94 Ways to Bring Comic-Con Home

Get in the spirit with superhero movies, sci-fi books, comic-creation apps, and more. By Angela Zimmerman
94 Ways to Bring Comic-Con Home

San Diego will become an epicenter for all things entertainment this week, as the colorful Comic-Con community rallies around the world's largest celebration of pop culture-inspired books, movies, TV shows, and beyond. Join the party from wherever you are with some of our favorite superhero, sci-fi, and comic-inspired best-of lists.

16 Ways to Celebrate Comics
Go next level! Create your own comics with these amazing apps and websites; for inspiration, watch a comic book-based movie -- or three.

36 Reasons We Love Superheroes
Caped crusaders and masked avengers are among the many reasons we love these superhero movies, TV shows, and games.

42 Sci-Fi Stories for All Ages
Can't make it to Comic-Con this year? It's OK! Science fiction comes alive in these futuristic books, movies, and TV shows.


Want more? Watch Morgan Spurlock, director of Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope, talk about the magic of Comic-Con.

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