10 Worst TV Role Models of 2012

Snooki's out, Squidward is in. Find out who made this year's list of the worst role models on TV. By Sierra Filucci
10 Worst TV Role Models of 2012

From Kim Kardashian to Honey Boo Boo, TV is full of outrageous characters who make us laugh, cringe, or scratch our heads in disbelief. Each year Common Sense Media takes a look at some of TV's most popular characters and shakes them down for what they do or don't have to offer kids and families. You'll see some familiar faces on this year's list (like Ms. Kardashian, for example) and many new ones. Some, like Jersey Shore's Snooki, have fallen off the list because her bad behavior has toned down, and there are so many others vying for her place in the "worst role models" spotlight.

The good news for parents is that even the worst role models can serve as a starting point for some important discussions with kids. Conversations about characters' wild and crazy antics can lead to discussions about what is and isn't appropriate behavior. These talks can also help your kid become more media savvy. Discuss the reasons why these folks get so much attention. Who makes the decisions to popularize these characters and their TV shows?

And now, without further ado, here are Common Sense Media's 10 Worst Role Models on TV:

1. June, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo

Worst offense: Exploiting her family.

Here's a mom who has found a surefire way to keep her family in "Sketti" (microwaved Country Crock and ketchup over pasta) for years to come. She's courted publicity for her self-proclaimed "redneck" family -- first on Toddlers & Tiaras and now on Honey Boo Boo -- and TLC has promoted their antics to the point where more people watched her show than the president's Democratic National Convention speech. While June's messages of self-acceptance are fine, her decision to offer up her family members as examples of uncouth, uneducated, unwashed country dwellers reinforces negative stereotypes and turns them into the butt of America's joke.

2. Ravi, Jessie

Worst offense: Reinforcing cultural stereotypes.

As the adopted child of an uber-rich New York City family, Ravi (played by Karan Brar) attends the best schools, socializes with a diverse metropolitan community, and is largely in the care of a Midwestern nanny. But somehow he has maintained all of his original Indian culture's idioms and references, as well as a thick Indian accent. Just a few examples: "Great Ganesh!" and "I'm a human samosa!" and "You have aroused my ire!" These phrases are meant to be funny, but they're really just an excuse to laugh at an exaggerated version of a different culture. Not a habit we want to encourage in our kids.

3. Abby Lee Miller, Dance Moms

Worst offense: Encouraging unhealthy competition.

Miller gained attention this year as the star of her own reality show focusing on her studio, where she trains girls to perform in national dance competitions. Her methods of motivation include yelling and berating her students -- some as young as 6 -- as well as shaming their mothers when they don't live up to her standards of ambition. She criticizes girls -- often in front of the whole dance group -- on their bodies, their looks, their brains, and their talents. And she regularly pits girls against one another by placing their photos in a pyramid arrangement, with the "best" girl at the top, teaching girls that to be good at something, you must bring down someone else.

4. Squidward, SpongeBob SquarePants

Worst offense: Being selfish.

Squidward (voiced by Rodger Bumpass) -- the mean and nasty cashier at the Krusty Krab -- is nice only when he wants something, and his greed always gets in the way of a straight and narrow path. You’d think that his twin passions for music and art would redeem him, but he pursues them with such a totally pretentious and snobbish attitude that he alienates everyone around him. While meant to be a humorous foil to SpongeBob's eternal optimism and selflessness, Squidward's antics are marketed toward kids as young as 3 -- and at that age, they can't tell the difference.

5. Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner, Keeping up with the Kardashians

Worst offense: Promoting appearance over achievement.

Kim's primary talent is successfully promoting herself, and she does it very, very well. But aside from her self-marketing -- which has led to a TV show for almost every member of the family and a 72-day marriage -- Kim has produced little else besides a sex tape and thousands of tabloid cover photos. Together with her mom, Kris Jenner -- who recently showed the world her new plastic surgery-enhanced breasts on television -- Kim teaches kids that it's not what you do that makes you important, it's how you look and how well you leverage those looks.

6. Gordon Ramsay, Hell's Kitchen, MasterChef, Hotel Hell

Worst offense: Being mean and cursing up a storm.

Ramsay debuted his signature managerial style in Hell's Kitchen, where a soggy risotto or overcooked steak meant a string of expletives delivered within inches of a young cook's face. Though he's softened a bit on MasterChef, he remains mean and rude in Hotel Hell. Like Abby Lee Miller, Ramsay's aggressive motivational style draws a big audience, but it's surely no example for kids on how to work cooperatively or deliver constructive criticism.

7. CeCe and Rocky, Shake It Up!

Worst offense: Seeking fame above all else.

Along with many other characters on tween-targeted shows, CeCe (Bella Thorne) and Rocky (Zendaya) are focused almost exclusively on becoming famous. After getting a shot on a local dance show, the high school girls revel in their newfound popularity and work to bring their status to the next level. By aiming for fame above all else, the characters miss the opportunity to inspire kids to reach for something truly meaningful. And they reinforce the idea that attention and appearance are more important than being kind, thoughtful, and smart.

8. Annoying Orange and Fred Figglehorn, Annoying Orange and Fred: The Show

Worst offense: Being extremely annoying.

Pity the parent whose kid is a fan of either of these immensely irritating characters. Sure, there are moments of humor on each show, and occasionally, at least in Fred's case, some positive messages to be gleaned, but for the most part they exist only to turn kids into mimicking little monsters.

9. All the Housewives, The Real Housewives of Orange County, Beverly Hills, Atlanta, New Jersey, New York, Miami

Worst offense: Feeding a negative stereotype of women.

Each and every one of the Housewives -- from New Jersey to Beverly Hills -- deserves a bucket of water thrown on her until she melts to the ground. These women showcase the worst stereotypes of women -- catty, petty, brainless, materialistic, looks-obsessed -- and their ubiquity makes this behavior seem almost normal.

10. Archer, Archer

Worst offense: Presenting adult content in kid-friendly form.

The practice of merging animation with adult content is nothing new (see Family Guy), but kids are still attracted to animation and aren't always savvy enough to realize when a cartoon is meant only for Mom and Dad. Archer (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) is one of those characters you hope your kids never happen upon unaware. He curses like crazy, gets drunk regularly, treats everyone with the utmost disrespect, and, just to top it off, seems to regularly murder prostitutes.

Who do you think are TV's worst role models?

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Comments (113)

Teen, 14 years old written by Somotoso

A few of these shows are not for kids. They shouldn't be criticized for providing content intended for another audience.
Kid, 9 years old

Spongebob came in 2000. Not 2012. Also, if ya think 'bout it Spongebob is a great role model for kids.
Teen, 14 years old written by MrMoviesGuy

Shows like Transformers , Adventure Time and Regular Show has much worse things like violence and cursing and they're okay with that but not these shows that are on the list.
Teen, 14 years old written by Samspore

Wow you've got to be kidding me. Squidward? You put him on here for being SELFISH? He's GREEDY?! *facepalm* Mr. Krabs is probably 10 times more greedy than Squidward. He constantly breaks the law in order to get what he wants. He is so selfish he won't even let Plankton have a single customer. He fired Spongebob to save a nickel. The list goes on and on.
written by Amalthea

While I do find the show "Archer" to be vile, it's not a fair assessment. Animation has been used in adult entertainment for far longer than "the Family Guy". I remember being a young child and asking my mother to take me to see the new animated movie, "Fritz the Cat". My mother said "No", and explained that it was for adults (if you don't know, it was rated X). There was also "Rock'n'Rule", "Heavy Metal", "American Pop", and many others. "Archer" has never pretended to be anything but an animated show for adults.
Teen, 17 years old written by troubledjealousteen

Oh come on, CSM and parents. Honey Boo Boo?? Her family is a great example. JESSIE????? OH COME ON!! Jessie is a great show, as are all the other Disney Channel shows. POOR SPONGEBOB, BEING CRITICIZED BY YOU GUYS!!!!! I LOVE SHAKE IT UP!! I LOVE KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDISHIANS!!!!!!!!! MY FAVORITE SHOW IS HONEY BOO BOO!!!!!!!
Parent of a 3, 9, and 11 year old written by homeofplay

All of this is correct! Way to go, CSM! Especially Honey Boo Boo's mom and those Disney Channel people!
Kid, 9 years old

I think that he is an AMAZING role model, but HE would make the list of "Top 10 Most Annoying Characters in TV Shows."
Teen, 17 years old written by lovaajesus

We ought to start a petition on change.org for Common Sense Media to put him on one of these worst role models lists.
Teen, 13 years old written by bakeranimator

I can't believe that you put a SpongeBob character on this list in the first place, but you did pick one, Squidward. I will say he is not the best role model, but one of the worst? Beating out Chef Ramsay and Archer? Heck, no! At least he's done something un-selfish (see Christmas Who?). I'll tell you what happened. Sierra Filucci must have watched "Little Yellow Book" (in which Squidward is shown in an especially negative way) and assumed he was like that in every episode. WRONG! Ever hear the phrase "Never judge a book by its cover"? Apparently not. If any SpongeBob character deserves to have a place on this list, it's Mr. Krabs. He's greedy, 10 times more selfish than Squidward, abusive, neglectful, greedy, a liar, did I mention he was greedy? He has committed several selfish acts throughout the series. For example, in one episode, he puts Gary through a process that causes him great pain and discomfort just because he gets money out of it. Not to mention the process involves stealing. Long story short, There are far worse role models than the ones listed here. And if any SpongeBob character deserves to be on this list, it's Mr. Krabs. Thank you if you read this entire comment.
Adult written by gothic_unicorn

I'm still offended that you put Squidward in place of Snooki, and are calling him the bad role model when he's not the one stalking, harassing or aggravating any situation around him; Squidward is in fact, nowadays, the VICTIM of almost everything in the encyclopedia of felony offenses, or did you not watch the newer Spongebob episodes? Also, what are Daniel Tosh or Daffy Duck (in The Looney Tunes Show) not doing on this list? They don't seem like very good role models, do they?
Teen, 13 years old written by Thesmack321

How did Annoying Orange and Fred find their way here! That's just overreacting. They aren't that bad it's not like they are the the eight worst!
Kid, 11 years old

I totally agree with this blog post! I wanna become a CSM reviewer when I'm old enough!
Kid, 12 years old

I agree that role models matter, but kids aren't as impressionable as some people think. Dan G said the movie The Muppets isn't appropriate because a man sleeps in the same bed as his girlfriend. He said it teaches kids to do that. I saw that movie and I don't remember that scene. People won't remember that scene when they have a boyfriend/girlfriend. And the people who made it didn't mean for it to be inapropriate. He also said the chickens sang a song in their language that was called f*** you, but it was called FORGET you. I hear that song on the radio a lot. I recognized it. When I saw that review I thought "WHAT!" Sadly, some people on this site are like that, like Barbara Chandler.
Teen, 13 years old written by Strategist101

I agree with the majority of these statements, but with Ravi, I disagree, I don't watch Disney much except when my sister is in the room, but what I've seen on "Jessie" of Ravi is that he has just moved to NYC and that he is not used to American culture. He is still the best behaved of the children on the show.
written by GSN Hatena

I like it if they stop making Adult Content in a Kid-Friendly Form. I can't believe they do that for that type of a show. Sex is used in it. Then the kids see it. They need to stop making Adult Content in a Kid-Friendly Form. That needs to stop.
Kid, 9 years old

IKR?!?! Also, I can't BELEIVE the cast of South Park didn't make this list. THEY MAKE FUN OF A BUNCH OF PEOPLE!
Adult written by gothic_unicorn

I agree. I also couldn't help feeling concerned when Patrick's backside was exposed at least twice in the newer Spongebob episodes. Why don't you expose cartoon GIRLS' backsides while you're at it, TV?!
Adult written by Tim Rawlinson

This list is stupid. Squidward is not bad. He's the ying to Spongebob's yang. He just wants a simple life but gets annoyed by those two tards and who can blame him really? You find Fred and TAO annoying, he finds Spongebob and Patrick annoying! simples
Kid, 11 years old

I know how that person in spongebob feels! Spongebob and patric should leave him alone SIMPLE spongebob and patric!
written by peader óg

I just found this list and its commentary. I am surprised that so much of the commentary focuses on a Disney show like Jessie. Of some of the many bad role models that can be found on TV these days, I wouldn't waste space on cartoon characters like Squidworth or Archer. I would add Daniel Tosh, Rob Dyrdeck and Johnny Knoxville to the list instead for their lowbrow, irresponsible, frat house humor that always seems to aim for the cheapest, lowest laughs which at times end up being just plain mean. They are from the same well of exploitation that Honey Boo Boo comes from.
Adult written by gothic_unicorn

Squidward shouldn't be on ANY bad role model list; if anyone from Spongebob should be on such a list (you're opinion that they shouldn't bother with cartoon characters noted), it'd no doubt be Mr. Krabs (bullying, stealing and being selfish), Patrick (being arrogant, as well as extremely moronic), and of course the sponge himself (being annoying, letting his friend talk him into the stupid decisions they make as exemplified in "The Main Drain")! Unfortunately, Sierra doesn't seem to have done enough research and is too busy adding to poor Squidward's dilemmas to notice.
Kid, 12 years old

These seem to be, with a few exceptions, to be funny and accurate comments. The scary thing is I've seen evidence that some of my classmates take people like the Kardashians for role models. I have to disagree about Squidward, though. Selfishness may be part of his character, but it certainly isn't his defining characteristic. And why would anyone take any character on Spongebob as a role model?
Teen, 13 years old written by 13ki

Wubbzy is a bad role model as well. Such as Widget, Walden and Daizy and the other characters as well! they're all horrible role models!
Kid, 10 years old

I think Cece is really the one shooting for fame. But Cece and Rocky both really just want to dance. And you say that they aren't kind? Rocky gets Cece to do kind stuff all the time. I don't think either of them should be on the list but if it had to be one of them, it would be Cece because Rocky focuses on following her dreams, academics, and giving back.
Teen, 15 years old written by j10a1

I agree with most of these, except for Ravi, Rocky, and Cece. Ravi is not teaching kids to mock or make fun of Indians. He is not teaching kids to treat them differently. Notice how Ravis' family accepts him the way he is? They love him! They care for him! They don't treat him differently! It is quite clear that Ravi is proud of his heritage, and that he loves where he comes from. He is not reinforcing cultural stereotypes. Now, Rocky and Cece. Sure they want to be famous.....what is the problem? That is NOT their only focus! They work hard towards their dreams. Rocky cares about her grades, her family, and her friends. Cece, I will admit is not the best influence. However, she does not deserve to be on this list. Whenever she and Rocky do something wrong (sneak out to a party, sneak onto a movie set, lie about what happened while mom was gone), they are ALWAYS caught and almost always receive consequences. I am so glad Spongebob is on this list. All the characters act horribly, and none should be considered good role models. Yes, the older episodes are funny, and have some good messages, but the current episodes are just rude and crude. Squidward is selfish and a jerk, Spongebob is full of self-pity and can't control himself, Mr. Krabs is obsessed with money and would sell out anyone for it, Patrick is an idiot, and Plankton has nothing else on his mind except stealing something from his enemy. Of course, every show has the bad guy, so I excuse Plankton. But otherwise, all the main characters are horrible examples. It's sad that some of these shows are on here.....that parents aren't careful of what they let their kids watch. Sad, but true. Over all, this is a good list! I think one that should be on here is Gabe from Good Luck Charlie. Always makes fun of his dads' weight, and his mom reinforces it! He does SOOOO many things that he KNOWS he shouldn't do. However, I think when it comes to all of these Disney shows, it depends on the kid. If the parent has taught their kid right from wrong, they can enjoy these shows, but realize some characters are bad examples. This does apply to ALMOST ALL shows meant for kids. (Few excpetions) Bottom line, parents, teach your kids!
Kid, 11 years old

I think that Lexi Reed (from A.N.T. Farm) should have made this list. She is selfish and stuck up.All she cares about is beauty, And whenever she sees a mirror, she goes "Awww! I'm so pretty!". She thinks she is the prettiest girl on earth, and gets mad when someone else is more popular or more admired than her. BTW, I do not get why Squidward has made this list. He is really not that bad, people!
Teen, 14 years old written by IMT

I don't think Squidward from Spongebob is that bad. And I mean, hey, it's just a character from a TV show.
Teen, 16 years old written by Rae-la

I agree with this list, but Ben Tennyson (the main character of the Ben 10 franchise) should be on here somewhere. He almost never learns his lesson, regularly ignores the advice of his partners, is irresponsible, neglects his girlfriend, was perfectly willing to kill his best friend who'd gone insane despite the fact that said best friend sacrificed his sanity to save the universe, insists he doesn't need help when fighting only to assume that when he is in trouble his partners will immediately come to save him, and probably a lot of things I'm forgetting. At least Omniverse is on its way to rectifying some of these, but the truth still stands.
Teen, 16 years old written by lovzhisdad

Who do I think are TV's worst role models? I think one of the worst role models on TV is Raphael from the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series that airs on nick and should be in Squidward's place on this list of bad role models (which is my point) because he displays what may be some of the worst anger, patience, and understanding issues on TV, just like he always has. Plus, his anger at times causes him to say things like "You give me that phone RIGHT NOW, or so help me, I'LL KICK YOUR HAIRY B___ ALL THE WAY TO NEW JERSEY!!!!!" and "You'll like this show. It's called 'Does Mikey Bend that way?' " (meaning that he's going to try to bend his brother's body in half, but he doesn't succeed (and it's not even implied.)) I think this TV character named Mr. Eugene Krabs should be in CeCe and Rocky's place on this list of bad role models because he not only refuses to be friends with a guy who was his best friend years ago, but is hopelessly obsessed with money, and at times does non-ideal things like penny-pinch when he knows it will literally land him in "Davey Jones' locker" for eternity. I think that this character from the same show named Sheldon J. Plankton should be in Ravi's place on this list because he spends every second he spends awake trying to steal a recipe from his arch-enemy, Eugene Krabs who was formerly his best friend, and they spend WAY too much time competing.
Kid, 12 years old

I have to agree on the Ravi part it is very true, but the rest are unsure.
Parent of a 10 and 13 year old written by pbrite

This list shouldn't include any people that aren't kids or aren't in shows target to kids, just like you don't review movies that are nowhere near family friendly. Other than that, I agree with the #1 choice.
Kid, 12 years old

i think some of these characters are the worst but most of them are just there to complete the movie or series so you parents are being overprotective and stupid (no offense) and you parents should take another look at these characters! like people have said us kids are not stupid! i mean you parents think that if you stop us from watching things like shake it up or spongebob we will grow up like "perfect" adults. well guess what no one is perfect and sooner or later we will find out about those things your trying to "protect" us from and by then we will have absolutely no common sense because we wont know about life and what some people are like in the world!
Kid, 12 years old

Another bad role model is Luke (Cameron Ross) on Jessie. He pretty much teaches kids that being lazy is good, that you can flirt with girls about 10 years older than you, and that flunking at math is hilarious.
Teen, 15 years old written by Fox101

Wow, this list should be so much longer...... 10 awful examples isn't enough..... We have so many, and this is barely a tiny fraction even of the worst of them! I agree with most of these though..... Why isn't Honey Boo Boo herself on here?
Teen, 14 years old written by 8rebel24

I disagree with a few of these verdicts. I don't think Ravi is a bad role model. He, unlike the character of Zuri from Jessie, has only recently come to NYC and isn't familiar with American life. So it's not a shock that he has an accent and references his homeland often. In fact, I think Ravi encourages kids to respect and learn about other cultures. Also, Rocky from Shake It Up is not fame-obsessed like her friend Cece. She is an A-student and cares about her education and family.
Kid, 10 years old

honestly...SQUIDWARD??? not seeing it and ravi is my overprotective mom's favorite character on jessie! leave some people alone!
Kid, 10 years old

Oh,come on! CeCe, Rocky, Squidward, RAVI?!?! You gotta be kidding me! They're just the regular everyday charicters, which have nothing to do with kids behaivior. Although, I can agree with some. Why didn't you just put some things from Cartoon Network and this whould have been corrected. Can someone PLEASE CHANGE THIS LIST?!?!?
Adult written by 5berries

THANK YOU for putting SpongeBob characters on this list. I did not let my kids watch SpongeBob until the recommended age 7+ (a lot of that was annoying factor, obnoxious noises/behavior). When they asked if they could watch it, I sat down with them to preview it. In the episode, the Sandy had to nearly kill SpongeBob to get him to quit making her the butt of his jokes in his stand up act. Although I see the positive message they were trying to convey, most younger children are not empathic enough to get the message buried in the bad behavior. What I got out of it and pointed out to my kids is that SpongeBob selfishly promoted himself at the expense of someone else until he was 'forced' to listen and empathize with her, and he pushed the limit of listening until there was no choice. I would like my children to listen the first time and trust that what I am teaching is for their own good. Thankfully, my children got the message and although amused by the show, only watch it in boring doctors offices when nothing else is available. And now my children are the critics, pointing out the obnoxious and selfish behavior. :)
Teen, 13 years old written by Avid_Reader

I never thought of CeCe and Rocky being put on this list, but now that I see them up there, I realize they are bad examples. Maybe I should write a letter to Disney Channel. I do not, however, agree with Ravi reinforcing stereotypes. The thing about stereotypes is they are fun too laugh about, but nobody takes them seriously. It's obvious that not all Americans praise McDonalds, as well as all Irish people do not get drunk every night. Though it's important for children to be taught not to take stereotypes seriously, it's also important to tell kids, 'yes, you can laugh at this, it's funny, just remember this isn't a true fact, not all Indians say this.'
Teen, 16 years old written by evolinag

What do people have against Fred and Annoying Orange? They are YouTube memes, actually my father showed it to me. This starts just like the Pokémon debate. Parents start saying that it is annoying and stupid, without giving it a chance, and the over the years it becomes a classic. And what about Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother and Clara/Spanky/particularly everyone on Drawn Together?
Teen, 14 years old written by DangerRanger101

As much as I've been ranting and raving about how you've put perfectly harmless characters on the list I have to agree with everything else. The two choices that I'm especially proud of are Squidward and Abby Lee Miller, Squidward is so negative all of the time and he's a total hot-head; it's no wonder he made it on her. Then there's Abby Lee Miller, SWEET BUTTERY GOSH does she irritae me!!!!!!!!!! She verbally thrashes perfectly innocent girls (some who are only beginners) and she's rude to the parents. I hope that this demon of a woman is arrested or atleast fired and never heard of again!!!!!!!!!!
Teen, 14 years old written by DangerRanger101

CommOnSense, you're overthinking! Ravi is an excellent role model for kids because he's kind and obedient. He's not meant to be a stereotype, they're probably just trying to teach more kids about Indian culture and besides just because Ravi's phrases are played for laughs it doesn't mean that the creators are encouraging kids to stereotype. And you did it again with Fre and the annoying orange, why are you putting perfectly innocent characters on this list? Being annoying isn't enough to put a character on the list, kids may start to mimic them but you have got to look past those negative traits and look at their loyalty and kindness. You really need to do better!
Adult written by 5berries

I agree here. I did not pick up on stereotyping here, and I doubt my children would because we don't encourage it. Instead I was glad to see someone unique and 'different' than the culture we are exposed to in our small community. I also love that his speech does show a bit (even if exaggerated) of speech patterns that Indians may use. It's important for children to hear different speech patterns and identify what area of the world it comes from, so when they encounter it in real life, they are not shocked, confused or indifferent to others. So even if it is not completely realistic, it does give a basic exposure. :)
Teen, 13 years old written by Mockingjay333

I completely and totally get most of the people on this list. But Annoying Orange, Fred and Sqiudward? I totally agree with Annoying Orange and Fred being super annoying and pointless shows that make you want to rip your hair out, but bad role models? They aren't that bad, just super annoying. And Squidward has been around for years, why put him on now? He's on a kid's show, he was made to be like that because he balances Sponge Bob, but I will admit he is really rude, but not bad enough to make this list. There are plenty of other people to make this list, but those three didn't really need to be put down. I also agree Simon Cowell should be put down, he scares me.
Adult written by massak

I agree with the idea that kids need to know there is good vs. bad but the problem I have is how the message is being delivered on tv. Those of you who are old enough to remember Little House on the Prairie know that there was always a moral to the story...good vs. bad but it was a wholesome way of presenting it. Today it's about who can deliver the message in the raunchiest way. I just think we are better than that and we(our society) are allowing ourselves to dumb down by being entertained by trash like this. Quality shows would be more abundant if that's what ratings showed we wanted. Clearly the indicators show we are in trouble.
Teen, 13 years old written by SockyChibi<3

Honey BooBoo should be another bad role model. Why? because she brags alot, she curses, even though she's only 7, and winning pageants is more important to her, including for the money as the only purpose, than everything else.
Kid, 11 years old

This list is like 99% true! The only part that I thought was wrong was Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms. Look, I know that she yells a lot but, she has to let her dance students learn. She knows a lot of things about dance and tells the moms advice but, she doesn't know how to say it. I thought the Ramsey was funny. Ashamed that Cowell wasn't on the list. Hey Common Sense, how about making the best and worst celebs of 2012?
Teen, 17 years old written by Rosebud95

What I'd say differently is that Ravie is only like 10 so I don't think he'd be considered a role model. Emma should be on here instead. And why is Fred and Annoying Orange on here? They're just annoying, CSM.
written by Anonymous

Totally agree with all of this. Zuri from "Jessie" acts WAY too old for her age and acts like a little diva, while Ravi just makes me want to turn off the TV from the stereotypes. Very glad to see FRED and a SpongeBob character up there. Both are very annoying and have no meaning at all. Good job CSM!
Teen, 15 years old written by sisterwhocares

I really like the fact that Common Sense Media is doing these lists, but there are three problems with this article that I must point out: 1) 85% of these selections are "duh!", and there are much worse role models than Squidward. 2) Ravi should not be on this list, the producers of the show should. It makes me sad that Disney Channel has become so racist lately, and it it also racist in Shake It Up with the portrayal of Gunther and Tinka. These "jokes" are played for laughs, but in reality, they are not funny. They are offensive, and the characters are the victims of the director's and producer's racism. 3) CeCe and Rocky are bad fame role models, but they are also bad role models of behavior (ie sneak out to a party, think they are better than other girls). However, they actually are kind to each other (if not smart), and despite their shallowness, you can really tell that the friends always have each others back. And, I so agree with Fred being on this list, not so much that he is a bad role model, but he gives me a migraine. Next time, put him on a "Most Annoying People on TV 2012" list. Thanks for doing what you do, CSM, I hope this input helps.
Teen, 13 years old written by Cartoon Watcher

While I agree with most of the people here (The list should've been filled with a lot more Disney Channel stars that are bad role models), I don't get Squidward. Come on! He is a man who strides for his goals that he works so long for only to be crushed by his irritating neighbor. He only was grouchy because his Spongebob always is getting into his life. Heck, there are a bunch of people on Spongebob that deserve to be here! Spongebob, for example, no longer realizes what privacy is (Like Patrick). Mr. Krabs has become a greedy crustacean that doesn't care about anything that isn't money anymore.
Kid, 12 years old

haha this list is wonderful and totally true, even though i do LOVE dance moms, so i kinda like Abby Lee. But other than that, this list is perfect.
Teen, 14 years old written by SlipperyQ

Can it be clarified that this list is describing the post-movie, newer Squidward character? The original Squidward had a fairly bad attitude too, but somewhere in him, he secretly liked Spongebob and Patrick- and there were times when he overcame his inherent bitterness to help them, even if he would never show them that he cares. For example, in the Christmas special, where he dressed up as Santa Claus and gave away all of his things to cheer up a heartbroken Spongebob after Santa didn't come; in 'Pizza Delivery', he - misguided though it might be - stands up against a customer that made Spongebob cry; in 'Born Again Krabs', he makes a passionate speech about the good treatment Spongebob deserves for a noble action; in 'The Graveyard Shift,' he tells Spongebob, "I want you to know... I always soft of liked you."
Kid, 10 years old

I can't believe I know 8/10 people that are listed. I am ashamed I like Squidward and Fred and Cece.
Adult written by 5berries

Don't be ashamed that you like them. It is perfectly appropriate given your age (Fred socially inappropriate, something boys your age laugh at and bond with buddies over, but he's not violent or verbally misguiding). Being aware of bad behavior and not immolating it is what is important. My son is almost ten and loves Fred, I can't stand him. He watches it at a friends house and has friends as an appropriate outlet for that kind of humor, and behaves nicely around adults. So be proud that you take the time to be aware of what you are watching, it is very responsible of you. :)
Teen, 13 years old written by Kit-Kat Girl

Sorry guys that my comment didn't make sense to you, but my point is, you reviewers on Common Sense act like you know everything about kids. If kids start acting like the Annoying Orange, then there's something very, very, wrong with them. Kids can choose to be negatively influenced by the media. "Oh my god, I heard a Lady Gaga song, now I'm going to get drunk because she says she wants another sip!" "Oh my god, Kim Kardashian thinks appearance is important, so I'm going to get anorexia!" Kids aren't like that. You act like if kids see a TV show, read a book, or hear a song, they'll feel compelled to imitate the characters' behavior, even if it's very vulgar and obscene. If kids are like that, then they need a psychiatrist. KIDS AREN'T AS DUMB AS YOU THINK!
Teen, 15 years old written by j10a1

I don't think you do realize how impressionable kids really are. Nobody is saying they will watch one episode of Spongebob and wake up the next morning and decide to act like Squidward. Do you know why people are anorexic? Because they aren't comfortable in their own skin and feel they aren't living up to everyone's standards and want to be perfect. Do you know why they feel this way? There are many reasons, but it all goes down to this. Peers. Commercials. Celebrities. They don't feel good enough. Parents need to be aware of how their kids view things, and it is their responsibility to see that their kids know what is right and wrong. If parents are careful of what they let their kids watch and listen to, and teach them that they need to take care of themselves, treat others with respect, and other good manners and morals, their kids will turn out all right. (P.S. this also includes who parents allow their kids to hang out with) Sorry about my bunny trail, but basically, kids are impressionable. They are not dumb, they will not feel compelled to imitate bad behavior, but they are very impressionable.
Teen, 13 years old written by K bug

I honestly dont think that CeCe and Rocky should be on there. They are detirmined girls that are working hard and helping eachother. Maybe just CeCe should be up there. I also think that Ravi shouldnt be up there, Zuri should. She is adorable but very rude my parents hate it when i watch her say stuff like that.
Parent of a 11, 18+, and 18+ year old written by n8lhg

Wow, I'm amazed at the parents that see some of this trash tv as ok for your kids. I agree with common sense that these role models not only are trashy, but that you should try and get your kids to turn the trash off. Some of these shows, like spongebob, are mind numbing garbage beyond my belief. Just hearing "Fred" from the Fred show, makes my skin crawl every time he opens his mouth. All these shows are an insult to the intelligence of any man or woman that live on this planet, and if they are your kids role models, please keep low expectations of their future life.
Adult written by BethKrane

Thank you for shedding some more light as to how these popular TV shows are influencing our society. I find the arguments from some reviewers comical as they argue their points to protect the shows they love or hate. Personally, I have banded SpongeBob in the past more because of the linguistics (they do not speak proper English, especially Mr. Crab) but also because of the underlying messages of the show. On occasion I have seen a positive one, but for the most part it is about ridicule and ignorance. I find it insulting to promote such behavior in our youth. Ultimately, though, parents and their kids will view what they want regardless of the information provided and alternative (healthier) choices. It's like picking McDonald's Big Mac over Subway sandwich when you are out and need a meal. People will take the information and do whatever they please. And then later ask why our society is a mess (or blame someone else for our issues). Thanks for being a fantastic resource of information! I absolutely love this site and spread the word to all the parents I meet. Keep up the great work.
Teen, 15 years old written by sisterwhocares

Totally agree! Spongebob is bad for kids not just because of the bad role models, but the fact that it's dumb. It's pointless garbage to watch.
Adult written by Ponysparkle

So squidward ?Why is he # 4? Cece and Rocky of shake it up are the main characters of their show. They are real people. I banned my kids from shake it up for more then just their desire for fame. It's an overall bad example. The kids on the show have no consequences for their bad choices and no class what so ever. I didn't want my kids mimicking that behavior. I'm pretty sure they won't mimic Squidward. But we do love Spongebob.
Parent of a 11 and 13 year old written by kfogarty

Some of these I've (thankfully) never heard of, but like kaloren, my daughter has been watching some of them (Jessie, Shake It Up) so I'll have to open up further dialogue. We've discussed the stereotypes on Jessie, but not the values issuues with Shake It Up. Thanks for compiling the list and helping me see what I've missed.
Teen, 15 years old written by 1upmushroom

You know, I would have disagreed with you on Squidward but when I saw one of the newer episodes again I couldn't agree with you any more! They completely butchered that character, along with all the others as well! (Except for Sandy maybe).
Kid, 12 years old

Good, but I really don't understand why annoying orange is a bad role model. I agree with mama june, and the person at the top of the list is right. Squidward has been around forever, and now he's horrible? what?
Teen, 15 years old written by DFTBA

While I agree with the general sentiment of this list, there are some items I must disagree with. First, Ravi on Jessi being number two. While his character is definitely a stereotype, it's really the character's behavior towards others and himself that counts-- not they way Disney has made him inherently as a person. Additionally, Squidward should not be on this list. The TV characters most likely to influence kids' behavior are real people, not cartoon characters. Finally, I've got to defend Rocky and CeCe. Sure they want to be famous, but doesn't every kid? They work hard for their dreams, and they achieve them. Also whoever wrote this list must not really watch Disney sitcoms, because they all follow the same basic plot: kids in crazy situation, they mess up, they learn a lesson and go on with life. Isn't that the most we can expect from kids? Even if, as in Ravi's case, Disney doesn't go about what I just said in the perfect way, the fact remains that Disney is only a petty offender. Finally, if everyone were only surrounded with media that illustrates what is good, they would not know what is bad. Everyone needs bad examples so they can learn to distinguish what is right from what is wrong.
Parent of a 9 and 12 year old written by myndseye711

CSM really should only list characters in shows that are kid-appropriate. Anyone who would allow a child to watch Real Housewives wouldn't care enough to visit this site anyway. Secondly, CeCe and Rocky are normal teens. They have positive character attributes and character flaws. They are barely 14 and have jobs. They also have aspirations and are willing to work hard to achieve them. I think they are positive role models. They make mistakes, but they get resolved at the end of the show. You could always have a show where kids are 100% well behaved, but that would be boring. This is realistic. And Ravi...well...this is how Indian people talk when they speak English. I am not stereotyping, I am stating a fact. I have heard thousands of Indian people speak, and it is an accurate portrayal; and funny. I'm sure Indians laugh at it too. I think people need to stop being so sensitive. Every culture is funny in some way. We need to be able to laugh at ourselves!
Teen, 13 years old written by jessicaluvsyuh

THANK U FOR PUTTING HONEY BOO BOO ON THE LIST!!! I have been trying to tell my friends that the show is awful, has no point, and is really just trash. Also, Fred and Annoying Orange, seriously these are sooo old they just get super annoying and tired. Although I don't agree that Squidward is a bad role model. He's hilarious and every kid loves him, but they know not to act like him. ♥
Parent of a 10, 12, and 14 year old written by michigan mom of 3

Skimmed this article found in my email inbox. I've got to share: I am elated to know next to nothing about each of the "10 worst." My family of five has a lovely big flat screen television in our rec room-- used for movies that we know are funny / worthwhile / appropriate (thanks to websites like Common Sense Media.) WE DON'T WATCH TV. My kids play sports, read books, walk our dogs, play outside, jump on the trampoline, play cello / violin / piano, etc. Just wanted to put that out there. You know, your kids don't NEED to be media saturated. They might even be happier, smarter and more resourceful if they were NOT. Come on-- join me??
Adult written by massak

I appreciate the list not necessarily because I use television characters as role models(is that even possible anymore?) but just so I am aware of what is out there. I would say that parents who are actually comedically entertained by these shows should ask themselves how this sets a good example for their kids. We are our kids' most important role model. I simply don't understand the entertainment value in watching shows like Honey Boo Boo or Kardashian. Are we all so insecure that we need to watch other people crash and burn on tv just to make us feel better about our own lives? I don't get it. Then again, tv gives us few alternatives. What ever happened to shows like The Cosby Show??
Parent of a 17 year old written by Stephen U.

Please add the entire cast of Hardcore Pawn. My son loves this show and it is eternally negative and hostile, even violent, while offering up almost zero educational benefits from the essence of the business compared to Pawn Stars, a fine version of the genre.
Parent of a 14 year old written by gabrielleA

I think the worst role models are much like the Kardashian's. They have their appearance as the be-all of girls. Let girls enjoy their youth w/o the makeup and primping and oogling of guys (and vice-versa for guys). The selling of padded bras to pre-adults, the amt. of flesh &amp; sex these kids are shown at every opportunity is just asking for a missed enjoyment of youth. I'd like safe shows for my kids to come back w/o wondering if sex/making out/violence isn't the bottom line for kids to see. I LOVED Homeless to Harvard - showed the fortitude of that young girl and her priorities in life. Wish they had more movies like that to inspire young girls rather than the clingy/clevage driven bombshell approach. Kit-Kat -- the PURPOSE Of Common Sense is to help those of us who can't scout out every show - if you don't want the shows/people judged, then don't sign up to get this email.
Parent of a 10 year old written by Bruinsmama

I watch Honey Boo Boo with my 10 year old. We love that family! They are always happy &amp; always together. At the Pageants the sisters cheer &amp; wear T shirts to support their little sister. They try to have fun without spending too much money, and most of all they are comfortable in their own skin &amp; tell it like it is! Long live Honey B!
Parent written by HoosierMom

When "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" first came out, I felt the same way - struggling family who loves one another trying to do the best they can. But then came the episodes that explained how much "Sugar Bear" wanted to marry June and that she had refused his proposals over and over again. Then it came to light that all of her kids were from different dads, and that she hadn't married one of them. Now her 16 or 17 year old daughter just had a baby, again with no husband or father in sight. Putting morality aside, there's just no disputing the facts that unmarried females who have children out of wedlock are statisitcally far more likely to have a life of poverty than not. Then it got me to thinking...how is June affording all those expensive pageants? Perhaps if's from her frugality and Sugar Bear's help, but I wouldn't be surprised if some of my hard earned tax money was helping to fund it. That 's when we stopped watching - No matter how entertaining it is, I can't glamorize or condone that kind of lifestyle and when we watch it, I feel that's what it does.
Adult written by massak

....not to mention the fact that Honey Boo boo's strange behavior is praised after she's given her dose of Mountain Dew or Red Bull or whatever it is that mother gives her daughter. Talk about setting a precedence for drug and alcohol problems down the road! That little girl has been taught that effect is what we are all after. To me that's a recipe for substance abuse.
Parent of a 9 and 9 year old written by alecufre

TV shows are getting worse and worse with time but the only ones responsible for our kids is "us", the "parents". If we allow our children to watch these kinds of shows (more than ones on the list) we are saying it is all right for them to imitate that behavior. A cartoon does not mean at all that is meant for kids. Take the Simpson's for example; I laughed the few times I happened to see the show but not a chance I will let my children watch it. Their minds are habits are developing and we should expose them to something much better, something they should imitate. Actually, they should not be watching TV at "all", they should be outside being kids, socializing, and reading books to let their imagination grow wildly :o)
Parent of a 10 year old written by Boca

Most of these are not kid's shows anyway. Your kids should not be watching them in the first place.
Adult written by nduns

Thank you so much for putting Annoying Orange and Fred on this list! People need to realize that annoying does not automatically equal comedic gold! Thank you for getting that out there!
Parent of a 2 and 7 year old written by mommy2005

Glad to see Fred &amp; SpongeBob's friend up there. Don't let my kids watch any of these shows. Another one should of been up there is the character "Zuri" on Disney's "Jessie". The way she talks to the adults, I have told my daugther not to ever talk that way to any adult or anybody the way she does. She knows not to, she does like the show but knows better.
Adult written by jimbocombo

I think if Walt (Disney) were alive, he would not approve of alot of stuff Disney releases... This list reminds me that 'Garbage in, Garbage Out'. Fill your head with bad role models, hang out with the wrong types of people and you eventually become like them. Learned behavior. What appears 'harmless' is actually shaping you more than you think.
Adult written by nobbsy

I am surprised that Ramsey Gordon made your list. I was unaware that children and/or teens would be interested in shows like his. Even if they are, Ramsey's behavior should be excused on the grounds that he appears genuinely interested in helping the various sub-par chefs acquire the skills and attitude needed to be successful in their chosen vocation.
Kid, 11 years old

I agree with Ce Ce and Rocky all they care about fame. I think Squidward is really just played for laughs,he's not like really terrible. I do agree that Simon should be on the list. And Fred and Annoying Orange, I mean I think they are extremely annoying,but I mean I don't think it's a bad role model,it's just being plan annoying. I like the list (It's hilarious),and partially true.
Teen, 13 years old written by Kit-Kat Girl

Really Common Sense, stop judging things by how inappropriate they are. When people enjoy TV, I doubt they pay attention to what horrible role models the characters are. If there were never any bad role models, what would there be to laugh at? COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!
Adult written by BethKrane

Kit Kat Girl... I have to disagree with your comments. Everyone has the right to an opinion, and for some parents these insights are helpful tools to eleviate the argument of what is appropriate to watch and what is not. Ultimately, you can make your own decision, or will have to live by your parents finally saying no more Jessie. Just saying....
Parent of an infant and 3 year old written by dgrant3

Kit-Kat Girl said: "When people enjoy TV, I doubt they pay attention to what horrible role models the characters are" Does that make it right? People SHOULD care what horrible role models the characters are.
Parent of a 14 year old written by gabrielleA

DGrant 3 (#26).....yes, they SHOULD, but most parents want to be friends and not have confrontation w/ their kids.... I don't have time to look thru every show content so I really appreciate the previews this site does.
Teen, 15 years old written by Maruko-chan-15

Kit-Kat Girl, that's pretty much the point of Common Sense. Besides, there are plenty of people that pay attention to what horrible role models they are. And those people have kids and they don't want to see their kids become into mini Kardashians or mini anything.
Parent of a 7 and 11 year old written by kaloren

What a great list. There are two shows my daughter does watch and although I have watched it with her, I have missed a few of your points. Thanks for the lesson in critical watching. Now, I'll have to point some things out to my daughter.
Kid, 12 years old

This list always makes my day whenever it comes out. Not only is this list true, but it's extremely funny. The only person it's missing is Simon Cowell. I wouldn't normally say this, but because Gordon Ramsay qualifies, Simon should make the list too. Unlike Gordon, he has now found a reality television show where he can not only make fun of adults for following their dream (and get thousands to love him in return), but now he can mock children on the X-Factor as well. BTW, Squidward's been around for years, and now suddenly he's much worse than he's ever been?
Parent of a 6 and 16 year old written by Big Mama 2

I guess you haven't seen an episode of X-Factor...I have watched them all...both seasons. I have never seen Simon mock any child who auditions.
Teen, 15 years old written by Wayward Girl

I don't think Simon Cowell is that bad. I mean, if Simon's considered a dream-smasher, than why isn't Randy Jackson or Britney Spears considered on as well? I actually admire Simon a bit. It's actually really hard to tell someone they are horrible at singing and that they just don't have enough talent, especially once you talk to them and start to like their personality. It takes guts to say that to them. That's why in the past on the X Factor and on American Idol, we get some lousy singers because it's tough to tell the truth. He also doesn't dilly around; he's to the point, direct, and clear. Sometimes he takes it a little far, but I think he has improved a great deal in the past 11 years or so, since when he was first on American Idol. Back then he not only told the contestants that they were horrible and weren't ready yet, but he also would say things like they would never be ready and to stop pursuing music and go be a janitor. It's never alright to absolutely crush someone's dreams, and I think Simon's realized that and is breaking the news much more gently than he used to. Another reason I think Ramsay is up there and Cowell's not is also the fact that Gordon doesn't know when to stop swearing while Simon does.