10 Inspiring Movies for Latino Families

Looking for movies with positive messages and conversation starters? Check out our suggestions. By Maria O Alvarez
10 Inspiring Movies for Latino Families

Movies or documentaries with topics that remind us of our traditions and culture are an easy way to entertain our families and spend some time together. They also create an opportunity to talk and share memories. After the movie, ask your kids what they thought.

Try these conversation starters:

  • Characters. Do you find the characters real and relatable? Do you think they're based on stereotypes, or do they really show our community?
  • Actors and their performances. Did you like how the actors performed? Do you think they transmitted what their characters really wanted to say?
  • Story. What did you think about the plot and how it relates to real life? Do you know about real stories like this in our community?
  • Messages. Did you pick up on any positive or negative messages in the movie? What would you change or add to these messages? How did you feel while watching the movie?

Here are ten movies and one documentary for everyone in the family.

The Book of Life. A fantastical animated story about the culture and traditions of Day of the Dead.

The Latino List. Top-notch documentary features strong Latino role models.

Like Water for Chocolate. A classic of Latin American literature tells a passionate love story inspired by Mexican cuisine.

McFarland USA. Poignant story about Latino runners a winner for families.

My Family. Epic, dramatic tale of a Mexican-American family.

Quinceanera. Award-winning drama about growing up amid cultural changes.

Real Women Have Curves. Smart coming-of-age drama addresses body image.

Selena. Touching and ultimately tragic tale of young Tejano star.

Stand and Deliver. Math teacher inspires in powerful fact-based drama.

Underwater Dreams. Inspiring story about an underdog high school robotics team.

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