A First-Time Parent's Guide to Digital Life

From posting baby pics online to handing over the iPad, digital life with baby is a whole new ball game. Your modern parenting questions answered. By Caroline Knorr
A First-Time Parent's Guide to Digital Life

Just think: Your baby will be part of one of the first generations to grow up totally digitally connected. She may learn to dance with the Sesame Street gang. She may become fixated on YouTube's Disney Collector videos. She may smile broadly (or frown deliberately) in your many Facebook posts.

All these things no doubt will enhance and enrich your lives, but they may leave you with more questions than answers, including questions such as: When can I let the baby watch videos on my phone? Is it safe to post pictures of her to Facebook? What are the best online communities for parents?

From posting photos to asking questions about poop, here's everything you need to know about parenting the modern baby:

Babies and Toddlers: The Definitive Answers to Screen-Time Questions
When it comes to TV, movies, games, and apps for your little one, how much is OK, what kind is best, and when do you introduce everything?

10 Digital Tools to Make Life Easier for New Parents
From online support groups to grocery-delivery services, apps and sites can help rookie moms and dads connect, learn, share -- and even get dinner on the table.

A New Parent's Social Media Road Map
With so many options to brag, share, and find support, navigating the ever-shifting landscape of social media safely, responsibly, and productively takes some reflection and planning.

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