55,000 Kids, One Powerful Opportunity

San Francisco schools partner with Common Sense Media to bring digital citizenship skills to every student.
Taryn Degnan Interactive Marketing Manager | Mom of one Categories: Common Sense News
Interactive Marketing Manager | Mom of one

For the first time ever, all 55,000 students in the San Francisco Unified School District got the chance to engage in one of our Digital Literacy and Citizenship lessons on the same day. The opportunity came as part of the district's Digital Media Safety Instruction Day on Friday, January 18, an effort spearheaded by the district attorney's office and Common Sense Media.

We'll let the video tell the story!

It's our hope that events like this one will become a routine part of the school year in districts worldwide, and you can help. Read the full recap on our educators blog, or learn how you can bring digital citizenship curriculum to your own district.

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