100+ Go-Girl Picks for Women's History Month

Books, games, movies, and more to inspire girls. By Amanda Nojadera
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100+ Go-Girl Picks for Women's History Month

Parents know how challenging it can be to find positive role models for kids, especially their daughters. And with such a wide range of entertainment options -- from streaming TV to downloadable music to apps -- it can be tough to choose figures you both agree on. You can start by showing your daughter how pop culture icons such as Beyoncé rely on hard work and creativity to dominate the music world or how Sheryl Sandberg is fearlessly paving the way for women in business.

Even fictional characters can have a positive influence on kids' aspirations. The rise of TV shows such as CSI and Bones, which feature strong, smart, self-reliant female role models, has been credited with a spike in enrollment in forensic sciences. So whether you're looking for celebrities or inspirational characters, here are more than 100 media picks to encourage the next generation of women to follow their dreams and become leaders in their fields.

75 Empowering Leading Ladies in Movies
From Elsa and Hermione to Katniss and beyond, brave, spirited girls and women are finally getting the spotlight they deserve.

80 Awesome Heroines in Books
Strong characters and compelling stories make these great reads to share with all kids.

35 Adventurous Video Game Characters
Tired of always saving the princess? Be the princess who saves a whole kingdom, explores mysterious worlds, solves mysteries, or fights bad guys with the best of 'em in these great games.

73 Influential TV Role Models
These gems for kids and teens portray girls and women in a bright and positive light.

Is your family doing anything to celebrate women in history this month? Share your stories and ideas below!

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Parent of a 6 and 8 year old written by Sierra Filucci

My daughter was looking for women in the STEM field to do a project on and these lists are super helpful. Thanks!


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