16 Ways for Kids to Preserve Summer Memories

Road trip? Day at the beach? Lemonade stand? Easy-to-use apps help kids keep summer memories alive. By Angela Zimmerman
16 Ways for Kids to Preserve Summer Memories

This summer, we're all about digital creativity. With vacation, camp, and lazy summer days ahead, it's the perfect time for kids to preserve their memories. We rounded up 16 digital tools -- including online journals, video diaries, and photo-sharing sites -- that take scrapbooking way beyond paper and glue.

See a few highlights from the list of 16 below -- and visit our Digital Fun for Creative Kids guide for more than 100 apps, games, and websites for endless summer fun. 

Book Creator for iPad
With this simple app, kids of all ages can use multimedia elements to tell a story and make a book.

Photo 365 - Remember Your Year One Photo at a Time
This wonderful tool will encourage kids to take a photo a day to build memories and create a visual scrapbook.

Skrappy - Scrapbook & Photo Album for Digital Scrapbooking
This app allows kids to add music, video, and audio recordings to their memory collections -- and then share them!

What are some of your family's favorite scrapbooking tools and tips?

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Teen, 15 years old written by Mitchell Charleston

Those are pretty nice ways for the kids to Preserve Summer Memories. I'm getting a Summer Job this summer, and I should try one of those ways to Preserve Summer Memories at my Summer Job.


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