5 Latino YouTubers You Want to Discover

In English, Spanish -- or a mix of both -- these YouTube channels celebrate Latino culture with humor, family-friendly activities, music, and more. By Maria O Alvarez
5 Latino YouTubers You Want to Discover

Five up-and-coming Latino YouTube celebrities are breaking barriers -- and breaking records -- by mixing Spanish and English on their successful channels. Their videos prove that content that connects with audiences is all about being real. From a DIYer with cross-cultural appeal to a proud Latina mom who mixes traditional and modern techniques, you don't want to miss these YouTubers.

Maya in the Moment. Geared toward young Latinas, Maya in the Moment's humorous takes on fashion, online dating, and food -- plus Maya's hilarious "fails" at music and makeup -- give voice to the struggles and dreams of young women everywhere.

Bethany Mota. With over 10 million subscribers, Bethany's brand of positivity clearly resonates. Whether it's decorating tips, healthy eating ideas, or DIY, she encourages her followers to enjoy life, break out of their comfort zones, and discover who they are so they can be truly happy. 

Mamá Contemporánea. Rory, the versatile and dynamic Spanish-language host of this channel for moms, shares recipes, beauty routines, family trips, and more in an engaging, natural style. In any language, her old-fashioned recipe for rose water facial cleanser is not to be missed.

Reality Changers. Jorge Narvaez, a young creative father, and his two daughters, Alexa and Eliana, sing, share adventures, and talk about issues. Their unique perspective and talent have been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, CNN, and other outlets. 

That Reyes Family. Alejandro and Sarah (the Reyes parents) enjoy sharing everyday moments, special occasions, and the regular trials and tribulations of life with their daughters.

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