5 Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas

Kids' gift ideas for media, technology, and entertainment that won't break the bank. By Common Sense
5 Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas

If you're like a lot of people shopping for kids this holiday, you want to give them stuff they'll love without breaking the bank. Using digital media in your shopping can actually save you money on gift giving. Check out these ideas:

  • Go for board games -- digital and old-school. If you have a tablet such as an iPad, adding classic board game apps -- Scrabble, Monopoly, The Game of Life, and more -- can be less expensive than buying the real thing. But the old-school versions of these same titles are lots of fun -- and generally inexpensive, too. Whatever format you choose, family game night can be a budget-friendly entertainment experience.
  • Make your own gifts. Creative websites and apps let kids make cool projects as they learn new technology. Many of these apps and websites let you share your creations for free:
  • Check out the deal of the day. You can save on goods, services, and more with deal-of-the-day services including Groupon, LivingSocial, and Kids.Woot!. You can't really plan ahead with these services, but if you keep an eye out you may find an offer for only the gift you were looking for, from a tablet to high-end headphones to video games. Just be sure to comparison-shop to make sure the deal is really a deal.
  • Get games cheap. Take a tip from serious gamers: Never pay retail! Stores like GameStop allow gamers to purchase and sell used titles for all the major consoles. On Glyde, you can snag some great deals on preowned games (it's also a great site for selling your own unwanted titles). New gamers aren't always looking for the hottest, newest games -- what's old to one gamer is new to the kid who just got a gaming console for the first time. Gamefly also offers video game rentals and can be a good alternative to buying new games; if you have a major gamer on your list, consider getting him or her a monthly subscription to an online game-rental service like this. If you don't have a console, Steam offers frequent rotating sales on game downloads for your PC or Mac.  
  • Give them downloads! Music, games, apps, ebooks -- most are less expensive than their shrink-wrapped counterparts. Most digital-media stores offer gift cards you can email, and they come in a range of denominations; even $5 can buy a few downloads. It's like a digital stocking stuffer!

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Parent of an infant year old written by Jackson L.

Offering gift to children are always very heart touching moments for the parents. My Uncle was financially very weak but wanted the most exclusive gift for her daughter’s birthday. He sold his watch and ordered a plastic gift card from "Plascards" and kept it beside her pillow to surprise her. My cousin shouted loudly the time when she saw her gift and realized her father’s love that cannot be replaced by anything.


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