-35) and G (36-on)
Teen, 17 years old written by Mine_Craft_Bro

So,I still like stampylonghead but I am a minecraft guy and 3 other channels they shoud have put are welsknight,popularmmos and gamingwithjen.
Adult written by amandaa2

My 10 year old daughter is just as likely (if not more) to check these YouTube channels as the "girl" ones from the other list you published. Why not just publish one list instead of making her feel less girl-like!? To quote Rosanne: These are a girl’s things, Darlene, as long as a girl uses them.


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