13 Dazzling Discoveries Kids Can Make with Outdoor Apps

Hit the road, dig in the dirt, watch the night sky -- all with apps that offer deep exploration of the natural world. By Angela Zimmerman
13 Dazzling Discoveries Kids Can Make with Outdoor Apps

Whether you have a plant-loving preschooler or a photo-snapping teen, a great hand-held tool can offer a more interactive experience -- and really boost what kids can learn -- under the sun and stars. From exploring nature trails to spotting constellations, try using an app to open the doors to the wide world outside. These apps can help kids of all ages uncover the wonders of nature ... and even turn them onto a new outdoor hobby.

Dig in. The Lorax Gardener is a delightful gardening game for little ones with a green thumb. Older kids can use Plants HD to impress with plant facts when you're outside exploring nature together.


Make a feathered friend. A Field Guide to North American Birds is an invaluable resource for ornithologists of all ages interested in learning about the species in the skies.


Put your best foot forward. Use Google Maps to chart your way through trails unknown, and brush up Bear Grylls' essential survival skills before trekking into the wilderness.


Get snap-happy. Nature's canvas is teeming with color in the spring. Preschoolers will love Out-A-Bout for the way that storytelling, photography, and outdoor play intersect. Teens can use Pics-Art -- Photo Studio to snap, edit, and share vibrant photos. 

Join an outdoor classroom. Kids can submit nature photos and contribute to global research missions through Project Noah. Leafsnap will help them identify plants and trees and build an online library.


Look up. The information-packed NASA App will help kids as young as 7 identify springtime stars and constellations, and Mobile Observatory is a terrific tool that older kids can use to map the cosmos.


Take off! Go big this spring! National Parks by National Geographic is a handy way to plan an unforgettable trip to one of 25 national parks. And Google Earth can give kids a sneak peek into the natural splendors that await. 

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