58 Inspirational Princesses

Goodbye, helpless heroines! Today’s powerful princesses are self-reliant and ready for action. By Angela Zimmerman
58 Inspirational Princesses

If your kid is into princesses, chances are she's really into princesses. Whether that means she regularly transforms her bath towel into an Elsa cape or she (or he!) knows every single word to [insert latest Disney princess movie here], there's no shame in a princess fixation. We've come a long way since Cinderella was a princess-lover's only heroine.

Historically, many princesses in movies and books were reduced to one-dimensional characters: helpless, beautiful, and lavishly dressed. The new crop includes spitfires, brainiacs, and adventure seekers. Plus, they can teach little girls -- and boys -- a thing or two about being smart, strong, and self-reliant.

Check out some of our favorite princess picks below (with a few classics thrown in for good measure):

21 Princess Books
Pull your hair up, Rapunzel -- these ladies don’t need to be rescued. Channel the princess power found in awesome characters such as Princess Smartypants and Part-Time Princess. 

20 Princess Movies
Choose between animated classics such as Beauty and the Beast and Sofia the First or live-action gems from The Princess Bride to The Princess Diaries.

15 Princess Games
Damsel in distress? Where? Find a game that puts the power in the princess, such as the magnificent Child of Light or Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus.

Want more ways to inspire and empower your little one? Check out our Smart Movie Girls, Books with Strong Female Characters, and Games with Strong Female Characters.

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