5 Conversations to Have with Your Kids After "Moana"

Families can talk about everything from the importance of curiosity and perseverance to what makes a good leader. By Frannie Ucciferri
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Moana is an engaging animated adventure with some scares and narrow escapes, strong themes of teamwork and perseverance, and lessons about responsibility, communication, and trusting others -- which means this Common Sense Seal-honored Polynesian tale offers plenty for families to talk about. Try these topics/questions to get started:

  • Which parts of Moana were scary? Did making the monsters cute (like the coconut pirates) or colorful (like the giant crab) make them more or less scary?
  • What makes Moana such a strong character? How does she demonstrate curiosity, perseverance, and courage on her quest? Why are these important character strengths? Is she a role model? Why? Can you think of other movies featuring strong female characters?
  • How does Moana deal with wanting to stay on the island and be a good leader for her people but also wanting to listen to the voice inside her telling her to explore the ocean? Have you ever felt that the person other people want you to be isn't who you really are? Does Moana have to change who she is to be a good leader?
  • The story of Moana is based on myths and legends from ancient Polynesian culture. Is the movie respectful of those cultures? What did you learn about how people lived then?
  • How do the different characters handle their grief? Who becomes more cautious, and who becomes more courageous? Have you ever lost a loved one? How did you react?

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