7 Apps to Help Your Kid Be More Responsible

Time-management apps can motivate kids and help them develop responsibility, organization, and independence. (Hopefully.) By Betsy Bozdech
7 Apps to Help Your Kid Be More Responsible

Gnashing my teeth the other day after yet another frustrating morning of badgering/begging my 3-year-old to get dressed/go potty/put on her shoes so we could get out the door even close to on time, I found myself thinking that there had to be a better way. What I needed was something that she found more compelling than making faces at herself in the mirror -- or the hundred other ways she finds to dawdle every day.

Enter the iPhone. My daughter loves any excuse to use my phone or tablet, and I'd heard about morning routine apps, so I started poking around. I found a few likely looking options in the App Store, but before I laid out any cash, I wanted to see whether the idea would actually work. So I used an app I already had called AnyList, which my husband and I use to share our weekly grocery shopping roster. I set up a new list just for her that includes all of her morning to-dos, like "Eat breakfast," "Wash hands and face," "Get dressed," etc. Once she completes a task, she "crosses it off."

And she loves it! We've even started using a bedtime one, too, at her request. While this approach hasn't completely revolutionized our routines, the chance to touch the screen to check things off has proven a great way to get her back on task when she starts drifting -- which keeps me a lot calmer. And that, in turn, makes everyone a lot happier.

There's a range of time-management apps that go way beyond basic list-makers. Here are some of our faves.

Time Timer (age 7)
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android
This customizable timer app can teach kids time management skills while encouraging them to work efficiently and stay on task.

My Video Schedule (age 7)
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Kids can learn structure, time management, and motivation with this scheduling app made especially for kids and adults with special needs.

Timers4Me -- Timer & Stopwatch (age 10)
Android, Kindle Fire
You can use your own ringtones and images with this customizable app for multiple timers, stopwatches, and alarm.

TextMinder SMS text reminders (age 12)
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
The everyday sound or vibration of a text message can serve as a one-off or reccurring reminder with this handy tool.

Remember the Milk (age 13)
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Kindle Fire
Teens can use this free task-organizing app to stay on top of everything that needs attention.

Evernote (age 13)
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Kindle Fire, Nook HD
Users can access their notes, images, lists, sounds, and links from any device or computer with this fantastic productivity app.

Skitch (age 13)
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Kindle Fire
This Evernote add-on lets kids annotate and share images like maps, web pages, photos, or original sketches.

Do you think tech tools are good for keeping kids on track -- or are they just another distraction?

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Comments (6)

Parent of a 9 year old written by deleonrj

My daughter just started her homework from 1st grade. She's been reading books for 15 to 20 minutes, done her math and even knowed her spelling and vocabulary. I'm so proud of her she is going to get A + or her homework.
Adult written by kids points

Now a days kids use smart phone. They use different types of apps. This site is so useful for the kids. I also have kids related site. You can see the site. It may help you. Thanks in advance.
Kid, 9 years old

I guess it's a good choice of apps. But I think they'd get sick of them after a while
Parent of a 15 year old written by lesliescott06

it gives me immense pleasure to come across this wonderful post that could manage the time and help stay organized. Rather here with I would like to include one more tool that I have been using personally to keep the time organized and streamlined in a strategic fashion in order to be ahead with possible aspects to get the things more specific. Check out the link here - http://www.replicon.com/olp/hours-tracking-software.aspx
Parent written by LinVA

I'm still annoyed that Apple cares so little for the children it markets to that it does not have some type of time limit controls available. Even clunky old Microsoft has managed a simple parental control for time limits, and Windows 8 will even let you set specific hours as available AND will limit the total number of hours per day at the same time. It is worlds better than Apple's iPod settings, which lets parents set...nothing in terms of time limits. I would highly recommend to others that they buy a different type of portable device--Windows 8 operating system or a Kindle, but NOT Apple iOS.
Adult written by MTBchick

I love this idea and wish it would have been around when my kids were young. I would think it would not only be fun for them, but would also plant the seeds of self discipline and control over their own lives. I never was a very controlling parent, but do see the value in children learning to be self aware at a young age and learning responsibilty as well as having plenty of fun. I look forward to using these ideas with grandchildren (that is... if MY kids go for it). Thanks!