100+ Festive Family Picks for Fall

Ring in the season with football movies, weather apps, family TV time, and more. By Angela Zimmerman
100+ Festive Family Picks for Fall

Switching from the dog days of summer to the cozy comforts of fall is so much more fun when the whole family is involved. Get everyone into the spirit of the season with some of our favorite movies, books, games -- and more.


12 Ways to Dress for Fall Days
Help kids understand the seasonal patterns and effects of weather.


8 Hibernation Inspirations
Hunker down with some of Hollywood's most memorable bears.


28 Shows for Cozy Family Time
The whole family can cuddle on the couch with these shows that spark conversation.


20 Sports Flicks to Cheer For
These picks are for baseball buffs ready for playoffs and football fans just getting started.


25 Games to Combat Cabin Fever
Help your kid find a virtual adventure -- in a safe online world, as an adventure app hero, or through a video game journey.


26 Books for School-Bound Kids
Now that kids are settling into the school year, they love characters they can commiserate with.


Tell us below: What are your family's favorite fall traditions?

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