3 Disneyland Tech Tools You Shouldn't Be Without

Avoid the lines and have way more fun.
Sierra Filucci Executive Editor, Parenting Content | Mom of two Categories: Screen Time, We Recommend
Executive Editor, Parenting Content | Mom of two

A family trip to Disneyland is always fun, but nothing brings the happiest place on Earth down a few notches like waiting in loooong lines. Whether you're an experienced Disney vet or a newbie, these digital tools will help you cut the wait time down to almost nothing.

  • YouTube
    If you're not sure which rides you want to go on, sit down with the kids and watch several YouTube videos that demonstrate each part of the rides. We like the previews posted by TheCoasterViews, but if you search YouTube for any ride's name plus Disneyland (or Disney World) and look for "full ride" or "complete experience," you should find lots of different versions of each ride. Unfortunately, Disney only posts highlights of certain rides, so you've got to do some digging for all the details.
  • RideMax
    This downloadable or web-based tool compiles wait-time data with a bunch of other information to help you optimize your Disney visit. It's not cheap ($14.95-16.95 for 90 days) -- and we had a few technical issues in the beginning -- but it was totally worth it (and they promise to refund your money if you're not satisfied). After you decide which rides you want to go on, you punch in the info, and out pops a minute-by-minute schedule for the day. You can even program break times and indicate where in the park you want to take your breaks. Admittedly, RideMax's schedule can make you feel a little rushed at times, but it reduces all the guesswork, so you're not stuck negotiating between a big group.
  • MouseWait
    Since RideMax often leaves big chunks of time completely free of scheduled rides, you can use this time to explore different sections of the park. For this, we recommend the MouseWait app to find the rides with the shortest lines. My kids loved Mr. Toad's Wild Ride in the morning, so I kept checking the wait time in the afternoon until it dipped below 20 minutes before we got in line. MouseWait also let us know that the Indiana Jones ride was closed in the afternoon, so we didn't waste time running over to a different part of the park only to be disappointed. And MouseWait even calculates the time in food lines, so I knew to bail out of the line when the wait time became 12 minutes for a Dole Whip treat.

I confess that I was initially skeptical about being tied down to a schedule and concerned that I'd be constantly checking my device during our day. But using these digital tools allowed us to enjoy the experience so much more. I wouldn't do Disney without them.

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Comments (9)

Parent of a 12 and 14 year old written by brown_eyed_girl

I'm surprised you didn't mention touringplans dot com and their apps. The book affiliated with the site, Bob Sehlinger's Unofficial Guide, is hands down the best planner for Disney. We went at Christmas and used the Guide and website. We rode almost every ride (we forgot to go back for the Dumbo ride) and had just one line with a five minute wait the entire day. It was amazing.
Educator and Parent written by Waterlilyjane

RideMax is the best! Won't go to Disneyland without it. Tried it for the first time over a summer weekend for my daughter's seventh birthday. Thought it would take away from spontaneity, but it was worth every penny. Every ride was less than 15 minute wait, except for Toy Story ride in Disney California. Check it out! Unless you enjoy waiting in 1 1/2 hour lines. :)
Educator and Parent of a 7 and 8 year old written by Sierra Filucci

The loss of spontaneity was my fear too, but it ended up being a nice mix of scheduled and free time. Thanks for your comment!
Kid, 10 years old

Well, I've been to Disney land about 3 times I know I'm a kid but I think that u have to get up very early prepared with water snacks and every thing because there's a long day ahead of you, in the Indiana jones thing BRING BUG SPRAY!!!!
Parent of a 9 and 11 year old written by KBishopp

There is a wonderful book called Lots To Do In Line Disneyland, by Meredith Pierce. It's also an App. Both can be found at www.lotstodoinline.com. Such a clever way to keep the kids entertained while waiting for their next ride to begin.
Kid, 8 years old

i love disneyland but disneyuniversity is open in wooster ohio forever with new shows summer cummer , kylene and the hey girls , jojo here, and the kylene show it fun and cool