9 Media Musts for Moms

Mother of three Amy Heinz shares nine picks from her "things that make me a crazy cool mom" list. By Taryn Degnan
9 Media Musts for Moms

This post was contributed by Amy Heinz as part of our Mother's Day series. We're celebrating awesome moms this week by highlighting the media and tech that helps them be the best parents they can be.

We dance. We sing. We play. We read. We watch. We learn. Yes, my family is a media-loving one. Don’t get me wrong; my 4- and 7-year-old sons spend plenty of time testing the limits of laundry detergent’s effectiveness on grass stains. And my almost-2-year-old daughter isn’t far behind. But we definitely enjoy all that modern-day media has to offer. Like…

  • iPhone camera
    I'm no photographer, but that doesn’t stop me from clicking. Constantly.
  • KidQuoter App
    Pretty much everything that comes out of my kids' mouths is precious (except for chewed up green beans, of course). This playful app is a wonderful way to capture those memorable words.
  • Common Sense's Kids Media App (iPhone|Android)
    This is truly one of my most-used apps. It recently saved me from buying a DVD for my 7-year-old that has all kinds of words I’d rather he not hear. (When he’s not on the playground, at least.)
  • LeapFrog Leapster & LeapPad
    I credit my boys’ time on their LeapFrog devices with giving them a huge leg up in reading and writing.
  • PBS Kids Cartoons
    I love that all three of my kids enjoy the positive, educational messages of shows like Charlie & Lola, Wild Kratts, and Word Girl.
  • Justin Roberts (& Bieber)
    While I love the lyrics and music to songs like "Meltdown" and "Pop Fly," we also enjoy the Radio Disney sensations we listen to in the car.
  • Ruby's Studio DVDs
    The Feelings Show and The Friendship Show are both wonderful tools for helping little kids deal with big emotions.
  • The Mother Company
    This is my go-to site for parenting support. The expert interviews on topics like sibling relationships, superhero envy, and dealing with tantrums are extremely helpful.
  • Club Penguin
    I recently visited Club Penguin headquarters and got to learn a lot about their impressive approach to creating a safe, creative environment for kids to get their online training wheels.

Are any of these on YOUR "I'm one crazy cool mom" media list?

Amy Heinz is a mother of three little ones and the writer behind Using Our Words -- a slice-of-life parenting blog filled with lessons she’s learned (usually the hard way), laughs she’s enjoyed (mostly at her own expense), and tears she's shed (this mama's got heart). She'd love to connect with you on Facebook and Twitter.

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Comments (4)

Parent written by Cooldee

I am so happy that Common Sense Media finally as their app available on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD! I been looking for it for months!
Adult written by K Koch

Amy, Thanks for the "Pop Fly" and "Meltdown" suggestions! I'll be sure to play those for kid's dance parties.
Parent written by SherryBM

Hey Amy! I do have some of these on my list, but obviously need to add all your suggestions to earn the much coveted "coolest mom on the block" title ;) Bang on about leapfrog & leapster: totally helped my son. Now, Rubys studio is exactly what I was looking for because I have an extremely sensitive 6 year old, while this will be an asset when he starts dating; as of now it just leaves us flummoxed trying to figure out how we can control those drop-of-the-hat tears! I live in India so sourcing Ruby's studio maybe a challenge, but I am banking on the new smallness of our world thanks to e-technology! Keep the nuggets coming...love them all!
Adult written by mama k

I'm going to add KAJEET phone service! I was so glad to find them, and have been very happy with their service. You can monitor everything from your web browser.


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