2014 Olympics Guide for Families

These digital tools and online resources will help you take the Winter Games to go. By Angela Zimmerman
2014 Olympics Guide for Families

Here's a cool twist to the 2014 Winter Olympics: Families all over the world can take part in the Sochi Games by simply going online. Kids can follow their favorite athletes, learn about the history of the games, find the latest information about events, and even explore other cultures and countries. (P.S. Now's a good time to get up to speed on social media and set boundaries that work for your household.)

Go for the gold with this essential family guide to the 2014 Olympics. 

Missed your favorite event? No problem. The official Facebook pages of the 2014 Olympics will bring minute-to-minute coverage right to your device. Kids can interact with the Olympics community and see what other fans are getting excited about.

  • Official Sochi 2014 Facebook page
    Here you can get breaking Olympics news, photo galleries, trivia, and more. With your guidance, kids can check out the latest comments and even join in the conversation.
  • NBC Olympics page
    When you step away from the televised broadcast, NBC's official Olympics page will give you informed and up-to-date information about events and athletes. 
  • Official Sochi Mascots page
    This playful page lets kids interact with this year's mascots: a polar bear, a hare, and a leopard!

These terrific online resources are a great supplement to the televised coverage and social-media mayhem and will provide all the information you need to stay in the game.

  • Official XXII Winter Games site
    Get breaking updates, event schedules, photos, and more on the official website of the Sochi Olympics.
  • Olympic.org
    The official website of the "Olympic Movement" can teach kids about the history of the games and the athletes of today. Extras include photos, polls, educational resources, and more.
  • NBC Olympics site
    Get current information and the latest breaking news through the official broadcast partner of the Olympics.

Kids love the off-the-cuff dispatches unleashed by their favorite athletes on Twitter. Your family can follow any number of official Olympics tweets (parent-approved, of course) for updates.

Take the show on the road with mobile apps that provide round-the-clock Olympics coverage. Check out our app reviews to make sure they're OK for your kid to download. And check out our tips for setting limits on kids' media.

Olympics videos
NBCOlympics.com will be streaming the events that aren't televised. (You have to be a cable subscriber to watch.) Refer to YouTube and Olympic.org (the official website of the Olympic movement) for behind-the-scenes action and historical background.

  • Official YouTube channel
    Subscribe to this channel for a wide range of videos including historical clips, athlete bios, and even mascot antics.
  • Olympic.org/videos
    Filter by gender, country, sport, and year to find footage of Winter Games past.
  • Ancient Olympic Games
    This cartoon video tells the history of the Olympics.
  • What's New for Sochi
    Wondering what the 12 new winter sports events are all about? Watch and learn.

 More fun for kids

  • Olympics Video Games
    Bring Sochi home with these super-fun video games for all ages.
  • Sochi 2014 on Flickr
    These professional-grade photos document the Winter Games. 
  • Olympism In Action
    Teach kids how they can build a better world through sports and have an impact on issues such as sustainability, education, and peace.
  • Sochi 2014 Education  
    Download materials and lessons from the Sochi Olympics.

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Teen, 14 years old written by Thinker47

Why don't you mention Russia's gay rights policy, treatment of animals and prisoners, terrorism policy, and huge amount of corruption. These are all going on in the country that is holding the olympics. I will not be watching them due to Russia's horrible policies. Common sense really should make an article about those issues and how to address them.


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