100+ Ideas to Keep Kids Busy This Summer

From beach reads to road-trip tunes to essential car games, we've rounded up this summer's best boredom busters. By Angela Zimmerman
100+ Ideas to Keep Kids Busy This Summer

Summer is in full swing, and families everywhere are celebrating. Whether you're prepping for a road trip, hitting the beach for some fun in the sun, or planning a picnic with family and friends, we're wishing you a very happy summer season. Check out some of our best-of lists in the spirit of summer recreation.

14 Road-Trip Music Picks
Keep the car stereo pumping with tunes the whole family can sing along to.


40 Apps to Take Outside
These interactive outdoor apps will give kids more ways to play under the sun and stars.

37 Apps for the Road
Whether you're crossing state lines or just heading out for a day trip, don't forget to download these backseat favorites.

73 Family Movies We Love
Staying close to home? Plan a family movie night with one of these fab flicks.


54 Summer Reads
Beach reads, adventure books, read-alouds, and more: There's something for everyone on this robust book list.


What are some of your family's favorite ways to celebrate summer?

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You're the ones who say that kids shouldn't use as much technology, yet 50% requires it. The other 50% is books, and you say that kids need more outside time.


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