7 Great Movies to Recommend to Your Teen's Teacher

Thought-provoking documentaries -- many with teacher materials -- will get kids thinking (and learning). By Betsy Bozdech
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7 Great Movies to Recommend to Your Teen's Teacher

If you want to get a teen's attention, show him how an issue affects real people. From bullying to poverty to economics, the topics tackled in documentary movies can open kids' eyes and encourage conversation. And when they're shown as part of a lesson, teachers can help students understand and analyze what they've seen.

The great news is that many documentaries targeted at teens come with lots of resources for educators -- making them easy to integrate into a unit that's already on the calendar (or you can have them on tap when there's a sub or bad weather). These kinds of movies also could be assigned for homework or used in after-school programs.

These are seven of our favorite classroom-worthy documentary picks; all will strike a chord with teens and are guaranteed to spark a great discussion.

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Parent written by rperk36

As a Girl Scout troop leader of ninth-graders, I wanted to comment that a few of these documentaries look like they would be a great match with the GS "Journeys": 'Fed Up' with the SowWhat? Journey for Seniors, and 'The Mask You Live In' with the Media Journey for Cadettes.


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