100+ Father's Day Ideas for 9 Kinds of Dads

Movies? Check. Books? Check. Apps? Of course! Laugh, learn, and bond with these cool father-kid media picks. By Amanda Nojadera
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100+ Father's Day Ideas for 9 Kinds of Dads

If you're looking for inspiration for Father's Day activities, we've got you covered. Movies, books, games, and apps are the ideal no-effort activities to pass the time, bond with your kids, and maybe learn a little something, too. Check out these convenient, entertaining, and enriching media picks to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. 

Gamer Dads
13 Classic Arcade Game Apps to Play Together
Bond over your favorites from back in the day.

Old-School Dads
16 Nostalgia-Inducing TV Shows to Stream with Your Kids
TV you loved as a kid can become your kids' favorites.

Movie-Loving Dads
18 Father-Daughter Movie-Night Musts
From the moving drama of Fly Away Home to the sweet comedy of Father of the Bride, these are fantastic films to watch together.

Creative-Type Dads
18 Amazing Apps for Your Aspiring Animators
Aaand, ACTION! Get your kid to
sit in the director's chair and create original videos with these terrific tools.

Smarty-Pants Dads
30 Cool Things Kids Can Learn Online (for Free!)
Check out these links, videos, and instructions for fun family projects.

Outdoorsy Dads
13 Dazzling Discoveries to Make Using Outdoor Apps
Hit the road, dig in the dirt, and watch the night sky -- all with apps that offer deep exploration of the natural world for adventure seekers.

Bookworm Dads
35 Brilliant Books About Dads
Whether you have a reluctant reader or budding bookworm, check out our list of wonderful stories that explore and celebrate the father-child relationship.

Sporty Dads
25 Great Games for Athletes and Fans
If your family can't get outside, bring sports indoors -- without breaking a lamp!

Musical Dads
50 Must-Have Apps and Games for Musicians
Discover a new band or create a new mix with these rockin' picks.

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