5 Conversations to Have with Your Kids After "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse"

Families can talk about everything from the importance of representation to the impact of media violence. By Sandie Angulo Chen

Sometimes intense but always rousingly entertaining, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is everything a great family movie should be: It's laugh-out-loud funny, appealing to parents and kids of all ages, and filled with teachable moments about everything from the importance of representation to the impact of different types of media violence. All this means there's plenty for families to talk about after watching this Common Sense Seal-honored film. Try these discussion questions for kids:

  • Do you think comic book-style violence and live-action violence affect viewers differently? Why?
  • Do you consider the Spider-people role models? How do they exhibit teamwork and courage? Why are those important character strengths?
  • Why does representation matter? How is Miles' cultural background explored in the movie? In what other ways does the movie support the idea of diversity?
  • Discuss the movie's messages about mentorship and the loneliness of superhero life. How does meeting the other Spider-people affect each of the superheroes? What do they learn from one another?
  • How does this compare to other Spider-Man stories you're familiar with? How is it similar/different? Which Spidey is your favorite?

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Kid, 12 years old

The best spider-man movie that I have ever seen. And, I have seen all of them.