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Looking ahead to Mother's Day, five bloggers tune in to talk about the stuff that makes parenting awesome.
Taryn Degnan Interactive Marketing Manager | Mom of one Categories: Common Sense News
Interactive Marketing Manager | Mom of one

Mother's Day is around the corner, and as someone who loves any opportunity to celebrate my family, I think about how the distance that separates us these days is made so much more manageable with media and technology. After yet another Skype chat with my parents a few weeks ago, I was inspired to reach out to some of our favorite parent bloggers and ask them to share with you -- our community -- the many ways that their families embrace media and technology to connect with each other and the world around them.

In celebration of Mother's Day, it's a great time to recognize the things that make us better parents every single day, from the life-saving apps to the devices that capture our best memories for safekeeping.

Next week, you'll hear from five great moms who have inspirational words and tidbits to share as they surface their favorite tools, media, and tech. We know there are a ton of digital distractions out there, begging for our precious attention and time away from our kids, but we're focusing on the good stuff this Mother's Day -- the stuff that helps us do, be, and parent better. We can't wait to share their stories with you!

And stay tuned to hear from some media-loving dads for Father's Day!

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