10 Websites All Kids Should Bookmark

Reliable go-to resources for a variety of subjects and skills for preschoolers through high schoolers. By Christine Elgersma
10 Websites All Kids Should Bookmark

Websites come and go -- but the ones that are truly useful stick around for the long term. For students, having a few go-tos in your back pocket whenever you need to exercise some math muscles, build vocabulary, practice analytical skills, or do research is a time-saver (and sometimes a lifesaver!). What kinds of sites are bookmark-worthy? Ones that offer solid, supplementary information, adapt to your kid's level, provide fun practice instead of drill-and-kill, and show videos to explain complex concepts. Class after class, semester after semester, these 10 sites are the ones you'll come back to. So bookmark them -- you'll start learning a lot faster.

Preschool and Early Grades

Bedtime Math
Great for kids who need some daily math practice but dislike drills. Parents and kids can explore a real-world math problem together, and the different levels let kids of different ages participate.

Prodigy Math Game
An engaging combination of fantasy-based video game and math practice, this adventure also escapes dull drills. It's available as a website and an app.

Like a Goodreads for kids, this site lets kids log their reading, rate books, and earn rewards for reading. It's great for reluctant readers who might trust another kid's endorsement about a book.

Older Elementary School

Kids can use this as a resource for a variety of subjects. With biographies, an atlas, and other reference materials, Factmonster is an informative place for kids to find fun facts and play educational games.

Free Rice
While very simple, this game has two purposes: to teach words and to feed people. For each multiple-choice vocabulary question answered correctly, 10 grains of rice go to the UN World Food Program.

BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper
Provides research and general knowledge in lots of subject areas. Unlike more targeted sites, this one offers links to a wide variety of topics, including history, science, and grammar.

Middle and High School

Khan Academy
Instructional videos help kids learn new concepts, review old ones, or hear something explained in a different way. As an app and a site, this service lets kids find experts explaining and showing how to tackle lots of school-related material.

Great for teens who want their vocabulary lessons gamified. As kids play the game and answer the questions, the difficulty adjusts to their level and rewards them with points (which might keep them playing longer than strict drill practice).

Offers teens study help and test prep with a twist. It's the tone of this site that sets it apart, as its wry humor and teen-speak make its novel summaries and SAT prep more palatable.

Google Scholar
Since the web is a wild west of information, it can be hard for a kid to sort through it all to find credible resources. This search engine helps weed out the noise and serve up search results a teen can actually use.

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Parent of a 5 and 8 year old written by NatGeoLaura

Thanks for this great list! I would also ask that you consider adding the National Geographic Kids site (where I work). We have educational games, videos, and profiles of nearly 200 animals. Natgeokids.com
Adult written by blog

great list, it Provides research and general knowledge in lots of subject areas. Unlike more targeted sites, this one offers links to a wide variety of topics, including history, science, and grammar. thanks http://www.fixithere.net/sky-customer-service/
Parent written by Sapna S.

I would love to add www.xyzanews.com to this mix--we provide global news coverage aimed at children in elementary schools and early middle schools. Xyza is envisioned as a way for families to start conversations about what is happening today. Our goal is to provide news in an enjoyable and informational way. Would love to chat and understand how you approach news for kids. (disclaimer: i am the co-founder of xyza and a long time fan of common sense media)


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