6 Amazing Apps for World Autism Awareness Day

Innovative new apps and mobile technology can open doors to how kids learn.
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Technology has the power to unlock learning for kids of all ages and stages. Recent innovations in the app world have introduced a whole new wave of learning tools and products to kids around the globe. In honor of World Autism Awareness Day, check out these apps that help kids with communication, organization, and even social-awareness skills -- and watch the video on the right to learn more about how to choose media and tech products for kids with learning differences.

This extraordinary communication aid is great for kids who have basic to severe speech challenges. Kids can learn how to effectively convey wants, needs, feelings, opinions, social manners, and more.


Kid in Story Book Maker
This terrific app makes it easy to create social stories. The special features are particularly helpful for kids who may need to see themselves encountering situations, such as a visit to the dentist, in storybook form before encountering them in real life.​

FTVS HD - First Then Visual Schedule HD
This scheduling app's simple, multisensory interface has great potential for use with kids with developmental or learning disabilities; anxiety or attention issues; and language, hearing, or processing difficulties.​


This mind-mapping tool is especially helpful for kids who have problems with organization and visual memory. Kids can insert words, images, and their own drawings and then connect to other related Popplets to create an interactive outline of related ideas.

Calm Counter - Social Story and Anger Management Tool
This ingenious app helps kids with special needs, social challenges, anxiety, or anger issues learn self-awareness as they begin to identify when they "need a break" and practice calming down. 


The Social Express Home
This excellent animated app boosts kids' social-awareness skills. Kids can learn to identify how their peers are feeling, coping strategies, the importance of eye contact, and a host of core social skills needed to function in daily life. 


For more great learning tools for kids with special needs and learning differences, check out our Power Up! guide.

Ingrid Simone, Common Sense Media Apps Editor, contributed to this article. 


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Educator and Parent written by fryej13

These apps sound like great tools to be used in the classroom. Do these apps work best on an iPad or are they compatible with a kindle fire?