7 Fabulous Friendship Stories

Even the unlikeliest movie pals can spark teachable moments for kids and families. By Betsy Bozdech
7 Fabulous Friendship Stories

Some movie characters just go together: Buzz and Woody, Butch and Sundance, Thelma and Louise. But one thing all these famous movie friendships have in common is that they're between characters with plenty of differences.

Watching movies that celebrate seemingly unlikely pals can spark meaningful conversations between parents and kids of all ages. Look for opportunities to talk about:

  • Accepting differences
  • Realizing that one person's weakness is another's strength
  • Finding ways to get along with someone who's different from you
  • Finding something to love in someone who's unlike you

Ready to buddy up with one of our favorite friendship tales? You can't go wrong with any of these picks (and look for even more in our Movies About Friends list):

Movie: Toy Story
Good for: Little kids and up (we rate it 4+)
Why it's a fabulous friendship: They may be a child's playthings, but Buzz and Woody balance each other perfectly; Woody's level head helps get the Andy's Room gang out of jams, and Buzz's bravery means things never get boring. They're a great team.

Movie: Charlotte's Web
Good for: Little kids and up (we rate it 5+)
Why it's a fabulous friendship: A rescued piglet and a barn spider might not seem to have much to bond over, but when sweet, gentle Charlotte makes it her mission to save young Wilbur from the farmer's dinner table, a powerful attachment is formed. Have tissues ready.

Movie: Chicken Run
Good for: Big kids and up (we rate it 6+)
Why it's a fabulous friendship: When he arrives at a dreary Yorkshire chicken farm, brash American rooster Rocky ruffles plenty of feathers -- especially those of smart, pragmatic hen Ginger. When the pair figures out how to work together to free their friends, the story takes flight.

Movie: The Fox and the Hound
Good for: Big kids and up (we rate it 6+)
Why it's a fabulous friendship: A testament to the innocent nature of childhood friendships, the connection between bloodhound puppy Copper and fox cub Tod seems perfectly natural to them; it's others who think they can't be friends. Their loyalty withstands extreme tests, proving that it's the real thing.

Movie: The Cheetah Girls
Good for: Tweens and up (we rate it 8+)
Why it's a fabulous friendship: Each of the four Cheetahs has her own talents and strengths, but they all put the group first -- even if it means potentially passing up an opportunity with a big-shot music producer. Great messages about diversity and respecting others' differences.

Movie: Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid
Good for: Teens and adults (we rate it 13+)
Why it's a fabulous friendship: Sure, Butch and Sundance are outlaws -- but they're perfectly paired outlaws! Butch is the brains, while Sundance is the levelheaded sure-shot; together they plan heists and enjoy the high life ... until the law catches up with them. The characters are so iconic that they outshine the sometimes iffy messages.

Movie: Thelma & Louise
Good for: Teens and adults (we rate it 16+)
Why it's a fabulous friendship: Another pair of questionable (to put it mildly) role models, Thelma and Louise are still frequently held up as powerful female movie characters -- and for good reason. They're there for each other no matter what, and they empower each other in a way no one else could.



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