90+ Back-to-School Apps, Games, and Websites

Jump-start core skills with these great learning tools for ages 2-17. By Erin Wilkey Oh
90+ Back-to-School Apps, Games, and Websites

Can you believe summer is nearly over already? When I was a classroom teacher, this was always my favorite time of year. I loved getting ready for school to start: stocking up on supplies, organizing my classroom, fine-tuning lesson plans, and attending workshops to enrich my teaching. And even more, I loved those first days when the students arrived with their eager faces full of anticipation for the year ahead.

Just as teachers are preparing for the new school year, parents can help kids get a jump on learning. This year, our Back-to-School Guide focuses on the core essentials -- Language & Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies, and 21st-Century Skills. We've compiled a comprehensive list of apps, sites, and games that boost key skills for all ages. Whether your kids are excited to get back into the routine or more reluctant about the challenges that school can bring, you're sure to find something to ease the transition and get them back into learning.

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Tell us below: What are your kids' favorite digital learning tools?

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