5 Funny Apps Your Kid Will Love You for Downloading

Get your giggle on by using these outrageous apps with your kid. By Christine Elgersma
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5 Funny Apps Your Kid Will Love You for Downloading

Think kids are always ahead of the curve when it comes to tech? Not this time. You can impress your kids by sharing these hilarious apps with them and bonding over a belly laugh. Try swapping your face with theirs, lip-synching to their favorite song, or making your dog talk. Sure, we use apps for all kinds of serious business like fitness tracking, staying organized, and learning new skills, but sometimes you just need to lighten up and laugh. Check out these chuckle-worthy highlights below, and look no further than our list of funny apps to find even more titles.

CHOMP by Christophe Niemann
Kids and grown-ups can put their faces into some unique, hand-drawn animations. Making funny faces is encouraged!

Mad Libs
Like its paper predecessor, the app version lets kids plug in words to an unknown story and then read the results, which are often hilarious. Urge kids to stretch their vocabularies and incorporate the correct parts of speech.

YAKiT Kids
Kids get to manipulate photos and make the featured people, animals, and objects talk by recording their own voices. Not only does it inspire some creativity, but it also can result in some silly fun.

MSQRD - Live Filters & Face Swap for Video Selfies
With virtual masks and animations, tweens can create funny photos and videos. If you don't want them to share to social media, let them know ahead of time and just share the laughs amongst yourselves.

Lip-synching is always fun, and choosing from an extensive library of songs makes it even better. Though plenty of the choices have some raunchy content, parents can help kids navigate so the whole family can have fun together. 

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