10 Most Violent Video Games of 2014 (and What to Play Instead)

We highlight some of the most violent titles of the past year and provide alternatives the whole family can enjoy. By Jeff Haynes
10 Most Violent Video Games of 2014 (and What to Play Instead)

Hundreds, if not thousands, of video games are published every year across a variety of platforms, from handheld and mobile to console and computer. Most of these are perfectly fine for almost everyone in the family to play, but let's face it: It's the mature games, the ones with lots of adult content -- especially violence -- that get the most attention. These games are OK for adults to play, and frequently, you'll find that these titles get the large ad campaigns that run on TV and on websites, the most critical acclaim, and a majority of the press, both good and bad. It's no wonder that teens and pre-teens want to play these titles the most. So what should parents do, especially if they don't know anything about the games?

We've identified 10 of the most violent games from the past year. This isn't an exhaustive list; rather, these are the standouts from our reviewers (who spend hundreds of hours playing and writing about the latest games on the market). Many of these titles are excellent, with star ratings of 4 and 5, with superior technical, visual, and plot design. However, all are games that should be kept solely for mature gamers.

Each violent title is listed with alternatives from the same genre, so you have solid, less violent options for your kids. If you want absolutely no violence, check out our list of nonviolent video games as well as our list of Engaging Alternatives to Ultraviolent Games. Also, make sure you read our reviews on the newest games. For more recommendations, check out the 10 Most Violent Video Games of 2016 (and What to Play Instead).

The 10 Most Violent Games of the Year and What to Play Instead

Alien: Isolation. Capturing the hopelessness and tension of the first Alien movie, Alien: Isolation overflows with violence. As Amanda Ripley, you use a variety of weapons from pistols to flamethrowers in the quest to find Ripley's mother. You explore your space station, coming across gore, blood, and violent non-interactive death sequences as the creature impales, bites, and disposes of you. There's also strong profanity and unexpected shocks that are terrifying even for adults. Still, mature horror and sci-fi fans will love to explore the darkened corridors of Alien: Isolation, which feels like a long-lost chapter in the well-known movie franchise.

Alternate sci-fi games: Gemini Rue, 12+; Destiny, 15+

Blue Estate. Blue Estate is one of the most controversial titles on our list, and that's not due only to violence. This downloadable action shooter, based on a graphic novel, is loaded with sexual references, nudity, drug use, and racial commentary designed solely for shock value. Blood and gore frequently splatter across the screen (you get bonus points if you shoot limbs or genitals). This is one of the worst titles currently available for download (we gave it one star), and most gamers should stay away.

Alternate action games: Skylanders: Swap Force, 8+; Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, 13+; Mirror's Edge, 14+

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. In the sequel to Lords of Shadow, players take on the role of Dracula and fight against the Devil's minions. You use everything from swords and chain whips to your fangs to destroy humans and their demonic allies. The violence is gratuitous and sensational; limbs are sliced off, enemies are impaled, and demons eat human flesh and cut faces off bodies.There's also a moderate amount of profanity and some nudity. This is definitely a game for the mature player, especially the adult Castlevania fan.

Alternate action/adventure games: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, 10+; Lego The Hobbit, 10+; Hyrule Warriors, 13+

Dark Souls II. Although Dark Souls II isn't as violent or gory as the first title in the series, this notoriously skill-taxing adventure game still features extremely dark and violent material. Players cut a bloody and violent path through thousands of monsters, and the undead hero must devour the souls of his fallen opponents. Along with some dark and possibly disturbing imagery, such as a character composed of hundreds of human corpses, there's some partial nudity and a moderate amount of profanity. However, teens and adults who enjoy fantasy combat, spooky environments, and a challenge will love this game.

Alternate adventure games: Portal 2, 10+; Another World, 12+; Prince of Persia, 12+

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls. The first expansion pack of Diablo III lets players face off against not only the demonic hordes the franchise is known for but eventually the Angel of Death. Although the top-down perspective limits the impact of in-game violence, enemies explode into pieces when defeated, blood splatters the ground, and screams or groans of pain are often heard. Players also will walk through environments littered with corpses. The constant battle and gore make this game unsuitable for kids, but mature action RPG fans will appreciate the challenges.

Alternate action RPGs: Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, 10+; The World Ends With You, 12+; Torchlight, 13+

Grand Theft Auto V. Few games seem to inspire as much controversy or acclaim as Grand Theft Auto, and Grand Theft Auto V is no exception. Players take on the role of three criminals, each with his own personal issues, and violence is a mainstay of in-game missions. With a wide array of weaponry, players kill hundreds of characters, including civilians, police officers, and gang members. Profanity is strong and frequent, and sexual content is graphic and very mature, with some women depicted as strippers or prostitutes. Drinking and drug use is prolific as well. Although many kids may want to play GTA, the game is designed for an adult audience that can compartmentalize this open-world crime drama.

Alternate open-world games: Lego Marvel Super Heroes, 10+; Batman: Arkham City, 15+

The Last of Us: Left Behind. An expansion to the critically acclaimed The Last of Us, Left Behind is a poignant, emotional, and violent prequel to the original title. It tells the story of Ellie, one of the game's main characters, and her best friend, Riley, as they explore an abandoned mall in a postapocalyptic setting. Violence is rampant as players attempt to fend off plague-infected humans and other creatures, and blood flows frequently from wounds during graphic fight sequences. Death sequences for the player also can be disturbing, with enemies biting Ellie as she screams for help. The title packs a large amount of profanity and a mild amount of drinking. However, Left Behind also features one of the strongest stories of the year, with an emotional punch that will leave you floored and deeply attached to its characters. Mature gamers will enjoy this downloadable title.

Alternate expansions: Sid Meier's Civilization V: Brave New World, 11+; StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, 14+; The Sims 3: Supernatural, 15+  

The Walking Dead Season 2. This episodic adventure game may look like an animated comic version of the graphic novel, but it's most certainly not for kids. Players frequently find themselves in dangerous or violent situations with dozens of zombies. Aside from the gruesome ways in which zombies are dispatched, a number of human characters are killed (either by fellow humans or the undead), and blood pours from their wounds, especially when zombies bite them. There's a lot of profanity and a large number of moral dilemmas posed to the player at key moments. Although the second season stars a child, it's for mature players only who will appreciate the pacing and the moral choices.

Alternate episodic games: Back to the Future: The Game, 11+; Sam & Max: Season 1, 12+; Tales of Monkey Island, 12+

Wasteland 2. Wasteland 2 is a stark, unflinching look into a postapocalyptic world where virtually anything goes. Although the top-down view of this role-playing game keeps the violence at a distance, characters still die by explosion, decapitation, dismemberment, and other brutal methods, with blood spraying everywhere. It's also a very mature game with profanity, sexual references, and drug dealing -- all of which highlight the brutality of this lawless land. The many moral dilemmas are compelling for mature players who also will enjoy the story and classic turn-based gameplay.

Alternate RPGs: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, 11+; Kingdom Hearts 2, 11+; Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster, 13+

Watch Dogs. Watch Dogs puts players into the vigilante shoes of Aiden Pearce, a hacker seeking revenge against the people who killed members of his family. In this open-world adventure, Aiden uses knives, firearms, and other weapons to kill hundreds of people, some of whom are police officers. He can even use his hacking skills to injure others with exploding steam pipes or destroy cars with strategically placed traffic barriers. The mature content includes drug use, alcohol consumption, and strong profanity, as well as quite a lot of nudity and sexual activity, making this a title that's definitely not for kids. That being said, there's an incredible amount of depth here, from the mini-games and the stealth missions to the multiplayer mode, and mature gamers will appreciate this dark tale on the streets of Chicago.

Alternate third-person action/adventures: The Last Tinker: City of Colors, 8+; Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus, 12+; Infamous, 16+  

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Comments (41)

Adult written by yourlistsucks

I had to make an account just to say this on your stupid website, this list is a mistake those games aren't even violent and does that matter anyway, there is no correlation between violence in real life and violence in video games just do some simple research and you will find this. Some of those alternative games you have listed aren't very good either, Kingdom hearts? really, it is known for being either notoriously hated for Nintendo milking it dry and having one of the most toxic fanbases every yet not having much good gameplay, and you put it on here as an alternative to Wasteland 2? really? The walking dead season 2 isn't violent why did you put it there and I don't think back to the future is a good alternative. Also as an alternative to dark souls II, a not very violent game you put portal 2? what the hell? portal 2 is a lot more violent than dark souls. A lot of these games like GTA V offer a very good experience and so do a lot of other games that have violence in them, offer in-depth stories like none other and a unique unforgettable experience that you shouldn't write off because they're violent. You shouldn't censor violence for children or else when they see it for the first time when they're older they'll be scared because you have been protecting them so much that you harm them in the process. So please next time you make a list, please use your brain.
Teen, 13 years old written by KempoDude101

I’m sorry but this is just rediculous. Some of these substitutes are just absolutely rediculous and if you are making a top 10 most violent games, why isn’t mortal combat in here, I mean my parents would probably want to know that mortal combat is insanely violent with executions such as ripping people’s heart out and cutting there head in half
Parent written by Teresa P.

My 13 year old son wants to play Rust which in my view is unsuitable, has nudity and involves adult concepts. What is the mage rating for this game?
Teen, 13 years old written by horrorfan123

no rust is not a good game and it is weird if he wants a game like rust where its caveman style survival get him farcry primal
Teen, 15 years old written by biovox14

Well, Rust is very similar to Minecraft, and though you start out naked, its all blockish, so there's not any actual nudity. No genitals or anything. The ESRB rating for this game is T for Teen, and its rated for violence and some blood.
Adult written by MatchMaker

I think very little thought and consideration has gone into these games!!! Why in the world is Alien : Isolation in the Top 10 Most Violent Games of 2014? Have you played Mortal Kombat!? And you can't always rely on the ESRB or PEGI ratings. They don't always go the right direction because they only listen to a Rockstar / Sony / Activision etc employee telling them about the plot. They don't exactly play it. So you can't do this Top 10 unless you've actually played these games. I mean, Lego MARVEL Super Heroes for GTA V!!! This is crazy!!!
Teen, 16 years old written by TheGAP

It is apparent you people have very little knowledge of video games. This looks like nothing more than "Oh, that game has a lower ESRB rating than the one I'm currently talking about, it'll do." No. Skylanders is can not be a substitute for a shooter. Skylanders CAN however be a substitute for Diablo 3, which I see you have failed to mention. I am very irked that you have put TWO city simulation games and a TURN BASED STRATEGY game as substitutes for The Last of Us. How even did you go from The Last of Us, A story driven survival-horror game to The Sims: 3. Very little thought and research has been put into this article. Shame on you. Shame. On. You.
Teen, 13 years old written by Firefox64

Okay, CSM. I agree with your list on the most violent video games, but the alternatives you picked for them I disagree with. I mean... Let's say there is a 10 year-old kid who wants to play GTA, and his parents won't let him, and then they see this list and think "Hm... Let's get him Lego Superheroes!" And when they give him the game on his birthday, the kid feels really disappointed. Plus, the parents just wasted 60 dollars on a cruddy game that their child could hardly even look at! Parents, don't waste your money on these 'alternatives' that your kid(s) will never play! CSM, pick your 'alternatives' more carefully!
Adult written by nickk1

What to play instead? Plenty of the games on this list deserve to be played much more than your crappy "alternatives".
Adult written by ToWhomitMayConcern

I truly am just outright confused in how to respond to this post. On the one hand, this person makes some excellent points. Games like Alien Isolation would literally terrify person, let alone a young child. Games like Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2 (where the motto is, Prepare to Die) would be so frustrating for a 13 year old, that they would quickly grow bored. And games like Castlevania and Blue Estate are simply so horrible (as in poorly made) that substitutes such as Windwaker are a fantastic choice. Some substitutions, like Windwaker, make sense, and are far superior games. That being said some substitutions are downright deceitful. Monkey Island??? A solid game from the 90's??? Back to the Future: The Game??? Ratchet and Clank into the Nexus??? A word of warning to parents, make sure to always check the game's reviews before purchase. Regardless of how "moral" a game is, if its reviews are poor, your child will get bored. If you are planning to use this list, check the game reviews elsewhere first, if below a 6/10, just don't buy it.
Adult written by nurGz

Clearly you have never touched a game from Telltale. Monkey Island is a prolific and beloved series, Back To The Future: The Game was also very well received. Both of these games have an average of 4.5 out 5 on Steam. I am assuming you are, in reality, a child commenting as an adult, as this is the only explanation for your ignorance regarding Telltale games and your affinity for trashcan games such as Arkham City. So please, continue buying every Call of Duty and Assassins Creed game that are rushed out annually, but don't talk negatively about games you are too ignorant to enjoy. -nurGz
Adult written by TM 1

Once again your list may be somewhat accurate, your alternatives are ludicrous. It is most important to have your children trust you and RELATE to you in that you relate to them. You claim to be a gamer yet your alternatives are miles from mark they need to be. you can have your children trust you OR consider you out of touch and roll their eyes at your "Silliness" which most often leads to them ignoring your suggestions and you wasting money on junk they wont touch. I would ask again, as I did in the 2013 list, that you seek out Real gamers who are also parents who can better make rational choices about how to REDUCE some of the adult themes their children are exposed to while STILL enjoying themselves and their particular interest = trust you and relate to you. I mean, play Gemini Rue instead of Alien isolation?...are you for real? Until you stop offering spinach as an "alternative" to chocolate cake (Just because they are both food) your list alternatives will be useless and of no help to most parents seeking "similar yet not as much" (The real meaning of the word alternative where this issue is concerned) games to offer as alternatives to the more outrageous ones out there. to other parents out there, if you are not a hardcore gamer, there are plenty who are, like me. Ask them for assistance when your child wants or has gotten games you are concerned about...THEY can help you find something similar that would satisfy while allowing a healthy reduction in certain elements that may be worrisome to you while not alienating your kids or making them think of you as out of touch. It can be hard sometimes, but a real gamer can find them for you.
Kid, 11 years old

I think Common Sense Media should be focusing on other things like nudity and sexual content insted of violence. Would you like your kid to play games with violence and know it's a game or be addicted to pornographi?????????? You should never let your kids play games with nudity!
Teen, 15 years old written by general_zod

I don't know if you know what fantasy is Mr. Haynes but please do some research on mirror neurons. According to an FBI report there is NO causal link between video games and real violence. It's quite the opposite. Studies found that violent people played violent video games, they were violent before they played the game. That's why they seek it out. Now I am of course assuming that you were thinking of the video games cause violence argument while writing this. You could just say that you don't want your children seeing violence. If that is the case I must ask, why? Seeing it in real life would mess your kid up but when it's on the other side of a controller who cares? I would find it very interesting if your responded to this comment and we could have a discussion about this. Thanks for reading my comment and have a nice day.
Teen, 13 years old written by Topreviews

For every study that says violent games do blahblahblah there is another that disproves it, honestly it's up to how mature you are, it's not like the gun is going to reach out of the screen and make you become antisocial, hate your family commit murder, steal cars, and end LIFE AS WE KNOW IT.
Teen, 16 years old written by Shoup Dog

Honestly, I my opinion that like GTA series and COD series are just a game not reality. Why do kids or teens not understand that? I take anger out on a game not on people. People and family get me irritated. I like to be far away from my home as possible
Teen, 13 years old written by Detailed Kid Reviews

Basicly is right. You don't mess with The Last of Us. It is a game that cannot be replaced by anything. It would be a good idea to put one of the Uncharted games on the "alternate game" list, because it is made by Naughty Dog, the same company who created TLOU
Teen, 14 years old written by Basicly No One

You don't substitute The Last of Us. That was too good of a game to miss out on. Same goes to The Walking Dead. Watch Dogs in my opinion was a bust a Infamous Second Sun was just as good.
Kid, 10 years old

Oh my god. Are you joking, Lego super heroes instead of GTA 5. If this Guy Jeff Haynes thinks this crap then he must have never lived!!!
Teen, 15 years old written by Plasmablaster

Personally I think for open world games for kids Lego City Undercover is a go to game. I played the game myself and the first thing I thought of was Grand Theft Auto in the Police's point of view!
Teen, 16 years old written by Salsander

This is one of the best alternative video game lists I have seen on this site. A majority of the suggestions correlate with the mature game, especially with GTA V, Diablo III, and Alien Isolation. Overall, I think Common Sense Media has written much more accurate game reviews. It's nice to see that not all M rated games are given the "not-for-kids" rating, such as Sunset Overdrive. Granted, I believe some games such as the Call of Duty and Battlefield series should be given a less harsher rating. It would be nice if the site graded milder M-rated games similarly to tamer R-rated movies.
Teen, 13 years old written by Detailed Kid Reviews

I agree. This site still has a TON of undeserved "not for kids" ratings on fairly tame M games. Skyrim is bloody and gory, but it doesn't compare to The Evil Within or Bioshock Infinite. Also, the Assassin's Creed games seemed more like a 15+ when I played them.
Teen, 15 years old written by inferneon

while i think its a good article and i appreciate that you recognize these titles as being very good,quality products,i have to agree with a couple of the other posts,i don't think the alternitives are very well done,but some of them look accurate. but one thing i always found to be very strange is why commonsense has never reviewed killing floor before,its both extremely violent AND very popular,yet it doesnt seem you have recognized it. think you guys should look into it, especially with killing floor 2 being in heavy development. just my thoughts.
Adult written by JoeStrout

This is a good article. I've got two boys (currently 10 and 14), and the violence in video games has been a frequent issue for us. This is why, in part, the boys and I have been making a new video game, engaging but entirely nonviolent: you design, build, and run space settlements! It's called High Frontier, and you can check it out at http://kck.st/1tAsuQI or HighFrontier.com. If you want to see more great nonviolent alternatives, please support indie games like ours!
Teen, 14 years old written by THE_BATPOOL

While I agree with the games you've picked out for the list, I don't believe your alternatives are very well done or had much thought put into them. For example, watch dogs, you picked out a ratchet and clank game as an alternative? infamous wasn't a bad pick, but ratchet and clank is nothing like watch dogs at all. And Alien Isolation, made me think you didn't actually read what genre they are. Its not a sci-fy game, its either stealth, or known to some as survival horror. Thus your alternatives, weren't very good ones. If I wanted to play a survival horror game, but thought alien isolation was to violent, I would not even consider destiny in my quest to play a survival horror game.
Teen, 16 years old written by AGirlWhoIsConfused

While I don't think some of these are THAT graphic, I understand why they're not for kids or younger teens. Also, I'm glad you're acknowledging genuine opinions about the game's quality rather than ripping them apart solely for being inappropriate.