Best Kids' TV Shows of 2014

Check out our list of top-rated television for kids and teens from this year. By Sierra Filucci
Best Kids' TV Shows of 2014

What stands out in quality TV this year are shows that blend education and an engaging package. From Neil DeGrasse Tyson's fascinating explanations for worldy phenomena to a reality show that offers viewers an empathetic peek into the world of developmental disabilities, the best shows of 2014 aren't necessarily the most popular. You may have to program your DVR because they air at odd hours or watch on a computer because they're only available on a Web service, but these quality programs are worth your time.

Blaze and the Monster Machines, age 4+. Friendly characters and a solid STEM-based storyline equal a smart pick for young viewers.


Earth to Luna, age 4+. Preschoolers will love the exuberant character who shares her scientific curiosity.


Lily's Driftwood Bay, age 4+. With a beautiful animation style, this sweet show offers simple, homegrown adventures that celebrate imagination.


Tumble Leaf, age 4+. This vibrant series teaches about science through play with a perfectly age-appropriate approach for the youngest set.


Wallykazam!, age 4+. Look for this exceptional preschool show featuring a quality literacy curriculum built into an accessible and engaging package.


Nutri Ventures, age 6+. Through colorful animation, this food-themed adventure series promotes healthy eating habits in an engaging way.


Xploration Outer Space, age 6+. This STEM-based educational show inspires curiosity about the world outside our planet and challenges stereotypes by showing women in science and engineering fields.


Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street, age 7+. Amazon has created a delightful family series with outstanding positive themes of the kind you don't often see on network television.


The Specials, age 9+. Beginning as a Webby-winning online show, this docuseries about young adults with developmental disabilities making it on their own encourages respect for diversity.


Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, age 10+. The update of Carl Sagan's classic voyage into outer space is smart and visually spectacular.


It Takes a Choir, age 10+. A British choir director travels around the United States helping folks in small towns unite for a common purpose in this inspiring reality show with meaningful messages for families.

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Kid, 11 years old

There is a new TV show on youtube named the Play Nintendo show, recommend it for 3DS Users 9-12 years old
written by ramdite

We love Amazon's original series Annedroids. It promotes good friend role models and give my son tons of ideas for his "robot" creations.


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